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Mega Hobby Expo 2018 Autumn – Kotobukiya, Alter, and More

We’re back in Akihabara for MegaHobby Expo’s Autumn 2018 show! Check here for the latest figures from Alter, Kotobukiya, Aniplex, and other great manufacturers, and don’t miss our other post where we cover the new announcements from MegaHouse.

Always ready to impress, Alter had a great lineup for the show starting with two male characters from “Fate/Grand Order,” Saber and Caster! They also brought out a painted version of their Velvet Crowe figure from “Tales of Berseria” and Emilia from “Re:ZERO,” both of which were still in gray the last time we saw them at MegaHobby Expo. Additionally, they had a nicely detailed figure of Rin from “Yuru Camp” with her scooter, and some amazing figures of the ladies of “Love Live!” and “The iDOLM@STER”!


Revole brought their recently announced figure of Chiyo from the manga “Ane Naru Mono,” as well as a new figure of Yukino Yukinoshita from “My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU.”


Kotobukiya only attends MegaHobby Expo about once a year out of the two annual shows, and we’re sure glad they came this time around! Their booth had some of the most impressive sculpts, including some of our favorite heroes from “My Hero Academia,” a dynamic figure of Ren Amamiya and Morgana from “Persona 5 Dancing Star Night,” new additions to their growing ARTFX Pokemon collection, the first-ever figure from “Boarding School Juliet,” and much more!


Licorne’s “The iDOLM@STER” figure lineup just got bigger, with the all-new Mika Jougasaki (Tulip ver.) figure joining the rest of the girls in their stage costumes, and three additional characters all dressed in their school uniforms.


Dengeki Hobby
Dengeki Hobby showed off their figure set of Kurisu and Mayuri from “Steins;Gate” in Christmas-themed outfits, and announced several figures from “Code Geass,” “Macross Frontier,” and more!


Stronger only brought two figures from “Is the Order a Rabbit?”, but the dynamic poses and unique outfits were well worth the wait in line to snap a photo!


Aniplex had an impressive lineup as well, including their huge figure of Zero Two from “Darling in the Franxx,” their pair figures of Madoka and Iroha from the “Madoka Magica” mobile game, LLENN from “Sword Art Online: Alternative Gun Gale Online” launching into a surprise attack, action figures of Ed and Roy from “Fullmetal Alchemist,” and plenty of “Fate/Grand Order” goodness for fans to enjoy, too!


Amakuni / Hobby Japan
Amakuni always has a unique lineup of figures, and this time was no different! They brought out a nice figure of Caster from “Fate/Grand Order,” a big lineup of the main cast from the upcoming anime series “Endro~!,” some new additions from “Girls und Panzer,” “To Love-Ru,” and much more.

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  1. A couple of statues and figures I really wanna get a hold of. i can hear my wallet already crying.

  2. Lot great photos and i see alot im wantingto add to mine.

  3. Woah, the figure of Kotori Minami from Love Live is awesome…. :O


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