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Introducing Pokemon Plamo Quick

The logo for the new Pokemon Plamo Quick line

Bandai’s Pokemon Plamo series has been around for a long time. It originally launched in 1997 with the “Plamon” line, and has since morphed into the Pokemon Plamo line, including the Pokemon Plamo Collection and Evolution sets. Now, Bandai is introduction a new incarnation of their Pokemon model kits called Pokemon Plamo Quick. The news just broke yesterday.

A Pokemon Plamo History

If you’re a Pokemon fan, you can build a kit of your favorite monster (provided that it’s one of the more popular ones). Single-monster kits that have been released include Pikachu, Mewtwo, Victini, and Lugia. There are also the Evolution sets that include multiple monsters in the same evolution line, and battle sets with two monsters you can pit against each other.

Overall, Pokemon Plamo has been aimed at children. Because of this, many aspects of the kits have been lacking in order to keep the price tag and difficulty level low. You’ll often see huge sticker sheets, limited color separation, and little to no articulation as a result.

Pokemon Plamo Mega Lucario
So many stickers…

In With The New?

I’ve been building these kits for a while. They’ve tended to not impress me much because of what they sacrifice to make the kits cheap & simple. That is, until recently. Bandai may finally be starting to move in a better direction with its release of the Lucario & Riolu set that features more articulation and fewer stickers.

Or its upcoming Gengar and Rayquaza kits, which are expected to boast great color separation and gimmicks.

Upcoming Pokemon Plamo Quick Kits

  • Pokemon Plamo Quick
  • Pokemon Plamo Quick
  • Pokemon Plamo Quick
  • Pokemon Plamo Quick

About The Quick Line

The newly-announced Pokemon Plamo Quick series hinges on the ability to quickly build your favorite monsters, as the name would imply.

The only information about the line that Bandai has revealed on its site is the following line:

“Simple & easy construction! A plamo series that’s easy to build even if it’s your first kit!”

Honestly, that’s not enough for me. Fortunately, we can get a little more information by checking out the lead photo Bandai has provided:

The only hint Bandai has given us about what to expect

Better Color Separation

Just take a closer look at that.

Color separation breakdown

As you can see, virtually every color on this kit comes with color-separated injection parts. Gone are the eye stickers and clunky black stickers to wrap around the ears.

But you may have noticed that there are foil stickers in this kit. My guess? They’ll be for the white dots on the eyes and the pink part of the mouth. And I’m willing to bet that’s it. With stickers so simple, just about anyone could take a Gundam marker to the kit instead and forego stickers altogether.

This is a big improvement.

Better Detail

The new kits in this series all build just a single monster, and they’re all fairly simple monsters. Mew, for example, has only ever appeared in the Pokemon Plamo line as a fairly small figure to accompany Mewtwo:

Pokemon Plamo Collection Mewtwo, Mew & Pikachu Set
From my review for the Mewtwo, Pikachu, & Mew kit!

And many monsters in the Pokemon Plamo line are like this — more of an accessory than a kit.

That these new kits are standalone is exciting. It means they’ll be bigger and more detailed, with more parts to accomplish that, too. I’m expecting to see results like these:

The Future of Pokemon Plamo

What’s to come after this?

Who knows! We expect the continuation of the Quick line, and the next chapter of Pokemon Plamo, to be based on the reception of the first four kits in the line. So if you like the idea, stay tuned so you can preorder them as soon as they’re available!

Because the announcement only just broke, hobby sites including HobbyLink Japan don’t have these kits for preorder just yet. But when they’re up, you’ll be able to find them here.

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