Dec 7
HLJ : Luke


User Content (UC) : MG RB-79A12 Char’s Ball
Submitted By : Chris R

When i first saw pictures of the conversion parts for this kit i knew i had to have it. Unfortunately, the parts were in a bad state of design, and even with many attempts to fix them, i ended up making most of the necessary changes to the designs myself.

Using mainly alclad paints, i was able to achieve the colors that i felt best showed the color choice and the speed of char.  The red almost looks like it’s heating up, which is what Char is known for, with his suits able to achieve 3 times the speed of normal suits. Most of the inner working of the frame had to be hollowed out to make room for the lighting needed to light up the 2 green lights on the side, and the cockpit.

I think all the work i put into this paid off when it won first place at the BAKUC nyc 1/100 scale level. Sadly my camera is not very great at taking pictures of the lighting effects, but in my work in progress youtube video, you can see the effects much better.

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  1. That Ball is winn

  2. Ooooo Char’s ball! Nice!

  3. Sick! You won at a BAKUC competition in NYC with this tasty little treat?! Awesome sauce work!

  4. This is awesome stuff! I wish I could do such great work.

  5. Who needs a Sinanju, when you can have a Ball

  6. I always loved the Ball design, I am tempted to get one a long time, and I have to say, this is the best Ball I’ve ever seen!

  7. This is like one of the greatest custom work I’ve seen on the Ball. I am really digging those pointy ears and the color scheme!

  8. Fell out of bed feeling down. This has birhegtned my day!

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