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Seam Lines

Submitted By : mokanaman / Alan Britten

A tutorial on filling seams lines with a basic two part piece of a Vintage SD kit.

We will look at using Tamiya basic type putty and super glue mixed with baking soda.

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  1. I have used super-glue + talcum (“S.G.T.”) extensively but not super-glue + baking soda. I have heard that the baking soda combination does tend to cure very quickly…
    With SGT I can ordinarily get a working time of around 5 minutes. The mixture can be sensitive to the specific super glue you use and the ratio of the mixture… I usually use hobby varieties (Zap-a-gap, etc.) Prior to curing it’s got a sort of goopy consistency – once it hardens it’s very easy to carve and sand.
    One of the really great things about SGT is that it’s strong enough that you can actually make things out of it, and they’ll be pretty durable. If a Zaku shoulder spike isn’t sharp enough, for instance, you could goop on some SGT, let it cure, then carve and sand it down, and you’ll have your sharper point – and it’ll survive everyday wear and tear better than some alternative methods would…
    There was a commercial product along these lines – “SSP-HG” I think. I’ve never tried it, but I’ve heard that the filler they use in it (in place of the talcum or baking soda) makes it work better than SGT.


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