Aug 24

The latest Master Grade, the Full Armor Gundam Ver Ka. (Thunderbolt Ver.), is amazing but can be a little tricky. Syd shows you some things to pay attention to when it comes to assembling this beast as well as how best to work with the Frame Covers. Todd has a pile of High Grades he built during the break but focuses on #200 for this episode.

Also, our HG Customize Parts Campaign starts today. Check here for details!


Kits featured in this episode:

BB Senshi No.401 Gundam Barbatos DX
1/72 Macross Delta Sv-262Hs Draken III (Keith Aero Windermere machine)
1/144 HGUC Type 100 (Hyakushiki)
1/144 HGBC The Northern Pod
1/144 HGBF Gyancelot
1/144 HGBF ZZII (Double Zeta 2)


  1. g said on August 24, 2016


  2. Hyakushiki has always been one of my favorite mobile suits.

  3. wow another great episode

  4. Can’t stand that gold,ganna have to paint it.

  5. PARTS CAMPAIGN!!!!!!! Sounds like a perfect time to buy my first RG kit, especially since I just finished my first MG which was the Wing Proto Zero. Thank you HLJ!

  6. Great episode guys. Looking forward to take a peek at the Barbatos DX.
    Btw… are there any news about the red Astaroth Origin?

  7. Hyakushiki looks pretty good. Love the gold color.

  8. So the Final Fantasy XV release has been pushed back :'(

    But Tokyo is hosting the 2020 Olympics!

  9. I usually don’t like the petite guys but I would flip if they made a petite frog guy!

  10. I’m really excited for IBO s2 but it’ll probably break my heart again

  11. Can the RG Sinanju fit in the Neo Zeong?

  12. cant resist that god gundam.. love it, japan is hosting 2020 Olympics, i wonder what would be their mascot?.. a gundam… what would be their freebie award along with the medal?… a gundam… , damn!!! i should start training now.. to get that Olympic edition gundam… 🙂

  13. Hey, a 1/100 giveaway! This is just up my alley, not like those 1/144 shorties.

  14. Lmaoo PG balls
    looking forward to more build fighter kits!!
    Great episode guys!

  15. The whole HLJ team will be participating in the 2020 Olympics. Syd trains by running around and running down people when Snorlax appears. They stopped gassing up the trucks and they had Todd carry the boxes in and out of the warehouse. Olympics came. They have a Gundam building competition. To Syd’s and Todd’s horror, their fingers have become too thick to hold nippers. Despair.

  16. Good Jobs!!!

  17. So few MG from Bandai this year..

  18. Good call on the RG Build Strike. I was chuckling when I saw that announced.

  19. rg fa gundam tb when

  20. I have a feeling they will do the same to the RG Build Strike like it’s MG version. They’ll make the universal booster and had parts so you can turn it into the Star Build Strike.

  21. Awesome show guys and thanks for the help with the FA Thunderbolt Gundam!

  22. Wow, that’s some coverage on the kit details. Thanks.

  23. Great episode guys and now I am looking through your hg list trying to see which I should get lol

  24. That 2nd head from the Northern Pod, if you put it in the HG Gundam X and HG Air Masters it will look like FX-9900-GB GX-Bit and FW-9800-GB GW-Bit, Plus Im sure Bandai will release RG Star Build parts but as “P-Bandai”

  25. In all fairness, We have yet to see the end result of Syd’s Sinanju stein/Quebely kitbash. So maybe Todd deserves some breathing room about his balls.

  26. Great episode as always guys. Looking forward to the next one.

  27. I see that this is a very good opportunity to use the new heads that comes with the Norther Pod. I can finally use the new heads to make the G-Bits for the Gundam X or the Gundam X Maoh.

  28. sweet ep thinking i might pick up the northern pod, but yeah not liking that the parts campagin starts the day after i get my package of gunpla

  29. great episode!
    Can’t wait to get my hands on the full armor Gundam. 🙂

  30. I ordered so many kits for the parts campaign. I may have over done it. Lol

  31. What kit will you never giveaway? Because you like it too much.

  32. It’s cool to see how the Full Armor Gundam Ver Ka. (Thunderbolt Ver.) was built. Nice review of the Hyaku Shiki. Any insider info on possible releases later this year?

  33. I was never a fan of the “gold” that bandai gave you like the hyaku shiki just convinced me to buy it!

  34. hyaku shiki love here. Wonder if you will do p bandai release for the revive serie

  35. Yet another fantastic episode! Thank you for being awesome guys! Also, thank you Syd, your tips about how to handle those vinyl frame covers, made me feel 10x better about trying to tackle my MG FA Gundam! And lastly, who wouldn’t want to see the collection of balls?!

  36. Ironic that Sunrise makes us think the Northern Pod is designed specifically for the Force Impulse, and yet Bandai designs it so it doesn’t work 100%. But we’ve seen that before with the Super Fumina and the Powered Arms Powereder add-on, specifically with the two Gatling gun mountings, which don’t work without cutting off the pegs.

    Thanks in advance for reading and responding to my comment for the Carta’s Graze draw, Syd. It’ll be nice to see if someone can get the RG Sinanju right on the first build, since I’m sure most of can only afford one (what with all the other kits we’ll want to get). It’d sure be sweet to get that Kimaris to carry Carta.

  37. The IBO hype train is going full speed ahead! MG or bust Bandai!

  38. customize campaign is back!

  39. LES GO!

  40. Great episode guys, looking forward to the next one!!

  41. nice show as always.

  42. Lovely episode guys, the ‘Ball’ jokes especially appeal to my goofball (ha) sense of humour. The new IBO kits look amazing, especially the Lupus and the new Graze variant (well, the green thing with the red eye that doesn’t have a proper name yet).

  43. The joke about Nicolas Cage is devoid of any emotions crack me up…funny guys, more power and more bling, hyakushiki bling.

  44. fun episode to watch, waiting for the HG custom packs ordered lots of HG kits on the list

  45. can you show the bonus campaign parts?

  46. So, to reproduce the Team St Odessa we need 1 Gyancelot, 2 Force Impulse and 2 Northern Pods.
    And for the HGUC Hyaku Shiki the puke gold parts definitely need to be painted.

    • Actually, you just need one northern pod. If you paid attention, it separates into twos of everything so each Impulse can get their weapons and heads. It even does that in the anime, the Impulses combine their parts to form the pod.

  47. bring back ryan. with just syd and todd there is too much geek and not enough nerd

  48. Woo woo woo! Time to drop my NG Lunamaria Zaku and start watching another episode of Gunpla TV!

    The new HGBF releases have all got me hyped! (Already got the Panda’gguy in the backlog!) The Barbatos DX is a cool release but there are a HUGE amount of stickers for it, and I thought the Ex-Standard’s was bad…this is that combined with even more… >_<

    The new Draken III looks absolutely BEAST. I cannot wait to own it once I get money because that thing looks awesome, and those decals, while painful to look at, are all to be expected. Super expensive though, so I won't have one in a long time… 🙁

    I always loved the Hyaku Shiki, the sleek design, the awesome pilot (CHAR!!!), and the shiny gold. I have the MG 2.0 in my backlog, which I will get to work on once I get some good nippers, I expected the Zeta Revive for the 200th kit but I understand why the Hyaku Shiki got chosen instead. But once I saw it, I was super disappointed it wasn't coated, it certainly helps for painting, but it feels the the Hyaku Shiki is one of those MS that is meant to be covered in shiny reflective gold. Oh well. I feel like it's going to be P-Bandai, so no thanks. I already have the 2.0, so it's not that much of a biggie to me, but if I do ever get the revive, i'm painting it with custom colors for sure.

    The Northern pod is cool, but it certainly needs paint. If you do paint it though, painting it to get those impulses in the show would be quite cool. It's nice to know that you can build the FA Gundam without the frame covers, however i'm doing it anyway, as it just looks better and more unique. Plus, with your helpful tips, it should be fine now!

    I think the kits at the Gunpla Expo were Entry Grade kits, which were a grade of kit made in china, about the quality of a First Grade or an Advance Grade but at the same time they're worse in color separation.

    The 1/100 Kimaris is cool, I wouldn't mind having it although since I have the HG, I hope someone who doesn't have a Kimaris can get it. The Kimaris is a really cool suit, and it's love really deserves to spread.

  49. Can’t wait to see the ZZ2 and Gyancelot!

  50. I can´t believe Tod needs the instruction manual to transform that tiny thing, but thinks he doesn’t need one for the macross kit transformation…

    • oh and by the way, the RG sinanju has the exact opposite problem on the waist as the MG, on the MG the waist was to tight, in mine the waist si very, very loose, it cant hold the weight of the torso, it is so loose that if i grab the kit by the torso the legs and the waist will fall off, the hole kit has this problem, pieces fall off if you stare at it, but the waist and the head are terrible, plus, the stickers… I hate stickers… love the RG line but the stickers look terrible with time because dust accumulate on the edges.

  51. Right now I’m building an SD Guntank, and my cat just decided that the sandpaper next to me was looking pretty comfy. I had to pull the sandpaper out from under her.

  52. With the techonology that bandai possess…. i really want a hg tallgeese revive…

  53. The gold they used on that Hyaku shiki is a definite step up from the previous models, Bandai continues to impress me further.

  54. Man I can’t wait to see the psycho zaku finished and displayed in the next hobby show/expo. Also was kinda disappointed with the new build fighters ova, too much showing off and fanservice. No real new designs either

  55. I had no interest in the that Thunderbolt MG beforehand but I think this episode may have changed my mind.

  56. i have always loved the hyaku shiki but I’m gonna have to hold out for now. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great kit and I really want it but since I’m young I don’t have much money I’m just gonna buy the high grades I care about from cheapest to most expensive(I’ll get the more expensive ones once I get a job). Also works with the parts campaign because for every modern high grade I could buy I could buy 2 early high grades and get to parts sets.

    Dayum just realized after typing it that this is a whopper of a comment.

  57. RG Build fighters hmm….RG Star Winning gundam when? 😛

  58. Looking forward to those Balls! I hope they don’t have a blue color scheme…

  59. Really tempted with the full armour. Had my doubts about the joints but syd’s pointers have comvinced me I need to get me a big beasty. Might wait for the psycho zaku, any news when the kit will be released? Does Syd think theres any way to paint or get different colour joint covers??? I know We cant get an mg kshatriya but sure the gundam has 4 sheilds paint it green and squint let you imagination do the rest…….

  60. Kimaris please!

  61. I have good use of the Kimaris. Lemme have it PLZ!

  62. I can’t wait to get the new SD Barbatos!!!

  63. Great show. Would love to get the full Armour but i feel i wouldn’t do it justice.

  64. Awesome things to do for the force impulse, don’t like the “gold” color of the revive hyaku shiki, the fa gundam is too complicated for me (i think), and i hooe i can win that kimaris trooper..

    All in all great long episode.?

  65. My list for revived kits keeps growing.

  66. All that crappy gold 🙁 Why do they continue to make kits with that color I do not understand

  67. HG HG more HG plssss and that mustard gold lol

  68. Dat Kimaris backpack tho.

  69. Looking forward for the future releases… and the competiton u guys promised back on episode 200.

  70. Hi Syd and Todd, I’m building my RG Sinanju and I am totally in love with how the suit looks !

  71. Great video Syd and Todd, really like “the gundam marker” idea.

  72. Hi! Really like those hgbf kits! Keep up the good work guys!

  73. Wish I could buy more kits, but the Japanese Yen is getting stronger…

  74. full armour looks sweeet

  75. when’s the revive zeta coming out bandai? also want that sd barbatos

  76. Finally I can log in!

    Anyways, Syd puts a ton of work into figuring out the best way to put on those sleeves. More science stuff like that, please

  77. Great show. Thanks for the tips, will be trying it when I build my FA Thunderbolt Gundam ^_^

  78. HGUC Type 100 (Hyakushiki)is ok for me

  79. From observing your result, using the gundam marker gets a much better effect on the frame cover!

    And I finally got my Sinanju RG! Just gonna take my time and build it now 😀

  80. Sorry, I’m not completely sold on the Thunderbolt vinyl arm and leg sleeves!

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