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Gunpla TV at the All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2016

Syd, Ryan, and also Todd made their way to Tokyo Big Sight today to check out all the latest plamo goodies at the All Japan Model & Hobby Show. Bandai surprised us with an all-new, non-Ver. Ka MG slated for January and Kotobukiya brought out the big guns in the form of its newest Gojulas kit. Is everyone excited for winter 2016 yet?




Fine Molds


Kits featured in this video:

– MG GM Sniper II
1/100 RE/100 AMX-107 Bawoo
1/144 HGBF Transient Gundam Glacier
– HG Lunagazer Gundam
– RG Build Strike Full Package
1/144 HG Guncannon Early Type (Iron Cavalry Squadron)
– HG Char Zaku I
– HG Gou Ramba Ral Version
HGCE Strike Freedom
MG Psycho Zaku Version Ka
– SD Gundam Barbatos DX
– SD Gundam Barbatos Lupus DX
1/100 Full Mechanics Barbatos Lupus
HG Gundam Barbatos Lupus
– HG IBO Season Two Kits Lineup
– Macross Delta Vf31c
Figurise Standard Dragonball Kits
Figurise Bust Love Live! Kits
Petiture-rise Love Live! Kits

1/72 Gojulas The Ogre
1/72 Gojulas Cannon Set
1/100 ZA Mugen Liger
Shulawga / Shurouga Sin
Evangelion Kits
1/100 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – REX
Majestic Prince Kits
Frame Arms Kits
Megami Device Kits
Frame Arms Girls

1/72 RVF-25 Super Messiah – Macross Frontier
– Sv-262a Drakken III “Macross Delta”

1/20 P.K.A Ausf L Leopard
1/20 Wintermute (S.A.F.S. Snowman, Gladiator, Early Type Winter Specification & Mechanics Set)
– Votoms Scope Dog Red Shoulder Custom
1/35 Berserga DT Standard Edition (First Press Limited Edition)

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  1. Looking forward to see that Full Mechanic’s frame in action.

  2. looks like there was a some different versions of the sdf on the macross table. can anyone tell me if they are rereleases/available or new kits?

  3. I was quite surprised to see the GM Sniper II would be released in Master grade form as it was one of the MS that was being considered for the RE/100 line. This has lead my train of thought to the possibility that most of the mold can be re-used for the GM Cold Districts Type or GM Command variants that also briefly appear in 0080.


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