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1/100 Metal Gear RAY by Kotobukiya (Part 2: Review)

1/100 Metal Gear RAY by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert184-Ray-Review (1)
Metal Gear Ray is all put together. Le’ts take a look how it looks!

rrobbert184-Ray-Review (2)
A fun straightforward build.

rrobbert184-Ray-Review (3)
With the front, back and side views all looking quite sharp.

rrobbert184-Ray-Review (4)

rrobbert184-Ray-Review (5)

rrobbert184-Ray-Review (6)
The arm can move upwards well, but can’t move downward that much at all.

rrobbert184-Ray-Review (7)
The legs can stretch out, allowing him to stand up.

rrobbert184-Ray-Review (8)
All the armors on the back are nicely carved.  I’m liking the scaled look.

rrobbert184-Ray-Review (10)
A lot of option parts are included, so let’s see what you can do with them!

rrobbert184-Ray-Review (11)
First, you can get an unmanned version of head.

rrobbert184-Ray-Review (12)
Water jet cutter can be shown off by replacing two joints and one part inside the mouth.

rrobbert184-Ray-Review (13)
You can get it into landing mode by replacing the landing gear on the knees.

rrobbert184-Ray-Review (14)
And by moving the arms, you can also get its navigation mode.

rrobbert184-Ray-Review (15)
With the help of aerial base, you can easily recreate the attacking pose seen in the cover art.  Does it look angry to you?

rrobbert184-Ray-Review (16)
In terms of size, it’s just a little taller than MG Gundam 2.0, though much wider as you’d expect.

rrobbert184-Ray-Review (17)
And probably about the same bulk as the HAW 206 but much taller.

rrobbert184-Ray-Review (18)
Now for some final thoughts. As the second Metal Gear kit from Kotobukiya, I think it did a good job with the features and gimmicks. The details are nice even with a plain out-of-box build, and you can certainly make it much better by doing a proper paint job and putting on the water slides. Despite its simple build, the parts fit one another just right which is always pleasant. Small parts weren’t falling off during posing, but the connection between legs and the base is a bit loose. If there is anything I’d really complain about, it would be the need to practically rebuild the head when you swithch from manned to unmanned mode. It just seems like they could have made it a lot simpler.  But overall, it’s a fun build, and the end result looks sharp!  Thaks for checking this out!

rrobbert184-Ray-Review (19)
“Angel attack!”

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  1. not really a big fan of metal gear ray, but damn this kit looks very nice

  2. wow that plastic is in desperate need of some detail and something to make it look less like plastic!, which is ok because the colors are just wrong for a ray imo and it need a good respray

  3. Hi, thanks for the great review. I was really counting the days for this item to be released, even have it on pre order at amazon, but now that I have the opportunity to look at it closer, I don’t know, but looks plainly cheap to me. The Metal Gear Rex was a great kit because it looks amazing and was fun to built. But this one, I have my doubts, it just doesn’t look right. perhaps the color of the plastics? Im not good at painting models either. Maybe I’m just going to save the money for the ThreeA Ray. Thanks again for the great insight on this model.

  4. This Kotobukiya Ray model is just Great, with several options in the final model (open/closed mouth, manned or unmanned, different poses…) and great posibilities of articulation. It is true that the plastic model it looks plain but you have to think this model has been thought to be painted, to be finished with decals or even varnishing. The final result is much different. If you ar looking for a action figure this is not for you. If you are looking for an exceptional model you can completely customize to head your exposition place, here it is.


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