Dec 16

1/35 Logicoma w/Motoko Kusanagi & Daisuke Aramaki by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan –

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Logicoma is the iconic mecha from Ghost In The Shell Arise. Let’s see what’s inside the box, then how it compares to its brothers!

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The cover art kicks things off with a nice shooting scene.

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The box is as big as a regular High Grade Universal Century kit.

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The price? 3800 JPY. But get 20% off at!

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The other side of the box shows all the gimmicks, including optional anchor shooters (with options), gatling guns, container and manipulators.

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As you crack open the box, you’ll see that there aren’t many plates inside.

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The manual sticks with the same art.

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When you open the manual, you’ll see a brief introduction to the characters, and the mecha itself.

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The building process doesn’t seem to be complicated, and you can see most of the plates are rather small.

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Even the color guide is quite simple, with only 4 colors.  Of course, a lot of people will be excited about the included figures.

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Plates shown in alphabetical order. Notice there are omissions in some.

rrobbert184-logicoma-unbox (12)

rrobbert184-logicoma-unbox (13)

rrobbert184-logicoma-unbox (14)

rrobbert184-logicoma-unbox (15)

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Here are the figures, spread out over 5 plates.

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Some final thoughts. I was looking forward to this kit after building some previous Ghost In The Shell stuff. All of them so far are quite detailed, with a nice mix between military model style, and play value. However, this kit seems a tad on the simple side, but will the build and options pay off? Stick around to find out in part 2! Thanks for checking this out, everyone.

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“Logicoma? Are you Vulcan?”

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