• Who did you root for in advanced? My list:

    Java – creativity. you owe me a beer.
    Moldrunner – for trying new things, not another gunpla.
    Ronin – for mod skills.
    Enrico Asa no Hoshi – if the build was finished in time.
    eil doelz – weathered and rusted truck diorama.
    Beork – Kitbashing.
    Lambo & Minarto – amazing car building & modding skills
    One or…[Read more]

    • I rooted for Java, because I really liked the work.
      Other than that… all the same to me ^_^

    • I was sincerely expecting to see your Flanker among the top winners.

    • Some of em are really a supprise to me.. Where for exapmple is fluffys 3 2 1 Zero … ? Or your Jet?
      sure I am kinda disapointed and it is not up to me and I wonΒ΄t hurt someone, but what on earth makes the Mosquito topping them? Ok its brushwork, but .. don’t get it.
      And sadly the announcement was not even worth a show? I think without Sid…[Read more]

      • Thank you, Moldrunner. You made my day. An I’m going to call it my “3 2 1 Zero” from now on πŸ˜€

        • Hehe see.. I like Anna, and the other girl.. sorry, I cant remember the name.. from Toy Tengoku. I saw almost every episode of them, but If the where taken in charge for judging the entries, I feel sorry for them. Scott, Luke and Brian,should be able to judge the quality of a build. Yeah Tod und Sid for sure. Even if they might be not the pro…[Read more]

          • Rest assured, I didn’t judge — and didn’t want to πŸ˜› Syd, Ryan, and Todd judged the contest. Luke and Brian haven’t been with us for a while now.

        • Hehe sorry,for rantingn I appreciate your comment. Java and Beork really deserve it to win. But than I see bare plastik weathered with Tamiya weathering makeup as a winner.. really…. come on..

      • I actually really like the Mosquito, was expecting It to score as the best of intermediate instead of a Bradley. It’s a nice looking, elegant plane and the kit is nice to look at. I am quite surprised it got bumped to advanced tho, mostly due to the category guides.

        • The Breadly is amazing. All detailed and a nice finish. It is a worthy winner. Compare it to the finish of the tank dio at the advanced category…..

          • Yeah gotta agree with that, the Bradley is a superb build. And the dioramas, well I really enjoyed seeing a French tank in there, it’s so rarely to see them being appreciated, even more a diorama of those years, found it interesting, but I see where you are going.

    • Haha this thing is driving me crazy. The more I look at that build, the more angry I become…. Is this really a big gun? You know it, when you see it? Take the framework of the canapee.. nothing is masked.. nothing is clean.. That covers not the best of their entries. It is like….,lits so many, lets come to an end. Very very sad. People put…[Read more]

    • I was rooting for Java, the amount of imagine and vision you had to have to take a pile of junk and make it into the Mecha that he did was amazing. Everyone did great and the posting activity was great from all. Can’t wait for the next one.

    • Your Flanker was very good. πŸ™‚ There was so much going on with it!

    • Thank you for all the replies and support.

      It’s refreshing to see that some people are still objective, un-business-oriented and un-political. I know very well what is going on with Russia & USA. But what does that have to do with me? I’m not even Russian. lol. I don’t even know what the Russian words on the Flanker D mean.

      It’s art. Judge it…[Read more]

      • Beork deserved a win as well. The other incredible gunpla builds didn’t get a mention. They were clean, but modded and painted a different color scheme.

        The kitbashed hybrid bike in intermediate someone did might have won if he submitted his work. Don’t think he did.

        The biggest surprise is the #1 Advanced PG build. Yes, it’s very detailed, but…[Read more]

        • I tried to stay put, but i have to agree with this rant.

          I was not expecting to be on the top 3 by any means, but seeing the winners it kind of annoyed me. When i submitted my entry i thought about putting it on intermediate, but according to the rules, they can change the category if needed…for a second i thought “well, my entry doesnt even…[Read more]

      • Though Syd isn’t physically present, he was a preliminary judge on this. We’re sorry you feel this way, though. πŸ™

      • Hmm otaku, what makes you think it is a matter of the origin of its original?
        Hehe then the Zero would be the winner ^^

    • My main complain is that both the category rules and the of judging criteria seems to be all over the place, and the lack of video really does not help on that behave. Are they looking for a clean build, an interesting one, a complex one? Does scale matters? Does realism matters or just artistic sense?

      • I understand how hard it must be to judge, after all we have both gundams, land vehicles, planes and ships all competing with each other, and most of the winners rightfully deserve their place, man there are some amazing kits in there, did you see that metal gear? an what to say about Beork’s uh (is it a gundam? looks amazing tho), but yeah some…[Read more]

      • We’ll have a video a bit later. Because of the volume of entries, judging alone took longer than expected. We focused on judging first to have the results to everyone by Wednesday. Unfortunately, if we had added the video at the same time, results would have been further delayed.

        • That’s great, looking forward for it. Thanks.

        • I think everybody would gladly understand a further delay. Looking st the circumstances. And patience is one of a modellers strength. I really thought Syd would leave after the contest. Never expected him to leaving everything behind and this task to his unprepared colleagues…

          • We had many modellers eager to post their photos online, and didn’t want to keep them waiting any longer, but we will have a video — hopefully within a few days. Though Syd isn’t physically present, he was a preliminary judge for this competition, with Ryan and Todd’s help.

    • Thanks for including my name in your list! I really wanted to compete with you, Beork, Java…
      I’m also not satisfied with the results, there are some winners that I don’t get why they are there and some great entries that surprisingly didn’t place. I was not expecting much from my entry, after all, I made just about 70% of what I was planning (I…[Read more]

    • Syd might have put a lot of trust in his second man or third man being the judge, since he’s not present at the office. He might have skimped over the winner list and photos, but he may not have seen all the WIPs. If he has, he would not be happy with the results. Because we LIVED the competition. Literally. We know every nook and cranny.

      I could…[Read more]

    • I haven’t been able to sign in on here for a few days that’s why I’m a bit late but I do think that Moldrunner should have won a place and also kaminoan.

  • Syd wrote a new post 5 years, 10 months ago

    The Playing with Plamo 2017 Contest Entry Submission is officially closed and we’ve got a lot of great stuff to sort through on our way to awarding all these prizes. Thanks to everyone who entered and made this […]

    • Whaaaat??!! Nothing will be,the same.I missed Ryan already, how shall, I live with that? But I would do the same..;-) Wish you the best!!

    • Best of luck Syd on your travels. It has been really fun watching you as host and seeing you talk star wars and gunpla and so on.

    • Thanks again guys for hosting the contest. I like my entry so much that i just placed an order for another model hehe. Nice to see Ryan back! And OMG!!! Syd, the second you said “how to say thsi”, i called it, hoping it wouldnt be the case but unfortunatelly it was. Sad but hey, great to know you’ll be having fun and visiting new places. Godspeed my friend. You encouraged me a lot on this awesome hobby!

    • Syd and what he made gunplaTV is arguably responsible for many modellers (addiction) hobby becoming what it is today, certainly the case for me.

      Appreciate all the hard work and time you put in mate it’ll be sad to see you go but its more then earned and i wish you luck and hope you enjoy your adventures, if you’re in the very bottom of aus ever drop on in.

      hopefully you drop back in from time to time, after all whose spare room full of kits are were going to comment for

    • Wish you the best Syd. It was this show that introduce me to gunpla model.

    • crap….. if we get the sports car will he stay?

    • How will the future gunpla tv look like? Todd alone?

    • Wish you all the best Syd, good luck on your next adventure.

    • Hi Syd. I’m happy for you! Wish you all the best for your holidays!!

    • Syd feels like that crazy uncle you see at family reunions who you really get along with because they are into the same weird hobby as you are. It will be sad not to see him here as often. A big part of why I got back into the hobby after forgetting it even existed for 15 years was because of Gunpla TV.

      Best wishes to you and to your family.

    • Syd, we are sad to see you step down from GUNPlA TV, especially because you and GUNPLA TV were a huge part of why I got into GUNPLA. That being said, as a father of 2 myself I can completely understand. I do however have a few questions about your announcement. Are you still going to be with HLJ? And it kinda sounds like you would still make the occasional appearance, is that possible? As for the future if the show, I am still excited and optimistic for it’s future, Todd has really grown into a comfortable presence as a host. It also sounded like Ryan might return more frequently to the show which would be great. We’ve seen the banter between you and him develop over a long time, and the same between yourself and Todd. I can’t wait to see how it develops​ between​ Todd and Ryan (or whomever). Best wishes bro!

    • “That’s what SHE said…”

      Wil be sad to see the end of an era, Syd IS Gunpla TV, but such things have to be done. Besides, Todd will do just fine I think, and it will be nice to have Ryan back in the show also. Hopefully, with his experience, if there is time we’ll get some in-depth content from Todd with guides on customising and painting gunpla (i.e. he will demonstrate how to add a BALL to a kit, you know it, I called it). Safe travels, have fun, and good luck to Todd and Ryan πŸ™‚

    • Goodbye Syd! Hope your vacation is a good one, and that you get to do everything you want to do (And maybe build some Gunpla on the side)!

    • Damn! My heart just sank a little bit,best of luck Syd.

    • Damn it Syd. This is seriously depressing…

    • So I can expect to review my entry after May 23?

      Well, Syd, I hope you enjoy your travels, and you’re right you should do it while you can. Question, though: will you continue to blog your reviews and such on Gaijin Gunpla?

    • Damn bro. we will miss you man. but yeah family comes 1st

    • I’m following you since episode 1…so…thank you for all. Be happy!

    • First robert184, now Syd, HLJ does have a lot of people that leave me long lasting impressions. Wish you well with whatever you’re doing Syd.

    • Well Ryan best wishes, you will be missed, and Syd Never Leave us

    • Noooooo Syd! Watching this i could tell you had something bad to say, but this is something even i didnt expect. You always seem so happy and excited when the new kits come in and you get to open them up and build them, I never expected you to leave like this, but i suppose we all have to leave a legacy at some point.
      With Ryan and Todd as the new hosts with guest appearances of Anna and Lindsay( I’d assume) I suppose it wont be an incredibly large change but you will very much be missed by model builders everywhere.
      May the Force be with you, and always remember Gunpla…is FREEDOM!

    • Sad to see you leave Syd. I wish you the best of luck!

    • good luck syd and all the best to you and your family.

    • The next episode of HLTV should be “The Best of Syd” showing a bunch of outtakes and funny moments through the show’s history.

      Then at the end Syd takes off his HLJ shirt and leaves it on the table. And as he is walking out of the HLJ warehouse we see that he has a full back tattoo of the RX-78.

      Ok, maybe not the last part but a best of episode would be cool.

    • good luck Syd and to your future endeavors. they said that the happiest persons on earth, are the ones who invest on travels.

      Go travel the world Syd, and collect that 7 dragon balls!!!!….. πŸ™‚

    • have a good time off Syd, hope we’ll see you pop back sometime later!

    • Thank you Syd for showing me the world of Gunpla! Please do an episode with Ryan and Todd before you leave!

    • Thank You for all those years with Gaijin Gunpla, and Hobbylink.tv. You will be missed. But I hope show will still exist and will be others to continue what you have started. Good luck with the things You want to do.

      PS. So can we apply for a position in HLJ.com? πŸ˜‰

    • I couldn’t even finish watching. Sad news for us but want the very best for Syd, who made Gunpla TV what it is. I like Todd a lot and respect his knowledge, humor and love of the hobby…at least we still have that. Ryan is really not a builder but still a nice guy. Again, all the best to you and your family, Syd, and thanks for making Gundam cool again for me after all these years away from the hobby.

    • Good luck Syd, enjoy yourself and don’t get into too much trouble πŸ˜‰

    • Syd, I waited until today, May 4th, to comment. May the force be with you. Thank you for all the tips and for bringing popularity to gunpla and to plastic modeling in general.
      Promise to come back and do a “The Last Jedi” review special though.

    • I’ve had a blast watching everyone on Gunpla TV since the first episode, but Syd will always be the face of the show (no disrespect to Ryan and Todd). Thank you to everyone who’s built models and given us insight into those builds. This show is always fun to watch, and I’ll never stop.

      Be safe, Syd, and have fun.

    • THANK you Syd!!! May the force be with you!!!

  • *loud jet roaming*

    Cat: Admiral Kuznetsov, this is Top Cat 1-1 requesting permission to land.


    Kuz: This is Kuznetsov Actual. You’re cleared to land.


    Cat: Thank you, sir.

  • Russian pilot figure and flight deck tractor driver done. To be flat coated except for the glossy helmet.

    I do have a matching sitting pilot figure, but the resin cockpit has…

    [Read more]

  • Top cat: Forgot to paint red/blue navigation lights on the wing’s pylons. Done and semi-gloss coated the top side so the bird is curing for a few days.

    Also, backtracked to photos here 3 days ago that the strengthened nose landing gear lost the top 2 taxi lights. I’m going to use the other kit’s. Assembly line has been vacuumed so the missing…[Read more]

  • This is 1-1 at Assembly Line. I had the airframe fully completed except (see below):

    On top side of forward fuselage: pilot probe & 30mm cannon from my stash, 2 x emergency &…

    [Read more]

  • Syd wrote a new post 5 years, 10 months ago

    Bandai has made April a lean month so we only have the High Grade Vual Gundam to show, but does that mean that next month’s Shizuoka Hobby Show is going to feature a lot of big reveals? Possibly. Be sure to watch […]

    • Yeah, new episode!

    • Been busy with building my gundam for Playing With Plamo competition, glad to finally have the time to catch a new episode.

      Kinda sad I missed the zeta givaway.

      Looking forward to the Shizuoka Hobby Show coverage.

    • Gundam Vual is my favorite design from the IBO line-up!

    • YES! Waterslides!

      So, here’s a question for you two – at some point Bandai have to stop releasing PG Unicorn variants and actually release an all-new PG. If you had to put a bet on it, what would you LIKE to see as a PG release, and what do you think would in reality be more likely as the next new PG release? I would like to see a Sinanju Stein, but I reckon it would be something more mainstream like a GM or a Barbatos.

      Also I am calling it now that Todd says “Ball” ^_^

    • Kamille Bidan is the pilot of the Zeta Gundam, since he was a boy but Kamille is supposedly a girls name he ends up shouting “Kamille is a man’s name!” a couple times during the series.

      Anyways cool Vual, and looking forward to the Evolution Zeta. Great show as always guys.

    • Am I the only one that feels like they should have released a few more kits in April instead of trying to overload March? Anyway I finally got a Freedom 2.0 and I have to say it looks amazing in person just on the runners. I can’t wait till finals are over.

    • I built the previous HG Zeta a while ago but ran into trouble assembling the legs as the lower leg assembly had both sides almost identical which lead me to glue two sides from the left and right legs together, only realising my mistake when I began assembling the second leg. With this in mind, I’d be interested in seeing how the leg construction of the new kit differs with the 2003 version.

    • Ewww a partsformer, how loathsome, well it still looks cool though, if only it transform.

    • Might not an active month but new episodes are always nice.

      I already bought, built, and taken review pictures of the Gunpla Evolution Project Zeta, and it’s a nice kit. It’s definitely the most sturdy, articulate Zeta we have, but the excessive stickers kinda put a hamper on…well…everything, still happy we have it though. I was kinda disappointed on how little “new stuff” was done after all the “Evolution” advertising, the torso was the only new innovation I really saw with the arm joints, and I still feel it could be perfected more, especially since it’s a little finicky and could break under pressure, with the tight tolerances not helping. Still though, it’s a new Zeta, and I think it’s the best Zeta we got so far, so i’m glad to have it.

      The decals are awesome, these will go well with any IBO kit I might pursue in the future, especially the Ryusei-Go ones, I aim to get all 3 and maybe 4 units, so I gotta get there.

      Vual is an awesome design, i’ll still have to pick it up despite the problems i’m hearing because I just can’t resist not getting such a good looking MS. Stickers are annoying but hey, it’s an HGIBO kit, expected them. I just love this design too much, with the repair aesthetic, colorscheme, and design.

    • Finally the waterslides are back!

    • I was already super excited for the new Zeta, but even more so after seeing the runners. That kit can’t arrive fast enough!

    • no one beats the granddaddeh

    • i wanna see the the full city in 1/100

    • For Playing with Plamod, if i used Gundam Marker to replace some sticker, what category should i apply? Thanks!

    • Help a guy out! I have another custom HG planned, but I need that Skull Weapon to complete it, and no one has it for under $20.

    • Decals! Thank you Bandai. Vual looks good. Like the darker colors. Thanks Todd and Syd!

    • I think the Zaku 2.0 is perfect as is. The only way they can do a Zaku 3.0 is to include higher detail like more panel lines and more color separation. I would love for them to improve many of the older mobile suits like the older GMs with a better frame and articulation.

    • Reading the dates the kit was released makes me feel old. Its like, wow I remember when that was new.

    • From the tsunami of kits to a dry-spell. I don’t know which one to get sad about(My wallet crying due to it being sucked bone-dry or the crying due to over-spillage)P.S. To the competitors vying for the top prize in the Playing With Plamo Competition, Good luck and may Akihiro’s nippers be with you!(Can’t enter due to study reasons) P.S. Tod actually got my name right its pronounced with the j as in jungle.

    • My Seven Swords is almost ready πŸ˜›

    • I love thew new Gundam Decals! I wish they would make more for RGs especially ones like the Sinanju since it has a glossy finish that makes the stickers show up more.

    • That Vual could probably looks so much better with minimal effort, matt spray it, then some easy dry brushing and decals.

    • Damn, always wanted a zeta 2.0! Then you whip it out and i was like (woah)

    • Someone from my elementary school, who I haven’t seen in years but saw on the bus, told me he has a MG Zeta in his closet, but never built it. So, who knows? If I win this one, and buy off his, I’ll have two MG Zetas.

    • Wish I got me that zeta. The new revive that isn’t called revive now looks really cool though.

    • The box art of the new HG Zeta is so cool!!!

    • That Vual looks great. I’m glad I’ve been a big fan and kept more up to date with the Gundam franchise.

    • Can’t wait to get the Vual!

    • Waterslides are the most fun part of building a modelkit to me. Glad the “dry season” is over.

      Ill see myself out.

    • So uhh..this might have been asked before, but BANDAI did tease a ZZ Gundam Ver. Ka. coming sometime this year. Any news on that? πŸ™‚ Great show as always guys!

    • oh my zeta!!!!

    • needs a matte top coat and it would look amazing! Out of the box, black looks a little too plasticy

    • Great show guys can’t wait to see what comes out next

    • Really enjoying the show. I look forward to every episode each week. I can’t wait for your Shizuoka coverage. Keep up the great work gentleman.

    • Great show as always. I love the vual, cant wait for new anouncnents.

    • Can’t wait for Shizuoka!

    • ZETA GUNDAM awesome… Nice show guys so sad because Syd is leaving the show… I’ve been watching this show since episode 1…

    • Wait… Proportional Accuracy and the Greatest Range of Motion in HG History!


      Yup, we be in the quiet before the storm boys. Shall we all chant: Shizuoka, Shizuoka, SHIZUOKA!!!

    • So great that we’re finally getting decal sets again!

    • great show. πŸ™‚

  • Mission report:

    In order to meet the deadline, I’m doing whatever it takes to finish the mission. Tow driver driver and pilot may be in the picture. Not sure yet.

    At the…

    [Read more]

  • Chief saw something he didn’t like so he had the HUD corrected. Thanks Chief.

    Landing gear + wheels + bay doors assembled and installed. The PE increased the thickness of the…

    [Read more]

  • Status report:

    Optronic sighting system installed

    Front canopy installed

    Silver foil around front canopy installed

    HUD installed, but not upright due to not well…

    [Read more]

  • Tail hook painted & gloss coated. Cockpit completed.

    Top cat out.

  • Top cat actual.

    Arresting Hook prepped. To be painted. Sledge wash on landing gear doors. To be semi clear coated. Work on canopy has commenced.

    Over and out.

  • Sludge wash on landing gear & wheels done.

    Top cat out.

  • Missiles accomplished. Decals from my stash. Semi-glossy coat next.

    Top cat out.

  • Topside of airframe further weathered. Streaking mostly. Forward fuselage cannon plate weathered. Might’ve overdone weathering the exhausts. All pylons & intake vents…

    [Read more]

  • Intake vents prepped. Most pylons installed. Airframe touched up and weathered. Oil streaking + rust. Topside not good enough. Be re-done later. Panel lined washed wheel bays…

    [Read more]

    • Yeah it’s coming together nicely.
      Great work and i’m still diggin the camo.

    • Thank you. I’m not 100% satisfied with the camo. Beside pre-shading & mottling, there’s one more way like post-shading camos. I saw some in magazines, but they didn’t go into details about how to do it. I experienced with my camo on the Flanker D. My brush is Badger 105 with 0.3mm. A bit too big for 1/72, but next time maybe I’ll do 1/48 or 1/32.…[Read more]

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