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New Bandai Gunpla & Plamo Preorders – June 2021

We’ve got a whole pile of exciting new plamo preorders from Bandai scheduled for release from October to December this year. Click the series name below to jump to your favorites, and slam those preorder buttons at the links below! Or, see them all right here at hlj.com!

Gundam | Digimon | Sakugan | 30 Minute Missions | 30 Minute Sisters | Evangelion | Macross | Ultraman | Kamen Rider | 86-eighty six- | Pokemon | Super Robot Wars | Space Battleship Yamato | Batman | Gundam Decals

Because of the huge number of new items, we’ve only included a few images on this page, but you can see more on our website by clicking the name of each item!


MG Gundam Virtue

HG Gundam Gremory

HG Gundam Helios

HG Gundam Livelance Heaven

HG Gundam Perfect Strike Freedom

HG Blazing Gundam

HG Zaku II

Entry Grade Gundam RX-78-2 Full Weapon Set

SDW Heroes Cleopatra Qubeley Dark Mask Ver.

Not yet revealed / no images
SDW Heroes New Item A
SDW Heroes New Item B
SDW Heroes New Item C


Figure-rise Standard Amplified Omnimon (x Antibody)

Figure-rise Standard WarGreymon

Figure-rise Standard MetalGarurumon


1/72 HG Big Tony (Gagamba / Memenpu machine)

30 Minutes Missions

1/144 30MM eEXM-30 Espossito Alpha

1/144 30MM eEXM-30 Espossito Beta

1/144 30MM Exa Vehicle (Small Mass Production Machine Ver.)

Customized Weapons (Fantasy Armed)

1/144 30MM Optional Parts Set 6 (Customized Head A)

1/144 Customized Scene Base (Truss Base Ver.)

30 Minutes Sisters

30MS SIS-Gc69r Arca Carty (Quartet Form)

30MS SIS-A00 Luluce [Color C]

Girl Gun Lady & 30MS (30 Minutes Sisters) Compatible Optional Parts Set

30MS Optional Body Parts Type G02 [Color C]

30MS Optional Hairstyle Parts Vol.3 1Box 4pcs

1/144 0MS Optional Parts Set 3 (Mechanical Unit)


RG General-purpose Humanoid Decisive Weapon Android Evangelion Regular Practical Type 3 ESV Shield Set

RG Evangelion Decal 1


SD Macross Valkyrie Special Set 1

SD Macross Valkyrie Special Set 2



Kamen Rider

Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider OOO Tatoba Combo

Figure-rise Standard Tri-Chaser 2000

86-eighty six-

HG Reginleif (with Blade) (Provisional)

HG Reginleif (Equipped with Blade) (Provisional)

HG Reginleif (Long Barrel Equipment / Missile Equipment) (Provisional)


Pocket Monster Plamo Collection Quick!! 08 Mimikyu

Pokemon Plamo Collection 49 Select Series Gardevoir

Super Robot Wars

HG Alteisen

Space Battleship Yamato

Earth Defense Force Dreadnought Upgraded Supply Mother Ship Asuka

Mecha Collection Deusura III

Mecha Collection Guipellon Class Barmes (Open Ocean Mobile Fleet Specification)


Figure-rise Standard Amplified Batman

Gundam Decals

Gundam Decal No.127 HG Movie Version Mobile Suit Gundam 00 General Purpose 1
Gundam Decal No.127 HG Movie Version Mobile Suit Gundam 00 General Purpose 2
Gundam Decal No.129 HG For Nightingale
Gundam Decal No.130 RG For Force Impulse Gundam
Gundam Decal No.131 RG For Zeong
Gundam Decal No.132 RG For Hi-Nu Gundam

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  1. The “MG Virtue” link goes to a different item

    • Thanks for pointing that out, it’s been fixed!


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