Apr 16

This week we dive right into the latest Gundam Build Divers release, the Gundam 00 Diver as well as the stand made specifically for the series, the Diver Gear! Panic also fills the air as not just one Full Metal Panic kit is released, but three!

Kits in this episode:
HGBC Diver Gear
1/144 HGBD Gundam 00 Diver
1/144 HGBD GM III Beam Master
1/60 Arbalest Ver. IV
1/60 Mao’s Gernsback Ver. IV
1/60 Gernsback Ver. IV



  1. win?

  2. Just realised that the 00 divers name is a cheeky bit of word play.

    00 diver=Odaiba

    Either that or I’m reading into it too much.

    • No. No, you are not reading into it too much. The one thing I’ve learned from the trend of increasingly absurd anime titles is that if it sounds even vaguely like quirky Japanese wordplay, it is.

  3. I hope they include a link for the GDB font and a printable template. I’m not sure I like the idea of cutting the manual.

  4. I ordered the Arbalest, can’t wait to give it a go.

  5. I’m waiting for my own 00 Diver 🙂

  6. looks like bandai will give the old fans the models they have wanted for years thanks to getting new fans with the build (whatever it is this time) series

  7. Those Full Metal Panic kits all have fantastic box art.

  8. As a 00 fan Im over the moon that we’re getting lots of 00 based kits.

  9. I wonder if we’ll get any new kits for the upcoming 00 anime

  10. Love the alternative 00 design, I love anything 00 really! 😀

  11. Please do a size comparison of the Arbalest to other HG 1/144 kits! 🙂

  12. I can’t wait for the backpack of 00 diver to be release!

  13. So have 2 rather large shelves, pne on each side of the room and I decided to rearrange the models on them to break up the colors a bit and may have accidentally made a franchise crossover.

    I mixed in my gunpla with my collection of starships from Star Trek, now it looks like the Federation has Gundam suits and some GMs in it’s fleet, led by the RX 78-2 and Enterprise D. While the non-Federation ships have the rest (mainly Zeon suits), led by Char’s Zaku and a Romulan Warbird

  14. full metal panic ep 1 looks amazing so much hype now!

  15. Great show guys. Please do size comparison between those kits with hg gunpla 😃

  16. Hope Bandai releases the Laevatein too!

  17. I’ve never seen Full Metal Panic but those kits seem really interesting.

  18. Not a fan of the new diver show but nice kits!

  19. im glad we finally get to see AGE kits in a build series

  20. Looking forward to those full metal panic kits, I’ve yet to watch the series, but I really like building something aside from gunpls from time to time. Also, it’s just me, or we are getting more non Gundam kits recently?

  21. Full metal kit, i want one of those kit (i am probably going to get an arbalest 🙂 )

  22. Smooth move Tod 😛 XD

  23. Nice episode like always. 😀

  24. Finally! I can build myself an Arbalest! Also, the 00 Diver’s swords are the same from the original 00 kit.

  25. that FM box art! just, beautiful

  26. They’re standing up again. Am I the only one who thinks this is weird? Scott, please let your people sit down.

  27. I don’t know snow either. Although I don’t care very much, I hate cold weather!

  28. very cool how you guys changed up on the display of the divers series

  29. I have to say I really like that new stand. I’d imagine it’s really stable compared to other 1/144 kits since the base is decently wider. Clear part makes it even better.

  30. Great show as always!

  31. Another great episode. Looking forward to seeing Bandai’s Full Metal Panic kits. Please could you do a comparison with the Aoshima kits that you built back in episode 251 ^_^ Thanks.

  32. The new FMP kits look amazing, great poseability, detail, accessories, parts separation, and gimmicks. There’s virtually nothing to complain about here for these kits because they’re just so well done. Massive props to Bandai, they really pulled through with this release.

    The BD kits are great too, with the 00 Diver and the GM III Beam Master, we’re starting off a little on the sticker heavy side, but with great sturdy bases that still hold up well today. I’ll be looking forward to future releases, especially with the Grimoire Red Beret.

  33. Thank you ^_^
    Keep it up!

  34. I am not surprised that the HG GN-0000DVR Gundam 00 Diver is such a good kit given that it’s based off of the HG GN-0000 00 Gundam.
    However, I’d be more interested in buying a Real Grade version of it and it just so happens that Bandai already made an RG GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser that they can repurpose for an RG GN-0000DVR Gundam 00 Diver or I suppose an RG GN-0000DVRA Gundam 00 Diver Ace.

    Speaking the GN-0000DVR Gundam 00 Diver…
    The name 00 Diver sort of sounds like Odaiba if you read the ‘double oh’ part as “Ō” like ‘Ōkami’ (like the video game).

  35. I need to get a hold of the FMP kits.

  36. I love 00 Gundam but I don’t know if I should wait an other version of the 00 diver to buy it

  37. great show guys can’t wait to get my next gunpla

  38. I can’t wait to get my hands on a few of the new build Divers kits especially the Gm III beam master. I think this one looks really impressive. Maybe if I win this time around I can get this kit sooner than later! 😊

  39. The Full Metal Panic Commander type looks pretty cool. The diver 00 is wicked. would be even cooler when the MG version comes out

  40. How about some 2.0 Master Grades from 0083, Please!

  41. The GM suits are my favorite in the Gundam anime. I play them when ever I can in video games and most of my Gunpla collection are GMs. I really like that a main character is using a GM but I know that character will have to switch out Gunpla but for long. There are plenty of other Mobile Suits better to win battles and to sell more Gunpla.

  42. So why are you guys standing now?

  43. I need that Arbalest.

  44. The GP Base of Build Fighters also comes in a box … But really, this new stand looks much better.

  45. Really wanting that 2000円 so I can buy some more milights for my beam sabers! And uh, potentially for some cosplay stuff too.

    You briefly mentioned Gundam Wing in this episode, well, on July 27th, in Warwick, Eng, I plan on cosplaying Duo Maxwell, the mischievous pilot of the Gundam Deathscythe – and I plan on building a scythe to go with it =P

  46. The only thing I’m waiting on for Build divers is the Barbatos Custom;who I hope is named Lemegeton/Goetia

  47. I really enjoy the look of the 00 Diver, I can’t wait for mine to come in.

  48. Great show. Thanks guys.

  49. To me, so many of the 00 kits look that same. Even the 00diver is not far off from the raiser! But I’m sure it’s still a great kit!

  50. I really hope there are ibo kits in build divers I can’t get enough of ibo

  51. wonder why 45-59 always win.

    • We use a random number generator to choose winners. Later commenters usually don’t win because they comment after we’ve already filmed the episode. (We don’t film the same day the new video goes up.) For best chances, comment early! 🙂

  52. Looking forward to an ARX-8 Laevatein kit.

  53. I hope you compare the Bandai 1/60 Arbalest to the upcoming Kotobukiya kit of the same design. (The Bandai kit is based on the revised design from the new show, whereas the Kotobukiya kit is based on the original design from the light novel and earlier shows.)

    I built the older Kotobukiya 1/60 Laevatein (the successor unit to the Arbalest) when it came out and considered it as close to a perfect kit as I had ever built, a distinction that it holds to this day. So obviously my expectations for the upcoming Kotobukiya Arbalest are extremely high.

  54. It’s the 16th of April, and in Canada, it just snowed, because Canada.

    • It just got really cold again here, too! Luckily no snow though 🙂

    • Sorry to hear that. I am originally from cowtown, AB and all my buds are done with the white stuff. Mind you Vancouver Island has been getting a lot of rain lately. It is called the BC blues. When can we get normal weather?
      April 16th, 2018

    • Midwest US here, and we got a big snowstorm, too, with more snow to come tomorrow. Hurray global warming! 😀

  55. Can’t wait for more Build Divers kits and those full metal panic kits are looking awesome.

  56. I’m excited to see the FMP kits next week!

  57. After twelve years, our beloved Sergeant Serious is back in action. I have always loved the design of the M9s and the Arbalest, since it has a real military vibe to them. Bandai has really outdone themselves this time and I can’t wait for the showcase/review next week.

  58. Are you Celestial Being?

  59. The 00 diver has really grown on me overall, and love how it has what i believe to be 3mm ports on the backpack now

  60. Can’t wait to see how the full metal panic kits from Bandai turn out

  61. who will be the surprise visitor?????
    could it be sid????

  62. Cannot wait for more HGBD gunplas release

  63. ill will get the 00 Diver if they release an RG version of the kit

  64. I am really excited to see the articulation on the Full Metal Panic! kits – as well as a size comparisons to HGs/MGs.

    • The FMP Arm Slaves are typically 8-10m tall. Grandaddy Gundam is 18m tall.

      The 1/48 Aoshima kits are roughly the same size as if not slightly taller than a MG Granddaddy.

      The 1/60 Kotobukiya kit is right around 14-15cm, so around the same height as a tall High Grade (HGBF Miss Sazabi barely beats it in size) or small Master Grade (MG Victory). I’d imagine the Bandai 1/60 kits will be the same.

  65. Todd what are you talking about? Go up north in Japan. Its likea less thanan hour ride. There’s tons of snow there. Go Build your snow man!!!

  66. let me win please. i need new kits!!!

  67. I want to know more about the new cutesy SD framed kits coming out in the future. wonder if they allow you to use old SD kits with them.

  68. Kotobukiya is also releasing a 1/60 Arbalest, so we can finally make a proper comparison between the two companies. I’m not sure which one to buy to be honest.

  69. I can’t wait to get my hands on those full metal panic kits

  70. I like the color scheme of the Beam master. Looking forward to more build divers.

  71. personally i am very excited for the Dragon and Tiger Shenlong gundam that is shown in the Build Divers op. If it isnt full of stickers, its a definate buy.

  72. Just started watching the new Divers series and it seems pretty good so far. I have yet to add any double o’s to my gunpla collection and I like the way this one looks, maybe I’ll have to pick one up.

  73. I’m still holding on to the hope that we get a revamped Kapool given the new Divers one. Though the divers Kapool looks like something out of Kingdom Hearts which is cool too

  74. From what I’ve seen so far, the FMP kits look fantastic. Looking forward to picking them up.

  75. Hi guys
    Backlog of kits easing up, tackling backlog of games, now playing Persona 5.

  76. Cant wait for the grimoire red beret

  77. Just shipped my warehouse with the bandai Arbalest! Can’t wait to build it and watch more full metal panic!

    The Aoshima full metal panic kit looks awesome, but I’ve never built a kit from them. How would you compare them to Bandai?

  78. can’t wait to get the full metal panic kits

  79. Awesome review on the GUndam 00 model kit.

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