Mar 22

For the big 199 Todd and Syd go into detail about two new High Grade kits from Iron-Blooded Orphans and also rip the packaging off of two new big 1/100 IBO kits!

The next video from us will be on the 1/100 High-Resolution Model Gundam Barbatos and then it’s our Episode 200 special. Be sure to watch Episode 199 (and/or the end of Episode 198) for details on how to enter the contest — but hurry, as we will be closing entries soon.

Also, check out this link to see how St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in Japan.



Kits featured in this video:
1/144 HG Gundam Kimaris Trooper
1/144 HG Carta’s Graze Ritter
1/100 Gundam Barbatos 6th form
1/100 Gundam Kimaris with Booster

Gunpla TV


  1. Yes, I would like to Enter

  2. wonder what will they be giving away?

  3. The 1/100 mace! Nice. One more episode to 200.

  4. I love how the Kimaris Trooper looks
    The new lance is great

  5. Hurray! 200th Anniversary – Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Hobbylink TV.

  6. That re-enactment of the end of IBO episode 23 with the HG kits blew out my sides.


  8. i want to buy the kimaris but i’m broke 🙁

  9. I would like to enter the raffle too!!!

  10. So excited for episode 200! Thanks for all the time and effort you guys at Hobbylink Japan are putting into this!


  12. And I want to get giveaways from you guys

  13. Hahaha! what a funny episode! Nice NG Scene Todd it make a good laugh for me! I expect more funny gags from you Todd XD.

    Aw, I didn’t get that MG too. Oh well, never mind I saw something that caught my eyes from that clearance sale. That MG Phenex! gotta get that this month!

    And Thanks for Lindsay answering my question that I have been asked at Tumblr. Really Fast Response! Thanks! But sadly I can’t get my snow miku this years… 🙁 and I looking forward to Eps. 200!

  14. PSA: Craihlgslist’s personals section is NOT a good place to go if you’re lookung to expand your gunpla hobby and make get togethers. . .

  15. Gunpla!!! Ok, didn’t you have an episode were you reviewed the difference between the different versions of the 1/100 scale RX-78-2 kits?

  16. cant wait, its like christmas

  17. I’m looking forward for the next episode keep up the good work guys
    at first didn’t plan to buy the kimaris but i think i’ll buy both of them and make my own perfect kimaris \ö/

  18. Ive been holding out on buying IBO kits waiting for the MGs…but man some of these kits are making it really hard. I think the Graze might be my favorite mook suit since the original Zaku IIs.

  19. With the TV version of Unicorn airing next month it’s very likely the next RG will be from Unicorn. But what would really make me happy is if they’d announce a RE/100 Kshatriya. We’ve already seen that they were considering it and this would be an excellent time to make it.

    Looking forward to episode 200!

  20. I love the new ibo kits feels more sturdy and fun to build but just there are too many stickers sometimes

  21. my guess is that we will see a mg build burning gundam this year, this is based off of seeing the Freedom 2.0’s effect parts and that we still have an ova in the works

    what would be really wild is seeing an mg star winning gundam

  22. Where’s the saint Patty’s video Syd? Who knows what could come up if I google things related to Japan myself!

    • Its Paddy’s not Patty’s and yeah I know what you mean, something tentacle related might pop up 😛

    • I second that! Was looking for someone in the comments who noticed that there was no link to it. Pleased that it was you Nick! Yeah, I’m afraid to search for that too, knowing what they sell in vending machines, LOL.
      If you don’t know, ignorance is bliss!!!!! LMAO

    • I knew I forgot something! The St. Patrick’s day link is now in the post.

  23. As I want the present that was announced in Episode 198, I want that pretty Barbatos 6th Form and the Kimaris as well
    Please be a giveaways for that

  24. Got my Entry number Thanks Syd

  25. Juhahank in the truhahahank. Thanks for the awesome episode.

  26. Would be an awesome troll if you guys decided to do episode 199.5 instead of episode 200, and damn that 1/100 kimaris kit box is bigger than I expected.

    By the way Syd, have you or todd did any paint builds on any IBO kits?

  27. I never noticed the slight audio buzz you had sometimes.

    Todd, you sometimes speak more slowly than you have to. If you keep up a good cadence that’ll just carry you through the presentation and keep viewer interest. You don’t have to, for example, unfold the tail stabilizer like it’s this big thing.

    My Top 3 IBO kits so far are:
    1. Grimgerde
    2. Barbatos 6th Form or Gusion Rebake (trying to decide between them)
    3. Kimaris Trooper (that heavy lance kills it)
    Still waiting to see if Bandai releases complete kits once the series is done.

  28. the IBO kits seem to get alot of stick from people here and there, must admit i like them alot.
    still waiting for bandai to release a PG z’gok.

  29. what about,
    that junk,
    in that trunk?
    got a good lol from that blooper reel; thanks guys!

  30. A little bit of junk in the trunk

  31. Somebody get Syd a Jack Sparrow model kit!

  32. Not really in fond of the wrench mace to be honest, it looks childish! xD

  33. Can’t wait to get my hand on Barbatos!

  34. Sid you forget to include the link, but that sounds like so much fun, green samurais. Now if they want to up their ante they should do it loaded with Jameson.

  35. Great episode guys, can’t wait for 200!

    I still think it’s nice how you keep Luke in the credits of every episode 🙂
    Ryan, you still have a flexible inner frame, do you transform yet?

  36. You guys are so funny recreating the scene. Thanks for the great show. Can’t wait to see the episode 200. Please let me win something…LOL.
    I would love to see bandai to put out Unicorn or Sinanju in RG. Just wondering if Bandai going to have more high resolution kit in the future for the older Gundam model. I’m particularly interested and fan in RX-78-2.

  37. I would love to get one of those graze custom figures. I like the knight motif of it.

  38. HLJ Just blew my every expectation 😀 Ordered 1/100 Kimaris on the 18th 6h after I did, it was sent 😀 Recieved it today!
    P.S It`s now built and I LOVE IT!

  39. Great show as always guys! I think I drooled a little bit when you mentioned RG Unicorn kits, lol. I am hoping for an MG Build Burning Kit. My nephew is crazy about “Fireball Gundam” I think he would lose his mind, lol.

  40. looks like Sunrise animation studio will have a fierce competition from Todd and Syd. The knight saving the princess was a highlight of the episode.

  41. The way the designs are evolving are upsetting me a little bit. It’s ok to have new concepts so that the mobile suits aren’t always the same, but that deviation is becoming awkward. After seeing Astaroth i was less worried. Lets hope the next season of IBO will have MS with a design more closer to what gundam MS are.
    A great episode as always.

  42. Another great episode. That 1/100 original mace is what sealed the deal for me preordering when I found out. Can’t wait to see the hi-res, but it pushes the 200th episode out another week sadly. Speaking of the 200th, please include a zoid for the zoid fans among us if its not too late.

  43. Another great episode. That 1/100 original mace is what sealed the deal for me preordering when I found out. Can’t wait to see the hi-res, but it pushes the 200th episode out another week sadly. Please include a zoid for the zoid fans among us if its not too late.

  44. the schwalble graze 1/100 with frame 1 is on sale :

    and you can find tutorials online how to accommodate frame 1 to the gusion 1/100

  45. Hi Ryan, just wondering when will we see you build something big (mega size) again?

  46. In-between episode 200 and the Hi-Res Barbatos, I simply cannot contain my hype any longer.

  47. Awesome show!!

  48. Awesome episode guys!

  49. Keep up the bad puns! It’s one of the reasons I watch the show!

  50. Woaw… cant even remember when i started watching those…200 woawwww

  51. the kimaris is nice but i still like barbatos.

  52. Man that 6th form looks nice!

  53. Bandai is cashing in with these iterative versions. Hopefully we get proper MG’s of those IBO kits.

  54. Awesome video as always. I realky wanna build that kimaris trooper. I thought is was very similar, but its not!! Jajaja as for the graze, im not really sure. Anyways, good job once again and good luck for episode 200!

  55. Thanks for the hard work and time you put in.

  56. Nice! can’t wait to see the HD kit !!!

  57. damn.. the box of kimaris is big.. same with Gusion… i will be buying this kit soon…

  58. The Kimaris Trooper’s weapon reminds me a lot of a Gunlance from Monster Hunter. I approve! 😀

  59. Cool

  60. Well, Carta is getting her ass handed to her by Sid and Todd too. She just can’t catch a break, can she?

  61. one more episode for 200!!! woo hoo!!!!

  62. Another great episode!

    Will we ever see the end of Graze/Gundam Frame variants?

    And congratulations on the 200th episode!

  63. I really enjoy the comparisons you guys show us with these IBO kits. Awesome to see them side by side and even better when you swap parts so we can see how the kit looks like with its alternate pieces. Cant wait for episode 200.

  64. the kilmaris seem to have more on it’s sleeve with his trooper form 😀

  65. The big 200!!! Are you ready for this? Because I am!!!!

  66. The big Two Oh Oh!

  67. Lol… I don’t believe….

  68. Where are the Nippers! Have you guys ever used the God Hand nippers? Thanks

  69. After seeing the box size and contents, I’m really happy I managed to get hold of the Barbatos 6th Form 1/100 🙂 Building the regular Barbatos right now, will probably give him the mace. Thanks for the great show guys!

  70. Hi, i’ve been stalking you guys for quite awhile. I love kits, and i’m considered a newbie. Working on my first custom right now. Excited for episode 200!!!

  71. cross my fingers and wait for episode 200th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Love the show!

  73. Hey guys! Ryan, Syd and Todd. Congratulations on 200th Episode! I’m so happy for you guys, I have been tuning since around episode 130th. – and I’ve learned so much stuff thanks to you guys!

  74. oh hello! 😀

  75. … damn… my MG Phenex been sold out!!!

    Just want to say… Freaking regret! I should grab it as soon as it said sales…!

  76. Having just finished watching this episode I have just placed my order for some of these IBO kits, very impressed with them and poses you can achieve with them.

  77. I hope that the next pg is Pg RX-03 unicorn Phenix. There is also a rumor about a rg stark jegan. Forget the main suits the grunt suits are just as cool.

  78. Syd and Ryan, what are your toughts about Battlefront coming on ps4 VR?
    I personally would like to see Dice also work with another VR maker for pc.
    PS: this was just teased a few days back so everything is still possible of course.
    and can’t wait for next episode it’s gonna be epic!

  79. cannot wait for next week

  80. More High-Heels!
    I guess some people will think the Kimarsi Centaur form looks weird but i actually love it, really looking forward to getting that one,love The suits with lances.

  81. cannot wait for next week or this week

  82. Another great episode. Really looking forward to the Kimaris 1/100 scale

  83. My wife calls them “Hooker” heels. Her favorite suit is the Rozen Zulu.

  84. Episode 200 up next… can we get a drum roll please?

    Congratulations on such a major milestone. Would be amazing if Mr. Random number generator chooses me this time.

    Keep up the great work guys.

  85. If I win?I will go bananas!!!!!!.and congratulations when you make your 200th video!!.can’t wait to watch it!!!!!!!!!!!.

  86. Looks awesome!

  87. IBO!!!!

  88. over 200 episodes jesus hopes to my number being picked randomly hehe

  89. i would like to join the Gunpla TV Episode 200 Contest Entry but it says “request membership”.

  90. Already built my 1/100 Barbatos Form 6, looks great on my shelf! Have to put the 1/144 version, as well as Carta’s Graze Ritter and Kimaris Trooper together yet, but that will hopefully be this weekend!

  91. how do i enter the contest for 2 oh oh?

  92. 200 Hope I get a lucky number, even though I dont believe in superstition.
    Everyone knows that kind of thing is bad luck.

  93. wow! 200 keep up the good work.:)

  94. i wanna buy kits but the tools like side cutters and all are out of stock.please get them it stock .i will try to buy

  95. I would like to enter but I can’t find the group to comment on 🙁

  96. Yay

  97. Looking forward to the big 2-oh-oh! IBO is awesome and so is your coverage. I also visit your site a lot Syd – I’ve learned a lot of techniques there.

  98. Episode 200 I wish I had been watching from the beginning

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