Mar 1

Syd’s not quite done with the Sahelanthropus from Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain but he brings it on the show so everyone can have a look and then he and Todd get down to business dissecting the newest 1/100 IBO kit in detail.


Kits featured in this episode:

1/100 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Sahelanthropus
1/144 HG Gundam Barbatos 6th Form
1/144 HG YMS-08B Dom Test Type
1/100 Gundam Gusion / Gundam Gusion Rebake

Gunpla TV


  1. By the great Emperor, may I win.
    Also, first?

  2. DELTAAAA!!!!!

  3. g said on March 1, 2016

    great episode

  4. Good job guy and I hope winning this mg ^^

  5. why do I never win!?!?!? Great video though.

  6. oh my god delta!!!!!

  7. Delta come home. You belong on my shelf

  8. I believe it is my turn this ep.

  9. oh yeah, that delta plus would would be a nice kit to work as a custom.

  10. Great review on sahelentropus.. keep it guys.. love ur channel.

  11. Come on lucky number generator, if you’re ever gonna pick me now is the time to shine :p Thanks for building the Sahelanthropus and yes Ryan you should be excited. It’s a great game but I felt the ending was cut, you will see what I mean when you get to the end.

  12. A big disapointment that barbatos frame isnt compatible with gusion/ rebake. That Delta plus will be an excellent addition as my 1st master grade on my shelf.

  13. Thank you for making all the videos!

  14. great videos ryan and syd and also tom keep up the good work guys always love yiour show 🙂

  15. Sahelanthropus looking good so far!

  16. Can’t even use barbatos frame??? I am disappointed.

  17. I still want one of these 1/100 Gusion/Rebake so bad but the high “dolar” value compared to the “brazilian real” f**k it all…

  18. It’s not every Monday that a sid gives away a box with a gold mg stamped on it

  19. Cool !!!

  20. Is it me or the whole 1/100 IBO line seems to be copying Kotubukiya’s frame arms line with the whole similar inner frame and exchangeable armour (albeit there are minor differences in some).

    I like that part on the MG Delta Plus too 😀 hahaha

  21. i love the gusion

  22. just finished my 1/100 gusion/ gusion rebake great kit would be awesome to get that delta kai aslo keep up the great vids guys

  23. Huzzah! Gunpla is freedom!

  24. mmmmm… delta plus.

    I understand the fact that MGs have become few and far between but, unlike most people, 2.0’s and 3.0’s are not attractive to me. I’ll take Origin kits and/or brand new kits never seen in MG form any day.

  25. Painting that Delta Plus up in Skull Squadron colors would be something to look forward to. Here’s hoping.

    Speaking of Skull Squadron, any chance you’ll be looking at upcoming Macross items? Macross Delta is starting up soon, and Tomy Tech will be releasing their Gimix 1/144 pre-painted VF-1 model kits pretty soon, too.

  26. A second chance at the Master Grade Delta Plus? Sign me up!

    Just a side note: I think the new Patlabor kits were not considered “updated” kits – they were advertised as kits for the live action sequel to Patlabor “The Next Generation Patlabor” – they would have been considered brand new kits rather than updates.

  27. oohhhh an MG giveaway! i want it! btw, wished that 1/100 Gusion Rebake head did a sliding transformation… oh well

  28. Great episode guys! Love that Gusion. By the way Sid, I finally completed my first PG; the Wing Zero Custom! PG master race!

  29. 3rd times a charm? It’s kind of exciting to try to win these after watching the giveaways on the old episodes.

  30. Donald trumps gonna destroy my country…….gimme that give away

  31. Thunderbolt hype

  32. The Sahelanthropus looks so cool, even more so in the video showing the details. I really want one but not enough money for all the stuff that comes out all year round. Too bad it isn’t the kit you’re giving away this week. :/

  33. hope I win that 1/100 MG Delta Plus

  34. Wow awesome kit and awesome review as always and hope to win this awesome kit

  35. Delta Plus! Yes I want

  36. That Goushion’s pretty big 🙂 Can’t wait to build mine !

  37. IBO MS are so awesome!

  38. ahh… delta plus.. great design, but lack of actual actions in the ova.

  39. Sev said on March 1, 2016

    Hi guys!!

  40. Some trivia regarding that Dom to keep you occupied while you’re working on it:

    – The entire body sans the head, shoulder armor, and backpack is lifted wholesale from the Zaku II RD-4 prototype that appears in 08th MS Team (piloted by Aina in the first episode).

    – The head itself is actually that of a Gouf from the original Mobile Suit Variations (the MS-07C-5 Gouf Test Type.)

    – The model kit comes with interchangeable chest pieces, one done in the style of the Zaku and the other the Gouf (maybe in reference to this design lineage?).

    – Its beam bazooka first appeared on the *Rick* Dom, a space-use update to the mass-production Dom.

  41. Oh geez, I love the Delta Plus. *wink wink*

    My question to you guys is: What do you think will be the next RG after 00 Qan[T]? There was a rumor it would be a Unicorn series suit because of the new Gundam Unicorn TV series remake thing coming out.


  42. the delta plus is sexy. i look forward to this every monday. love watching you guys

  43. Hi Guys,
    Looking at the Gundam Barbatos inner frame design, i find it quite similar to the the design of the Cain Robot from the movie Robocop 2. What do you guys think?

  44. Delta Plus, awesome!

  45. sya said on March 1, 2016

    Keep up the good work guys!

  46. I wish that Metal Gear was up to win.

  47. I know a lot of people are waiting for MG IBO kits but I do not see that happening. I really like the current 1/100 IBO kits.

  48. Hope you could show the Gundam Astaroth, I think its from IBO Side Story

  49. i was really hoping they would show if the gusion can hold its hammer since the 1/144 had some trouble in that department

  50. Delta Plus Hype!!

  51. Oh man, I would a hard time deciding which of the Gusion versions I would build. The Gusion looks bulky and screams powerhouse while the Rebake looks slick and agile.

  52. Ah yes a new episode of Gunpla TV just was I was starting my homework!

  53. Delta Plus, Delta Plus! 😀

    Awesome episode as always.

  54. Favorite kit in 2016 at this momment?

  55. Give it to me bro

  56. Hola

  57. The Gusion looks like it has a lot of potential for panel lining, especially in some different colors which should be cool. Great episode as always, loving the length of the more recent ones.

  58. but 4k down sampled to 1080p is great

  59. yay I won!

  60. Sahelanthropus,Sahelanthropus,Sahelanthropus.

  61. Glad I was able to help you correct your HEINOUS mistake Syd.

    now give me the D. . . elta.

  62. there are so many cool kits, I’m actually upgrading my case to I can expand my collection.

  63. Great episode. Can’t wait to hear the details for episode 200…

    oh… and 4K 😉

  64. There’s going to be about 300-400 comments wanting to win that MG Delta Plus. I am just not one of those people.

  65. It’s no a blue frame, but an awesome give away none the less. Now if I can only find the proper sacrifice to appease the mighty random number generator.

  66. Nice work guys keep it coming!!!

  67. Hello, Syd, Ryan and Todd.

  68. Sexy pose contest sounds great!

  69. I want this Delta Plus!

  70. ah…. man i have always wanted a delta plus …
    but never got a chance to buy it because of distraction of other Kits…


  72. Delta Plus!

  73. Delta Plus, yes, thanks!

  74. Bring forth the sexy pose contest! My Zaku 2 2.0 is ready.

  75. this was good when they were building the Gusion and Gushion Rebake…
    then they showed the barbatos 6th form = HYPER

  76. You guys always have such great content, can’t wait for ep 200.

  77. Please let this be my week, fingers crossed.

  78. Thats one sad Delta…. I wouldn’t mind to adopt it 😛

    On the side note… Rebake is the right 1/100 mode for this kit. Who wants a cross between Hulk, Thor and a frog ^^

  79. Great show guys! Keep the good work and give me some Delta!

  80. That Gusion looks really awesome! Really tempted to pick one up.

  81. I was going to make a post tonight talking about the compatibility of the Gusion frame with the Barbatos frame but now I guess I don’t need to haha. Great episode guys, keep it up all the way to 200!

  82. Gundam VR! FTW

  83. OMG!! it’s HammerTime

  84. Great show guys! Good to know about that the barbatos frame doesn’t fit on the rebake. (Says under breath: damn you bandaiiiiiii!). Looking forward to seeing the hi-res

  85. I Want that SEXY Delta Plus!!! Hope I win!

  86. That “crotch single ball joint” makes my day. Nice episode! I find Gusion more appealing the the rebake

  87. Nice episode as always gents. Wouldn’t mind another MG Delta Plus, great kit. Also who wouldn’t want to be a manager of gimmicks, I certainly would. And if I am not mistaken isn’t Bandai supposed to be making announcements for Thunderbolt MGs next month?

  88. oooh MG

    Great show as always

  89. I’d love to win that Delta Plus!

  90. HLTV ftw. Hopefully I win. Thanks for the past videos.

  91. Hello Syd and Ryan! Good gunpla tv update, That DOM looks gorgeous and I am looking forward to seeing it in the next episode.

    I have the HG Barbatos 6th form preordered and hope it will be compatible with the current one. Prove me right!

    All the best to the winner of this giveaway!

  92. Great episode as always guys! Oh and btw, how do I get to befriend a girl I fancy in school? The problem is that I don’t even know her.

  93. Now I am REALLY excited to get my Gusion/Rebake in. I would love to get the Rebake in MG, but I can live with the current version.

  94. I remember the first time you gave that away, I’ve never missed an episode! I’ll take that Delta Plus off your hands!

    Also I was too slow for the Hi-Res Barbatos so please show it off in great detail so I can live vicariously through y’all!

  95. cant wait for episode 200

  96. Another great show guys

  97. 1/100 IBO does look great, but that gussion really look hollow to me,
    The chance of a MG gussion would be really slim tho
    Just look at OO series.. none of the gundam meister got an MG, well except exia OO and QanT

    Anyway.. keep up the good work
    That MG delta is looking good~

  98. Ugh that delta is so sexy

  99. Delta delta delta

  100. Delta, Deltaa, Delta-uh Deltaaah!

  101. Hey Syd, Ryan and Todd, great episode as per usual. I think building on from Sargent Peppers comment about this being a great year for gunpla, when does Gunpla have a bad year? What makes gunpla so exciting is the the amount of growth kits go through to pack more detail, more articulation, more gimmicks, less stickers and engineering. Compareing kits from 2005 to 2015 (not enough from 2016 yet) especially with High Grades, you can tell what difference time makes.

  102. Really thankful that I watched this episode first before buying that 1/100 Rebake Gusion Kit.

    …hope to win that MG Delta Plus *fingers crossed*

  103. Love the Delta!

  104. Great episode guys! Interesting to see where Bandai is going with the 1/100 IBO kits. I wonder if they’ll release armour parts for certain variants of the Graze, or perhaps Barbatos, without a frame to lower the price even more.

    Keep up the good work!

  105. Sexy Gusion, sexy Rebake, sexy-man pose Gundam, all them sex jokes! I fear Japan’s government will intervene and shut everything down. How do we prevent this terrible fate? #PGMasterRace

  106. I think gundam should make a movie like Star Wars and go in to Oscar and make more people to know about it

  107. Mg skinny box ??? yes please. Episode 200 coming soon what will we see?? Top ten gunpla so far not grade limited maybe

  108. PM said on March 1, 2016

    Good job guy and I hope winning this MG plus

  109. like leonardo diCarprio, still holding on to winning your give away!

  110. I’m excited to see what comes out of the big hobby shows from Bandai in the next couple of months. Were they not at winter festival?

  111. The IBO kits are getting better and better.

  112. Delta Plus is really beautiful from a design point of view. I like bulkier MS but among the skinnie ones Delta Plus is a winner.
    Creators keep the best element of the Hyakushiki and they make it even better!
    I seriously hope to win this time! 😛

  113. Thanks for the great show as ever guys, would love some Delta Plus!

  114. Cool kits you have there

  115. It seems like everyone who works at Bandai is a wizard!

  116. and I still want that Delta +

  117. Poor Todd looks like he is going to cry again. Be nicer to him.

  118. please.. i need that delta… give it to me…

  119. I Swore to Master Grades, but these IBO 1/100s are really tempting.
    With episode 200 coming, I would love to see a build-off.

  120. I’m liking the IBO show but I’m not interested on the kits. Need more UC MGs.
    it’s awesome to have more 1/100 scale kits from other shows/games which would look great next to a MG gundam kit. Great episode. Really like when they are this long (1h+).

  121. Great episode as always; Gusion and Rebake look awesome that will be my next 1/100 kit for sure.Looking forward for next episode.
    I wish I’m lucky enough to get that MG Delta Plus as my birthday present this month. It would be my best birthday ever, if I win 555555.

  122. plz gib

  123. Is there no new info on the impulse revive?

  124. never give you up!

  125. o god i the 1/144 gousion, now i definatelyneed the 1/100.
    when am i going to get that z’gok poster you have in the background? lol

  126. Gunpla me!!!

  127. I actually like both Gusion / Gusion rebake but couldn’t afford to buy it twice as I paint my kits and wouldn’t want to swap the parts, a bit of a shame, I’ll have to stick to 1/144 I guess

  128. ****** LOVE Delta Plus

  129. I hope they make MG versions of the THUNDERBOLT GMs in the future.

  130. that gusion looks pretty cool.

  131. Great episode guys! Its kind of disappointing that only 1 inner frame is available for the 1/100 Gusion

  132. will the new release for the barbatos will be a new one or the 7th one? 🙂

  133. That Gusion Rebake looks amazing! I’ll need to bite that bullet and get me that ass shield Gundam. Keep up the good work guys!

  134. Wiiiiiin

  135. Nobody wants the MG Delta Kit? Okay!…let me have it!…I will start what you have finished!!!

    Anyways great armor swapping rush building review episode guys.

  136. MMMmmm delta

  137. Thank you for the informative episode regarding the frame diferences. I really want to get the Gusion and Gusion Rebake but i still think they should sell the frame separately because i want the big green one to customize for battle and the Rebake to give a more clean paintjob.
    And that Delta, that is one handsome kit i would love to have next to my Gunpla family.

  138. The Gusion/Rebake kit looks interesting but only 1 inner frame is quite disappointing.

    Looking forward episode 200! 🙂

  139. Pick me!!! Pick me!!! I would customize hell out of that Delta Plus ???

  140. delta plus love the design and indeed the shield! come on RNG send me some luck :p 4k no prob for me definitly on battlefront xD Great show guys keep it up!

  141. Really like these long episodes, great thing to watch in the evening.

    Would love that MG Delta Gundam, I think only MG suit i dont have from Unicorn.

    Thanks for the great work guys.

  142. Yes the delta plus, nice….i hope i get it but it really unlikely but i got to keep on trying.

  143. Delta Plus round 2!
    I wonder what parts I can mingle with my Zeta C1.
    Maybe I make it a Delta Kai!

  144. That 1/100 Gusion/Rebake just confuses me. I’m still trying to figure out who it’s aimed at. For those of us who just want ONE of the Gundams, we’re forced to pay the premium and get a useless set of parts. For those who want both, you have to buy two sets. And for those who actually want to continuously swap the armour, this video only proves it’s not going to be a smooth experience.

    Oh well, here’s hoping they release the gundams separately in the future!

  145. I would like to win the delta plus gundam, PS Keep up the good guys you make amazing content.

  146. I really need to pick up MGSV in the next Steam Sale, the Sahelanthrowhatshisface looks like a great kit! 😀 Great episode guys!

  147. Come to me Delta let me covert you into Kai!!

  148. Hi Guys! Great episode as always. Last week I was notified about the Metal Gear Rex Black Version, really happy I got it 🙂 Will be waiting for the complete review of the Sahelanthropus before I place my order for the time being though. Thanks again guys!

  149. Commenting for the Delta Plus

  150. Dangit I was gonna get the HG Gusions but that 1/100 looks absolutely fantastic!

    Also, part of me is imagining a situation in which 0 people comment and therefore you can’t give away the Delta again

  151. Wooooo Delta Plus !!!!

  152. “Gimme Gimme, I Need I Need…” Great show and can’t wait to see the hi-rez barbatos and your 200th episode.

  153. Hey Guys,

    Any hints on the big 200th episode?
    Will your co-workers be doing surprise dropping by and presenting their favorite memories?

    Thanks for another great episode!

    P.s. I got a great spot on my display shelf for that MG Delta Plus, so pick me!!! Its cold in Canada and the kits are my inspiration to build more.

    – Kelvin

  154. Thanks guys for another great episode.

  155. I didn’t realize until now that big episode 200 is coming so soon, I can’t wait.

  156. great episode as always!!!!

  157. Looking forward to watch Gunpla TV in 4K… and 60fps 😛

  158. wow, those kits look great! love the MGS V one and the Gusion! cool episode keep up the good work! 197!

  159. great ep guys cant wait for the next one

  160. This is the first time my comment’s been under 200! Will it get me a win? I hope so.That Delta looks like a monster!

    When you said backorders usually come in 4-6 weeks I suddenly remembered I backordered the GN Archer at the end of last July. So from my own experience this can take months, or perhaps even years — but I read on another site they’re supposed to release more GN Archers in April? Can you confirm?

  161. Rob said on March 2, 2016

    Would love the D Plus!

  162. Just finished rewatching all 197 episodes after taking a brake from the hobby for a few years. Great work but you could do something about your youtube playlist, it’s a big mess with episodes scattered all over the place and like most youtube playlists those episodes that are in order are actually in reverse order starting with the newest episode instead of the oldest.

  163. didn’t even realise i got a MG RX-78-2 ver. 1.0 backordered until you talk about backorders…
    i think i have to wait for years~
    anyway, cool episode even though i don’t really like IBO. UC ALL THE WAY

  164. No thanks I’ve already gotten too many D pluses in school

  165. I want some of that d…elta plus

  166. That thing is a giant, wow. Too bubbly for me tho. The anime on the other hand is really good so far at 21 episodes.

    Delta plus pls.

  167. Curious as to what your opinion is on Bandai redesigning the cannons in the Freedoms wings for the 2.0, I personally don’t like it. Great review on the Gusion and I’ll gladly take the Delta Plus off your hands.

  168. No cement on balls (joints). Great tip. Beautiful Metal Gear.
    Great to see Todd back always.
    Its a shame that Barbatos frame won’t work with Gusion Rebake.

  169. I never realized until Syd mentioned that there are still no MG G-Reco kits!

  170. I want the MG delta plus!

  171. Well you can use the Barbatos inner frame to display both at the same time, you just need to swap some Frame parts and do one minor modification. First you have to switch the arms and legs of the barbatos and Gusion frames leaving the feet with their original kit. Then remove parts C19 and C20 (the parts that the Backpack ataches to) from the back of the Barbatos Frame’s torso. The Gusions back piece won’t plug into Barbatos’s torso frame like the gusion’s frame would. The sholder brackets that atach the arms to the frame will keep it in place inside of Gusions armor. The only real modification needed is on parts C5 and C6 wich are the large waist spacers for the Gusion. A small notch needs to be cut out to acomidate the protruding piece on the front of Barbatos’s waist frame.

  172. I can’t wait to see that barbatos hi-res!! It’s gonna be sweet.

  173. I finally Join !! 🙂

  174. D E L T A P L U S MINE

  175. Ryan, you better wait a bit more until 4K becomes standard! Not a lot of content right now.

  176. Commencing mission

  177. Crotch Gun!!!

  178. I really want this kit!!! Thanks let it be mine

  179. If i win that kit, that would be the FIRSTT MG KIT THAT I EVER HAD!! Lord Number Genarator!! PLEASE PICK MEEEE!!

    Btw,I watched all of the gunpla.Tv videos ;D. please make more in da future,i wish in episode 200 would bring something special :D.

  180. Oh look, it’s a goldless transformable Hyaku Shiki. I’ll take that.

  181. I Cant wait to build my Sahelanthropus *_*

    PS: DELTA (swear removed) PLUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  182. Great show guys, I think you should have more guest reviewers. The two girls were very good you had on a while back. Keep up the great work.

  183. Sexy Gunpla contest? Sign me up! Gunpla is sexy freedom!

  184. Bee said on March 3, 2016

    I think that Forest Gump would have loved to have a butt shield, lol…

  185. Heres to hoping they release a separate frame for the Gusion so I can have both.

  186. check your mics.

  187. i should really stop only entering for the really cool kits to increase my chances

  188. I”m very impressed with that Rebake. I’m not sure if I should get the HG or 1/100.

    Also, second chance for that Delta Plus!

  189. That metal gear is surprisingly sick.

  190. bandai needs to make a 1/35 or 1/48 scale mobile worker, cause those things look awesome!!!

  191. the power of random compels you!

  192. Was looking for a zeta plus c1. A delta plus would be a nice substitute… 😉

  193. Such Gunpla, much episode, very wow!


  195. Hi Syd and Ryan,
    This is 1st ever comment on hobblink tv.. I’ve been watching gunpla tv for years now.. Love the show.. Hope I can get some delta plus action..!

  196. That Gusion looks fantastic! Not a big fan of the head though. If I evert get this kit I will definitely modify the head to have a single camera lens(eye). With that said, let’s see if this comment finally gets picked as the winning comment.

  197. Too many awesome kits sadly I cannot buy them all..but a free one will do. Thank you.

  198. Its the Metal Gear!!!!

  199. i like the concept of 2 in 1 frame but the amount of left over parts will annoy me alot. i think im gonna try custom make frame for the Gusion so i can have both mobile suit.

  200. Thanks for showing us the Metal Gear kit. It would look amazing painted and weathered up. Just finished an Armored Core kit and had a blast. Its nice to take a little break from bandai. Not for long though. Got the led unit for my pg banshee from you guys yesterday. Fist bump to come!

  201. Hey guys,
    Just finished catching up after stumbling upon episode 1 a few weeks ago. Really loving the IBO suits and the show especially because of their casual disregard for Gundam Series tropes. They shoot while the enemy is monologuing and steal every suit and ship that’s not nailed down. Eagerly awaiting my 1/100 Gusion. Dat shield.

  202. Oh my that sweet sexy delta… Imma want one.

  203. the only show on YouTube i re-watched. Haha.
    Thanks! Great work.

  204. Wow, my comments were read back to back(ep 196 and ep 197… maybe I should by a lotto ticket). Thanks for all your support Syd, Ryan and Tod have given to the community and keep up the good work. I have been on this giveaway ride since the beginning, and time and time again, the Gunpla gods and RNJesus will never answer my call (Maybe I should give more tribute). The third time could be the charm. I really like what Bandai is doing on their IBO line especially with the HG having an inner frame. Do you think this is the direction Bandai will be taking for their future release kit after the IBO line?

  205. That green big gusion looks AWESOME!!! But still prefer Barbatos!

  206. gusion <33333

  207. pick me, pick me!!!!

  208. Is that a delta I spy!!!

  209. HLJ ROcKs!!!

  210. Sweet 1/100 Gusion rebake!

  211. I am going to start watching the IBO series, let see is that going to get me hook. If so, I’m sure I’ll need more space for my shelf for some new kits.

  212. I like the look of that delta so fingers crossed for selection.

    I have to admit I am loving the designs of the Iron Blooded Orphan kits and may have to jump in soon and buy some.

    A question for you both, what was the first model kit you built and what got you into the modelling hobby?

  213. Waiting for the HQ resolution Barbatos!!!!

  214. Nice show as usual. Still waiting to see the completed Falcon, and Syd’s kitbash… And hopefully a Deathscythe Hell Custom RG.

  215. lets do it again ……GUNPLA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  216. Shiny Big Weapons!

  217. Thanks for the great episode! The Gusion/Rebake kit looks like a lot of fun to build. Let’s go Delta Plus!

  218. Great video 3 more till 200!

  219. Gotta love that Gusion Rebake.

  220. Do you guys think there might be a chance we’ll ever get a standalone gundam frame so I can display both gusions?

  221. Well if no one’s gonna get that kit, i’m right here!

  222. Hopefully I win! Also, does anyone know if the Barbatos 6th form shoulders would work on the Grimgerde?

  223. Nice episode as always guys! Guison looks awesome! I’m kinda disappointed that the Barbatos frame can’t be used for the Gusion/rebake. Do you think they will release a separate frame? And I want that MG Delta Plus please! Thanks!

  224. Nice stuff cant wait to grab a bake

  225. hope i win 🙂 this is my first time to comment and i really love watching every episode you guys made. more power!

  226. Nice frog, I don’t recall any other MS modeled after animals, maybe that’ll become a trend.

  227. Anyone hear about that new RG being something from the Unicorn series? After 00 Qant(a)? I heard there was a little poll between Sinanju, Unicorn, and one other Unicorn series model…

  228. hey that looks pretty good

  229. Awesome show as always! Really enjoying this new idea of two kits in one but at the same time its a bit frustrating at the waste of half a kit.

    Also will you guys do a live Build of the RE/100 Efreet Exam Custom in April?

  230. Thnaks for the Delta Plus!

  231. Great episode. Definitely going to pick up the Rebake 1/100 soon. Also as a side note: is anyone else suspecting Unicorn re-releases with the anime anytime soon??

  232. great video guys 😀 hope to win that delta

  233. Hi! Great Episode again! i hope that Bandai will issue a frame for Gusion and Rebake so that no parts will be wasted. Hope to win this time! Cheers!

  234. Delta plus is great, except for the balance.

  235. Every one at could sign the give away box that would be cool.

  236. I want the 1/100 Gusion Rebake, but it kind feels like a ripoff to be forced to buy parts I don’t plan on using with it. I hope Bandai doesn’t do this again.

  237. SENPAIIIII, NOTICE ME PLEASE. I NEED THAT DELTA PLUS SO MUCH. Sorry for my excitement. other then that nice commentary on the 1/100 Gusion and Gusion Rebake. It is very nice to see the detail of Gusion frame because i want to see the gundam frame being use to this bulky Gusion. Very informative and piqued my interest to buy this kit and experience the build of no grade 1/100 kit.

  238. Hope I win the giveaway

  239. Hope im not late lol cant wait for the next show ?

  240. delllttaa

  241. Ram said on March 7, 2016

    Gimmie delta plus!

  242. *Barbatos, please stop calling it Barbados!

  243. 4 MGs a year and tons of PB limited kits… What is Bandai doing these days…
    BTW the Delta Plus would be nice XD.

  244. I like your advice at the end except the pizza part. DONT TOUCH MY GUNPLA W/ UR GREASY HEANDS!!!

  245. And on MGs It seems a little silly to me how much more expensive they are than a RG which while smaller is substantially more detailed. Why is that?
    I hope they’ll do more RGs and Hi-Rez kits than MGs
    Also I hope I win so I can give it the metallic treatment.

  246. McG said on March 9, 2016

    Probably too late to enter, but that Sehalanthropus looks amazing!!!

  247. Great show as always guys keep up the good work. hoping I win the MG Delta Plus

  248. delta me sid and rayan, great show btw

  249. Sup Honkies.

  250. Man I came to win that Delta Plus!

  251. oh btw, I have a question here! why I don’t see nendoro for snow miku 2016? and there is no SD Ex-standard from bandai too.

  252. Tom, on the show you’re using a Godhand nipper. How much better is it than the Tamiya 74123?


  253. The MGS kit looking great!

  254. Great episode guys! I would love to win that Delta Plus.

  255. Delta please plus… I mean Delta plus please 😛

  256. Hello Syd, i want to ask you something, is there any plan for Bandai to make a revive plan for any gundam 00 hg kit because i like arios gundam design. plus, DELTA PLUS!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the great work on making more video gunpla.

  257. Great Ep as alway’s. Nice to see that Todd becomes more and more used to be in front of the camera. And I think that he and Syd makes a great team building ant tanking models.
    And Ryan, have fun play The Phantom Pain, playing it myself and the Sahelanthropus looks way bigger in the game then you think it will look 😉
    The Delta would bee nice to get 🙂

  258. The Gusion is too bulky for my style, but the Rebake looks pretty cool. I joined the PG Master Race recently, I got the PG Banshee for myself as a birthday present. It was tough to not get the LED unit too, but it was out of my price range. That Delta Plus would look great on my shelf too!

  259. I’d totally build the Rebake… not the Gundam Battle Toad.

  260. Thanks for putting that out there. I can see how the MG line could be getting slightly stale. I do like the 1/100 IBO kits though.

    Thanks guys!

    You are all like the “Three Amigos”, remember that movie?… hahahahahaha

  261. Hello!
    Any news on restock of MG ReZELs?

  262. Great episode!!!

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