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MG Sinanju


Submitted By: Matt Mrozek

Well about 18 months ago to the day I presented my very 1st completed Gundam, the MG Sinanju.  So I figured why do another one to mark 18 months of active Gunplaing, if that’s a word. So I have come full circle from where I started 18 months ago and I present you with my MG Sinanju “2nd Attempt”.  What has changed over 18 months?  Well a lot actually.  I have completed 14 models with each on getting progressively better.  I have won over 10 awards through various competitions as well as being published in 3 Japanese magazines.  Its been a pretty busy year and a half.

I did have a few issues.  Because I primed this thing I had a hell of a time doing final assemble and posing.  The joints are stiff already and are almost impossible to move now.  I ended up breaking the one that joins the torso to the waist so I had to use some brass tube.  This thing is staying where he is so now super cool action poses.

The hardest part of this whole kit is the shield.  I tried 4 different ways of painting all which got stripped to do what you see.  I painted the foil stickers for the trim and applied those.  The emblem is mask with parafilm and then brush touched up and mine is far from perfect.  I would say that it looks pretty bad actually.

The thrusters are from my favorite metal parts store hqoparts.  They are even using my kits to sell their products which is pretty cool.  The ones one this kit came as a set and they are very nice and some are even electroplated.

All the colors are Mr. Color and are as follows:

  • Blue Preshade
  • Midnight Blue Blue Top Color
  • GX Susie Blue  Frame and metallics
  • Super TitaniumBlack
  • GX Black  Top Coat
  • Mr. Clear Flat  Very tough stuff.  Does not scuff nearly as easy as my usual Testors Dullcote or flattened Future.

There are a few pieces that are a slightly different shade of blue,  I wanted a very subtle 2 tone so on a few pieces after I did my shading I went over them with Intermediate blue and then another light coat of GX Susie Blue.  These pieces are a tab on the grey side and help break things up a little.

Enough talk and on with the pics. Gallery here.
I just love this kit and I will probably be doing another one in the future.  I think this is the best MG kit out there right now.

Thanks for looking.

A special thanks to all the very cool people that I have met around the world.  With out my Gunpla buddies I wouldn’t have clue to what I was doing.  It’s because of all of your generosity that I have gained the skills to get me this far and I still have a long way to go.

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  1. Congratulations on your success. This looks fantastic! I love the leg interior ankle shot. Wow!

  2. I saw this on the ZeroGunz forum a few weeks ago and it’s still fantastic. I really like all of your models Matt and you’re a really good inspiration for the rest of us to strive for.

  3. Inspiring, sir! Does HQOParts make a thruster set for the HG version? That’d be awesome!

  4. Amazing work as always Matt. The paint finish on this is on another level bro. Thanks for sharing !! 😀

  5. Thanks guys. I think this is my best one yet.

  6. Absolutely blown away with this. Still a beginner in terms of GUNPLA, and I can only hope to become as talented as you, Matt. I also agree that the interior ankle shot is stunning.

  7. Fantastic color scheme, so amazing 🙂

  8. omg dude i broke the same part!

  9. Looks fantastic, simply an amazing job!

  10. Thanks everyone. I already have an idea for a 3rd Sinanju but I will wait until next year to do it.

  11. Nice color selection and your work is fantastic. I really need to get a good airbrush to do preshading. Makes me want to get mine out of the closet and do a custom paint scheme.

  12. Good job dude! I’ll try this one day 😀

  13. WOW!! the blue and silver look fantastic together i didnt see you mention it but are the hoses on the kit a different silver from the trim? thrusters look great and stand out nicely and the paint job looks extremely smooth

    very well done!!

  14. nice… Anavel Gato custom… =)


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