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MGEX Metallic Strike Freedom Gundam

Have you heard? There’s a new Master Grade Extreme Gundam in town — or there will be, in Spring 2022.

Just the other day, Bandai put out a detailed announcement for the second-ever addition to the MGEX line, following the MGEX Unicorn. The announcement includes a dedicated page (in Japanese, which we’ll cover in English below), and an explanatory video (which you’ll also find below).

Metallic Parts

While the MGEX Unicorn’s focal point was on its LED lighting and transformative abilities, the MGEX Strike Freedom will feature something else entirely: what Bandai defines as the “EXTREME POINT”, or what exactly about the kit makes it EX and not just MG.

This time, the EXTREME POINT is “extreme metallic combination.” The Strike Freedom will boast a number of design features made to create an incredibly realistic-looking machine through its use of metallic parts. The frame will incorporate coated parts in three metallic colors: copper gold, white gold, and yellow gold. Additional parts will come in two varieties of molded metallic color parts (not coated parts). These appear to be similar in color to white gold, and gray.

A look at each of the five metallic part types, shown in the order described above.

Metallic Stickers

Bandai is a sucker for its sticker kits, and the MG line is no exception. However, what makes this one stand out is the planned use of etching stickers, which despite being stickers, replicate the look of photo-etched metal parts, without the hassle of assembling and gluing them.

In total, these 6 metallic design points are set to make for a breathtaking completed model with mechanical realness shining through the outer armor. This is one kit that may be just too tempting to display without the outer armor, lest all those incredible metallic parts get hidden away.

Release Details

Bandai has specifically mentioned a “simultaneous worldwide release,” which means we can almost certainly expect this kit to be a general release, and not limited to Premium Bandai or the Gundam Base. While Bandai has announced a spring release, no specific month or date has been made public yet.

As for a price tag and where you can buy it – well, it’s not available for preorder yet, so those details aren’t known. But considering that the previous MGEX was 23,000 JPY (roughly $215 USD), we recommend taking a look at your budget now, as it’s unlikely this one will be any cheaper.

Though we currently have no release information, we expect the kit to be available for preorder right here at HLJ.com as soon as we do!

Preview the Kit

The MGEX Strike Freedom Gundam is actually on display right now at the Gundam Port Yokohama event that just started on February 19th! Twitter users who have made their way to the event are already sharing photos of the kit in person:

Check out the promotional video below, and let us know what you think!

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