May 28

On the overcast morning of May 28th, HobbyLink Japan headed over to Akiba Square in the Mecca of anime — Akihabara, Tokyo — to check out the newest reveals from renowned figure makers! First stop: MegaHouse itself!


New Dragon Ball offerings include additions to the Dimension of Dragon Ball lineup, and some absolutely gorgeous figures of Lunch and Android 18! A prototype young Chichi is also on the scene, along with a new colored Desktop Real McCoy featuring Goku and Gohan. Of course, many items which are already available for order were also on show.

The upcoming Pokemon goods from MegaHouse were one big cause of excitement for fans at the event this year. Brock with Geodude and Nurse Joy with Chansey are on the way, along with Mewtwo (in prototype) and the ever-popular Lucario.

There are plenty of new Digimon on the way, too! Largely MegaHouse exclusives, these figures hit the nostalgia hotspot for collectors.

The big Naruto news from Mega Hobby were of course Itachi and Hinata, both on display in unpainted prototype forms!

Surprises abound with new Gundam announcements — including gorgeous figures of Heero Yuy and Relena Peacecraft from beloved Gundam Wing! We also saw sneak-peaks of Iron Blooded Orphans figure prototypes, and a few mech-related goodies, because you can’t have Gundam without them!
There was plenty more to see — just check out the gallery below! For preorders and even more from MegaHouse, be sure to check out our listings on, too!


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