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Megatron (D-Style) by Kotobukiya

Megatron (D-Style) by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan)

rrobbert184-Megatron (1)

Megatron, Optimus Prime’s eternal rival, has finally joined the battle in D-style, and he’s true to his G1 roots! Let’s see what’s inside the box, and the kit all put together.

rrobbert184-Megatron (2)
Megatron’s raging pose greets you on the cover. I wonder what Starscream said to annoy him?

rrobbert184-Megatron (3)
The box is a little shorter than a modern SD/HG.

rrobbert184-Megatron (4)
Great G1 throwback overall with the box, and you can see the price of 3200 JPY in the corner. Don’t forget, you get a 20% discount at HLJ.com!

rrobbert184-Megatron (5)
Arm cannon? Check. Episode 1 magical energy mace? Check. Small gun mode ready to be used by Starscream, etc.? Check.

rrobbert184-Megatron (6)
Raging, normal, and arrogant faces. The words “You fool, STARSCREAM” should be printed on all model kit boxes from Kotobukiya I think.

rrobbert184-Megatron (7)
When you crack open the box, the iconic silver will pop right out at you. It feels like real silver so far!

rrobbert184-Megatron (8)
Regular manual with familiar art.

rrobbert184-Megatron (9)
Lots of real estate around the steps shows it should be a simple build.

rrobbert184-Megatron (10)
Official color guide on the back of the manual.

rrobbert184-Megatron (11)
Plates shown in alphabetical order. There are even fewer plates than Optimus Prime. The clear plates look good, though.

rrobbert184-Megatron (12)

rrobbert184-Megatron (13)

rrobbert184-Megatron (14)

rrobbert184-Megatron (15)
A small set of stickers comes with the iconic Decepticon faction symbol.

rrobbert184-Megatron (16)
Keep reading, the build doesn’t take long!

rrobbert184-Megatron (17)
All you need is a good pair of plastic nippers, though the manual does mention needing cement.

rrobbert184-Megatron (18)
Front, side and back shots.

rrobbert184-Megatron (19)

rrobbert184-Megatron (20)

rrobbert184-Megatron (22)
The silver looks pretty good all over the body.

rrobbert184-Megatron (23)
The elbows can bend 90°.

rrobbert184-Megatron (24)
The waist armor interferes with the legs, so they can hardly move. But the knees can bend 90° as well.

rrobbert184-Megatron (25)
With his two famous weapons, and 2 optional faces, let’s see what you can do!

rrobbert184-Megatron (26)
Pretty good for D-style. Needs more dam though.

rrobbert184-Megatron (27)
“Out of the way Hot Rod!” Oh wait, that’s not right. Taking off the bottom of the small gun gets it in the (in)appropriate hands.

rrobbert184-Megatron (28)
As for the size, Megatron is a little smaller than the SD Unicorn Gundam.

rrobbert184-Megatron (29)
And more importantly, almost the same size as his rival, Optimus Prime.

rrobbert184-Megatron (30)
Some final thoughts. Transformers is a relatively new part of the D-Style line, with the 2 main characters out so far. The specs for Optimus Prime and Megatron are more or less the same, including comparable weapons, and of course they can’t transform. Megatron, despite being the second kit, has a similar level of mobility with Optimus Prime. But what’s catchy about this kit is definitely the coloring. The main body is gloss silver, with a texture that mimics real metal, and undergates are used for the parts, meaning minimal ugliness. It’s also pretty fun to play with it, since you can get enough fun poses with the weapons without it falling apart. So after a simple build of around 30 minutes, you’ll have a cute Megatron to show off and to play with! Til All Are One!

rrobbert184-Megatron (31)
“Spike?  You’re always in the way!”

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  1. Cool, If I would get one I think Megatron looks really nice with its silver gloss body. But Optimus is so cool. “One shall stand, one shall fall.”


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