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New Plamo Arrivals For October 29, 2021

This week has brought us an extraordinary number of new plamo! We’ve got SD Gundam, Evangelion Crawfish, robot frogs, Phantasy Star Online, Frame Arms, and schoolgirl model kits — just to name a few! You’ll definitely want to keep scrolling to check out everything that came in this week so you can grab some for yourself before they’re gone.

If any kits in this post are backordered when you read this, don’t worry — Bandai is great about restocking periodically. But, you’ll want to get your order in to secure a spot in line for the next restock!


SDW HEROES Verde Buster Team Member

From ‘SD Gundam World Heroes’ comes an elite police officer who protects citizens with the ‘Seargent Verde Buster Gundam’! The reinforced parts that come with the Seargent Verde Buster Gundam DX Set (sold separately) can be attached.The giant handcuffs on the front bottom part, a newly sculpted shield, and a baton are all included. Clear blue parts are also included that can be combined with the Seargent Verde Buster Gundam DX Set (sold separately) to increase the color variations of both kits.

SDW HEROES Nobunaga Gundam Epyon Dark Mask Ver.

From ‘SD Gundam World Heroes’ comes another color of the mysterious ‘Nobunaga Gundam Epyon’ – the Dark Mask version! The elbows have movable parts, allowing you to express sword drawing action. Clear parts are piled up on the blade to recreate his special move and, of course, a dark mask is included!


Gundam Marker MSV Set

This set of six paint markers from GSI Creos is perfectly matched to the colors seen in “Gundam MSV” (Mobile Suit Variations)! They’ll make it easy and fun to paint your Gundam model kits in accurate colors. Six paint markers are included.


Evangelion Edition American Crayfish EVA Unit-01
Evangelion Edition American Crayfish EVA Unit-02

Fujimi’s model kit of the “mudbug” is now upgraded with parts molded in EVA-01’s signature purple, green and black; its eyes are bright yellow. Stickers are included for the EVA-01’s markings, too. The crayfish features movable front claws with pinching action, moving 2nd-through-5th legs, and a posable tail.


SD Macross Valkyrie Special Set 1

Not seen since 1990, SD Valkyrie is back with this brand new special set! Featuring VF-1S + Strike Pack, VF-1J + Armored Equipment, VF-1A + Super Pack, and the VE-1 Elite Seeker 4 Aircraft. Each aircraft can be transformed into different cool forms.

SD Macross Valkyrie Special Set 2

Not seen since 1990, SD Valkyrie is back with this brand new special set! Featuring VF-1J (Ichijo machine) + Strike pack, VF-1A (Ichijo machine) + Super pack, VF-1J (Max machine) + Super pack, and the VF-1J (Milia machine) + Super pack. Each aircraft can be transformed into different cool forms.

Phantasy Star Online

Phantasy Star Online 2: A.I.S Vega

A variant of the Arks Interception Silhouette vehicle with upgraded equipment is here with the “Phantasy Star Online 2” A.I.S Vega mech! It boasts an incredible amount of articulation and each individual part of the upgraded equipment features 3mm and 5mm connection points as an original feature for greater compatibility with Kotobukiya original plastic model series. Additionally, it’s decked out with tons of weapons and props for an intense amount of play and display options.

Phantasy Star Online 2: A.I.S Vega Unit

Kotobukiya’s latest model kit from the popular “Phantasy Star Online” series is a set to recreate A.I.S Vega, a variant of the Arks Interception Silhouette vehicle! Combine this model kit with the separately sold A.I.S unit to recreate A.I.S Vega!

Frame Arms

Frame Arms NSG-25 Gamma Strauss: RE2

The Frame Arms NSG-25 Gamma Strauss: RE2 is here! This model features a different frame from other Frame Arms up until now and includes newly designed armor parts from NAOKI. The distinctive silhouette of the model’s reverse leg joints emphasizes strength and speed, which this model is happy to put on display. By combining it with the KOBOLD:RE2, users can create one heck of an awesome humanoid mecha, too!

Frame Arms NSG-12 Alpha Kobold: RE2

The Frame Arms NSG-12 Alpha Kobold: RE2 is here! This mid-sized mass produced Frame Arms features a different frame from other Frame Arms up until now and includes newly designed armor parts. KOBOLD can play a variety of roles, from supporting main battle units to playing a key role in supply strategies, adding an extra detail to the Frame Arms universe. It boasts a frame structure that can combine with the STRAUSS:RE2 to create one heck of a humanoid mecha!

Sousai Shojo Teien After School

Madoka Yuki (Touou High School Winter Clothes) (Reissue)

The Madoka Yuki plastic model kit is back! The number of parts needed to assemble this model kit is much fewer than that of a normal plastic model kit, making it easy to assemble for beginners and experts alike. You can enjoy a finish that is close to the image on the box just by assembling the pieces together! However, nippers are suggested for assembly.

Sousai Shojo Teien After School Short Wig A (White & Chocolate Brown)

Give your ‘Sousai Shojo Teien’ plastic model kits a fresh new look with this set of two wigs in white and chocolate brown! A torso and unpainted face part is also included to display the wig when it’s not in use. The chocolate brown one can even be used as a new style of bangs for Madoka Yuki.

After School Present Set

When it’s time to celebrate a birthday or other happy occasion, your “Sousai Shojo Teien” figures will needs gifts to give each other — and Kotobukiya has you covered with this fun set! You’ll get parts to build seven different types of mysterious presents — what could be hiding inside? They’re partly painted, too, so you’ll get a great result just by assembling them — no painting needed (although you certainly can paint them if you like)! Stickers are included for shop logos to put on the shopping bag-type presents.

After School Glasses Set

Your “Sousai Shojo Teien” figures will thank you for this extravagant set of glasses! There are six different styles of glasses, compatible with the Kotori Yukei and Yuki Madoka figures, and the After School Short Wig A set, too. All of them are molded in clear plastic, but you can paint them if you like to increase your figures’ wardrobe possibilities!


MS GENERAL MG-03 Cao Cao x Hippou Plastic Model

The magical girl Cao Cao from “Syoyon-Ki” now joins the “Ms. General” model-kit serie! She’s equipped with the special mecha suit Hippou, in the motif of a phoenix-like ghost bird from Chinese mythology; it can transform into a bird form as well.

Number 57

NUMBER 57 Manhunter Grave Frog Plastic Model

The newest addition to the “Number 57” sci-fi model-kit lineup from Creative Field is the special unit Manhunter Grave Frog! Its armor can be switched from the land battle type to the heavy equipment type by parts replacement. Six different heads (three previously painted, three unpainted) are included, as are interchangeable hands and a diorama base. In addition, the first release of this kit includes a laptop, a multi-function backpack, a rocket launcher and transceiver!

Kamen Rider

Figure-rise Standard Tri-Chaser 2000

Kamen Rider Kuuga’s Tri-Chaser 2000 is now available in Figure-rise Standard! Boasting precision molding, matte plating, springs, and more, this motorcycle kit is brought to life with impressive detailing. With an included display pedestal, this Tri-Chaser 2000 makes for the perfect addition to any fan’s collection.

Ace Combat


Utilizing the data from the game with cooperation from PROJECT ACES, this detailed recreation of the aircraft can be easily assembled with no glue required. Using the special connection part, the model can be attached to the included mini base and adjusted to roll 90 degrees to the left and right. The kit also includes attachment parts to be used for the separately sold New Flying Base.


KBT05-C Saikachis (Reissue)

He’s back! From “Medabots”, here comes Saikachis, the upgraded form of Metabee! This kit features snap fit assembly, so it’s easy and fun to put together. The parts come molded in color, so paint is necessary, but can be used for an added touch! He’s fully articulated after assembly and includes parts for you to Medachange him! He also comes with 4 interchangeable face visors featuring green clear plastic.

Space Battleship Yamato

Earth Defense Force Dreadnought Upgraded Supply Mother Ship Asuka

The long-awaited supply mother ship Asuka, as seen in “Space Battleship Yamato 2205 New Departure,” gets a new 1/1000-scale  model kit from Bandai! Use the included LED unit to wire the bridge to emit blue light; the lines on the hull deck are reproduced via finely molded details and waterslide decals. A display base is included.


JGSDF Type 07-III Tank Nacchin

A brand new plastic model kit of a Kotobukiya original character is here in 1/35 scale, the JGSDF Type 07-III Tank Nacchin! It’s a high-spec full-action model with 62 points of articulation, including those utilizing pop-out joints for the shoulders and knees and sliding joints for the thighs. By utilizing the 18 3mm connection points, the model can be customized with ease to create your own original creation, as well! The WEAPON UNIT05 BATTLE AXE & LONG RIFLE in a special Nacchin color is also included and can be equipped.

Hoi Hoi San

Hoi Hoi Mini with Hoi Hoi Carry Plus

The cute little “Hoi-Hoi-san Mini” makes another appearance with the fully armed ‘Hoi-Hoi Carry’! She’s fully articulated, with movable joints all over her body. In addition to the basic blue maid outfit, a matching black maid outfit is included as a bonus part! The skin color and clothes of the “Hoi Hoi-san Mini” have been given a matte finish. The ‘Hoi Hoi Carry’ has a removable divider plate and a rear hatch that can be opened and closed, allowing you to load a variety of weapons for “Hoi Hoi-san”.

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