Sep 7

Syd has recovered (kinda) and Ryan has returned (kinda) and they are both back in the studio to talk about the what they’ve been working on while they were away from the studio. Syd’s got something red and amazing and Ryan has something, um, sandy? We also announce the 20 winners of the poster we are giving away and Lindsay and Anna drop in to give away the mystery box.





Kits featured in this episode:

1/100 MG Gundam Amazing Red Warrior
– 1/12 Star Wars Sandtrooper
1/144 HGCE ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam (REVIVE)

Gunpla TV


  1. Awesome welcome back

  2. mg amazing red warrior look so beautiful!!!!

  3. The design of the red warrior is too bland for me.

  4. I don’t know… The Amazing red warrior aint so Amazing I find… Loving the Freedom tho…

  5. The amazing red warrior looks great

  6. I want a piece of history!
    Also welcome back Ryan and hope your fully healed soon Syd.

  7. Hey, Syd and Ryan there’s been some talk about Bandai asking online stores to stop exporting their Star War kits outside Japan. Is there any truth or confirmation about this?

  8. great episode!

  9. I love you guys.. (no gay)

  10. welcome back Ryan and it’s good to see Sid is feeling better. As for the amazing red warrior it’s just begging for an optimus prime or nemesis prime paint job!

  11. Episode is awesome as always

  12. Haven’t watched the show in about over 6 months I think glad to see its hasn’t changed that much.

  13. Welcome back Syd!

  14. Im so getting that MG amazing red warrior ! Just wished it was using 3.0 inner frame :c Good job as always !

  15. Are you going show mystery prize winner’s picture on the site only or also the show as well

  16. Alright! I got a poster!

  17. The MG Amazing Red Warrior seems a lot more interesting than I expected. These giveaways are all really cool. Would have liked to find out the mystery prize. Congratulations to all the winners.

  18. Man, that Revive Freedom is an improvement. Wonder if they’ll make a Revive Strike Freedom…


  20. Hope Sid recovers soon and I want a part of history so gibs plox!!

  21. Damn Bandai releasing Boba Fett, Slave 1 and PG Banshee all in the same month! My wallet can’t take such a beating!

  22. Im glad you guys are still strong for many years model kits in hand. Hope to one day meet you guys in the future. Shout outs to gunpla montreal. Gunpla is freedom!!

  23. Amazing Red Warrior looks amazing!!

  24. So far I’m really digging what they’re doing with the Revive line.

  25. Hope to see revive versions of the Zeta Gundam and Hyaku Shiki following the MK.ii and Qubeley!!

  26. Oh man the Kamiki burning *_* I cant wait to see that beautiful mobile suit!

  27. Managed to snag a preorder of Super Fumina… cant wait to get it!

  28. holy crap! I HOPE I WIN!!!!

  29. Hey Syd and Ryan! Excited for the new Star Wars kits and hope I win one of the posters, keep up the good work guys!

  30. Wouldn’t mind having one of those catalogs. Good to have both of you back.

  31. I kinda really want that catalog XD
    and yeah i remember that white beam saber. i was so disappointed with it D=

  32. Thanks for another GREAT episode. I’m really impressed with the Amazing Red Warrior. Def on my list as a kit to get! Looking forward to all the new Star Wars kit news too! Keep up the great work guys!

  33. Other than model kits, I also like documentation so I hope I win that little booklet! Just wondering how did you get it? I also hope that Bandai will release something Code Geass related as Code Geass: Akito the Exiled episode 3 just came out!

  34. i would really like to win one of those, hope i do

  35. even with 20 giveaways i’m not in the list. My luck must been sux. T.T

  36. Cross me fingers

  37. Catalog,

    A little boy waits,….. and hopes

  38. Man, that original Freedom looks absolutely terrible. On the flip size the Sandtrooper looks great!

  39. Freedom prevails! Strike freedom style sir. RX-78 for Honor

  40. that amazing red warrior is pretty amazing and i cant wait for the origin rx78 to come out

  41. Glad you guys are back!! Great episode

  42. i would love to have one of those revive books. glad you feel better sid

  43. I like the almost Zeon-like head of the Amazing Red Warrior. Can’t decide between this or the MG Build Strike as my first MG.

  44. would love to grab one of the revive books!!

  45. great show guys, glad to see the girls on more.

    if i win a pamphlet just give it to another winner i have no need for a book

  46. thumb up for the freedom gundam revive! wonder how much it is different with the customize part to power up!!!!

  47. hi i want to say hello just from peru , i love model kits especially gundam, thanks for this show 🙂 i really want this magazineeee

  48. The Freedom is looking pretty nice

  49. hi are we getting any of the new p-bandai MG nataku from gundam wing??????

  50. pls review some new zoids kits

  51. Those are not the Gundam you are looking for

  52. Sweet star wars kits! Can’t wait to get my hands on some of them 😀

  53. Wooo!! You guys remembered my comment about the posters!

  54. Excited for my HG Revive “Lolo” Gundam (RX-78) and The Freedom :l

  55. Great episode as usual.
    It’s good to see you back and healthy guys, keep up the good work!

  56. welcome back guys
    great to see youre not sick anymore!

  57. Still want to know what’s inside the mystery box, but would also enjoy a poster.

  58. great to have you back!

  59. So many revives, reborns, and new versions of gunpla coming out. What a time to be alive. Great to see Ryan back with some more Star Wars, and Syd with more MG. Sweet Episode and here’s to many more.

  60. Man, blown away by how different the Freedom Revive and the old school Freedom looks like. I am stoked to actually get my hands on that kit which is still sitting in my HLJ Private Warehouse, but I am trying to fill my shipment with more goodies I want to build in the future.

    Other than that, welcome back and all that jazz.

  61. When Will the Hobby Japan with Feder Custom Parts will be Released????

  62. What a tease. I really hope we will find out what was in the mystery box.


  64. I’m a big free stuff fan. Would love a catalog!

  65. 😀

  66. Those Revives models are looking great!

  67. Great episode guys. Keep’em coming.

    p.s. Whatever happened to that Zoid you were building Syd?

    p.p.s. Whatever happened to that Falcon you were building Ryan?

  68. glad to have you guys back, the ladies did an awesome job. every time i see those huge heads on the gundam they showed I want to built it a helmet! Cool show as usual, keep it up ladies and gents!

  69. Well I got the poster lets see if i can get the catalog, Bring Lindsey and Anna on full time and give them there own show.

  70. Glad both of you are back!!! Can’t wait for the show and see some new kits, just make sure upload the video asap, so people like me can see it oversea. Hope Sid you get well soon.

  71. Good to see you’re doing well Sid!
    I really want to see a storm trooper with Gundam Decals now Lol

  72. Great show guys, hope I can win the booklet

  73. daaaaang, one of them books would be awesome. I definitely would love one of these


  75. I hope whoever won that mystery prize reveals what it is. The curiosity is killing me…meow…nya.

    Also I’m psyched for that Revive Freedom!

  76. sandtrooper is awesome! My order is in transit now.

  77. Great show guys.

  78. Welcome back! Good to see more free stuff!
    Keep it up!

  79. why couldnt i be born in japan… lol id love to get one of those booklets 😀 im hoping they announce a new MG or POSSIBLY another RE, what do you guys think?

  80. Can’t wait to get my sand trooper 🙂 and i just saw all the new Bandai star wars kits that are coming out soon – Eps 7 x-wing and millennium falcon, new stormtrooper, bb 8 and new tie fighter. super excited!!!!!

  81. Please review the super fumina when it comes out plz. Awesome episode

  82. Good to see you guys are back, really hope the guy who won will show us what was in the box.

  83. The Red Warrior have so many weapons!

  84. I want to win =)


  86. nice looking sandtrooper.

  87. Revive Line is awesome I’d love to have one of those Catalogues in my collection.

    Pre ordered a Boba and Slave 1 before Star Wars Mageddon hits us with the release of the new stuff.

    Great show as always guys and glad you guys are back.

  88. Great episode Syd and Ryan. Iron-Blooded Orphans sounds like its going to be an amazing series, hopefully better than Reconguista in G.

  89. that amazing red warrior looks very cool

  90. Amazing!

  91. welcome back syd and ryan! with all these new revive kits, hopefully they’ll remake some of the other older MG kits. *hint hint MG freedom* lol good to see you guys and always looking forward to the new episodes.

  92. great episode guys! glad to see you’re doing better syd!

  93. thats alot of catalogs

  94. Syd, you survived 😀 and welcome back, Ryan. I really like the revive Freedom!

    What are your thoughts on Fallout 4 and the massively overpriced Pipboy edition?

  95. Welcome back guys 🙂

    The revive freedom looks nice!

    Cool episode, thanks for sharing all these news with us.

  96. Glad you’re feeling better Syd! Keep it up guys!

  97. maybe i’ll do slightly different red. that one kinda too much red

  98. Love that Amazing Red Warrior, Im glad that syd is feeling better 🙂
    I build the HGCE Freedom a few days ago and love every bit of it. Now i need to finish the RG Red Astray off. Keep up the good work ryan and syd 🙂

  99. I was actually waiting for the Sandtrooper kit to finally come out. That is one fine product from Bandai seeing it built. I might get one 😀

  100. That MG Red warrior looks more badass then I thought it would be.

  101. I have already bought an MG amazing red warrior!!! Yay me!! Btw would love to see bandai make an MG transient gundam!!!

  102. Those revive booklets look sweet!

  103. That booklet is totally awesome with the history.
    Looking forward for the revive line
    Preordered the mark 2
    Man already start guessing what’s next

  104. Free stuff fan here! Haha. Thanks for the great episode.. looking forward to the end of the month release

  105. Awesome show! Hey! I need one of these catalogs to match the RX-78-2 Revive I’m already ordered. =P

  106. As surprised as I am with the HG Revive Freedom, as disappointed I am with the Amazing Red Warrior… Glad I held out on that one.
    Thanks guys, now we’re never gonna figure out what was in that box!!!!!!!
    In the whole history of Gunpla TV Giveaway I’ve never ever seen a picture posted of a kit won by one of the contenders, nor red a comment on the blog by most of the contenders, let alone a winner….. 🙁

  107. It would be awesome to win something.
    Feel better Syd!

  108. i want that thing!!!


  110. It would be awesome to win something.
    Feel better Syd!

  111. Man, I was hoping for one of those posters. At least there’s a chance for something similar!

  112. Nice episode guys! That Red warrior looks really good.

  113. Cool episode. Nice to see everyone looking good and the new Freedom looks super cool, I’m considering using it to build a Strike Rouge custom suit, kit bash thing.

  114. Amazing red warrior is a must to get!!

  115. I would really love to have that booklet!
    I hope Bandai announce the next RG kit already!!

  116. can’t wait to see next episode.

  117. I can’t wait for the HG Qubeley Revive 😀

  118. That booklet looks cool

  119. So glad to see you’re better Syd! Welcome both back to the show, though the girls did a very good job as always when they fill in for you.
    I am starting to want that Amazon Red kit, it’s looking better every time I see it, and the Revive Freedom does make the old one look so awful it makes me sad.

    Anyway, so far I haven’t won anything but those catalogs are so awesome I want one!!!!!! (will this be the one?)

    Keep up the good job guys, cheers from Costa Rica!

  120. No… I wanted that poster so much ;-;

  121. Please let me win….. ^_^

  122. I bought the HG Amazing Red Warrior, but I haven’t built it yet. After seeing this episode, I really wish I had held out for the MG because it looks significantly cooler.

    I’m glad you’re getting better Syd. Keep on taking your Vitamin C!

  123. great episode guys hope your feeling better syd. the sand trooper looks pretty cool so does the mg red warrior

  124. Winner winner chicken dinner.

  125. I don’t understand why everybody thinks that Phantom Menace was that bad of movie. From what I heard one of the only main problems with it was Jar-Jar. I understand he was annoying, but I don’t really think that affected it that much. To me the light saber fight (with Darth Mall) and the pod racing scenes made up for it.

  126. Can i win something yet! Great sho as usual, really want that amazing red warrior

  127. Kind of excited on the release of RX-78 origin version, but in dilemma whether I should get the origin version or the version 3.0.

  128. I love the design of the Amazing Red but I would change the color scheme.

  129. I don’t even care that Syd coughed all over the revive pamphlets. I still want one. Thanks for reading my comment. I posted a pic of the custom petit bearguy that looks like me in the hobbylink TV group since you asked. Can’t wait to see how the Slave 1 turns out.

  130. Nice Review especially the freedom comparison

  131. you guys are my heroes!

  132. Nice!!!

  133. Good show as always guys. Glad everyone is back in force… LOL

    Just finished my PG Unicorn I picked up from HLJ a while back. Posed it next to my PG Strike Freedom and wow. Compared to the Freedom the Unicorn looks like a tank. I didn’t realize the size difference was so much. Like Ryan said about the storm trouper, the Freedom has these tiny thin legs compared to the tree trunks of the Unicorn.

    I’ve posted some shots of my build in the “Custom Gundam” forum to share.

    Keep up the great work and come on Mr., smile on me with some goodies!

  134. Keep up the good work!

  135. that’s dope yo! Thanks for the early review on MG red warrior!

  136. Cool episode. I’m looking forward to the MG RX-78 Origin ver as well as the second OVA of Origin. Been reading the manga and it is awesome.

  137. Show us your Force Friday haul please! Deff want one of those Revive pamphlets.

  138. derp

  139. I know didn’t mention it that much but I’m still looking forward to that Mk 2 Revive!! cx


  141. Hey guys luv the show. Sept. 10th is my birthday so hopefully I win and get a free gift.

  142. I want that catalog.

  143. Glad to see you guys back. Show us your Star Wars haul!

  144. Holy crap, thank you so much for the poster! 😀

    Great episode guys, the HG Revive Freedom looks really good, I might just have to buy one ;D

  145. posters!!!

  146. REVIVE !!!

  147. I was Considering getting the Freedom RG, but since i have the Strike Freedom I’m holding back on purchasing it. IM about to sart a new MG kit but i do not know which one to get out of these two: Astray Red Frame or Tallgeese I. Which would you suggest as to start with

  148. Hey guys awesome ep as always kind of bummed out i dint get to win the poster it was a really cool one but the catalog is even better hope i have better luck this time The Freedom revive look really good and the Red Warrior wish im planing on getting soon glad to see you guys up and running cant wait for the next one ?

  149. Great episode as always!
    This catalogue would be so awesome to have as a HG collector.

  150. Revive kits are the best!!!

  151. Great comparison between the old and the new hg freedom
    and great show as always!

  152. Recently started building the revive RX and guncannon with my father would be cool to have the catalog, gl to everyone

  153. Yes…I’ve won 🙂
    I do wander what revive will be next after mk.IIs and Qubuley.

  154. Welcome back guys, awesome episode as always. I have a question, do you think we will see the AGE-FX as a Master grade or is it HG and SD we have to live with?

  155. Can’t wait to see what Bandai has in store for the All Japan Model Show!

  156. Yay, 1/16 chance!

  157. That catalog is really cool

  158. Holy crap, the difference between the old kit and the revive is just crazy. And that Red Warrior is looking awesome!

  159. Great episode, can’t wait for the new announcements, especially the star wars kits, looking forward to that PG Banshee though!

  160. Great show again. Now that you showed what the difference of the hg freedom, im tempted to get it.
    pick me to win! lol

  161. Great show that new revive freedom is so much better than the old one.

  162. the MG Amazing Red Warrior’s weapons build are somewhat similar to the HG version with additional gimmicks which is very cool

    demn now i want one

  163. I would to see the new 1/72 HMM zoids Death Stinger in December 2015

    A lot of Revive

  164. What was in the box?

  165. Cant wait to get my hands on some revive kits! great episode guys!

  166. “What’s in the Box!?”
    Anyway, thanks for the episode guys and the nifty giveaway this time. The MG ARW looks fun, but I am waiting for some more non-Build Fighter MGs and, of course, new RGs. Glad to see you back, Ryan.

  167. Gonna have to order myself a gundam red warrior and customize it 🙂

  168. Nice work guys keep up the great work

  169. Yay finally won after entering every weekly give away

  170. Great episode as always guys!

  171. Love the MG Amazing Red Warrior.

  172. Yo. Sid. I had mixed feeling about the release of the MG Amazing Red Warrior. Before it’s announced, I was already making my Amazing Red Warrior custom from the MG RX 78 2 ver.3.0. So i was pretty pissed ><. But i'll still continue making it and still buy the MG. lol btw, glad to see you're well and back. Ryan too. 🙂

  173. Awesome episode! Love the sandtrooper Ryan! The new MG looks a little boring in color but the amount of weapons included makes it pretty cool.

  174. Oh man, Those catalog books are amazing!

  175. freedom its look cool….

  176. wonder if the custom freedom kit works with the rg

  177. MG Kampfer Amazing When?

    Absolutely love the MG red warrior, Just got it delivered from HLJ on friday!

  178. `Great to see your back in action syd,and that Amazing Red Warrior
    looks absolutely 100% Amazing!

  179. Still on the fence with the MG Amazing Red Warrior. It looks nice and the weapons make it really “amazing”, but I think it needs an extra color to separate all the bright and dark reds. I never had an RX-78 2.0, so it may still be an interesting build for me. On the other hand, I was almost locked on skipping the Revive line until I saw the upcoming Mk. IIs and Qubeley. Now I have the Revive Guncannon and RX-78-2 awaiting construction. So the MG ARW may still find its way to my shelf…

    Btw, nice to see you guys again in this new episode. Syd, I hope you fully get well soon. Ryan, the Star Wars reviews are great. If I had extra cash I’d probably buy a few of those figures someday.

  180. I’m not sure on the Amazing Red Warrior, it just looks a little plain. I like those hidden gun gimmicks though so that may convince me to get one

    Great show as always. Good to see you both back although the girls more than had it covered last week.

  181. Hey Syd, Ryan, Anne, and Lindsay! Nice to see the episodes coming out more often again. Always nice to see the reviews on new kits, although I do miss the customizing tips. Here’s hoping I get one of those magazines, that would be cool.

  182. oh ye gods of gunpla let me win one of these booklets.

  183. I can’t wait for the Revive Gundam Mk II. Hopefully Bandai will reveal a Revive Zeta Gundam at the hobby show!!

  184. That poster I want! That revive ver. of Gundam Freedom is way cooler than its first release HG.

  185. All these amazing Gunpla I just want to buy Tha Amazing Gundam MG

  186. The red warrior Looks pretty cool with the exception of the neck. It Looks like the neck has been stretched from it’s
    I’m actually thinking of getting the revive series rx-78 mk II. It’s looking decent.I’ll wait for a proper Review though first.
    Now, Lady luck, let me win a gundam catalog. yeah!

  187. I really like how all the Star Wars kits are looking, I will have to get some. MG red warrior looks great too.

  188. boyohboy that all hg list would be nice

  189. Good show guys!

  190. Love the Star Wars, but the gunpla is great, too!

  191. Great show as always. I really want some free stuff and i want to know whats in the box??

  192. That freedom is pretty fantastic for a hg kit. Basically the same articulation as the MGs these days.

  193. Hey, Syd. I want to see a custom model made by you! I love the Steingeese from episode 118, and it would be great to se another custom in the show. ^_^

  194. Gotta win something! I was really hoping to get the mystery box too D= Speaking of Hobby Japan, I noticed some places are still selling the Caletvwlch Fire – does that only fit the Wing Gundam Honou, or could other kits use it?

  195. Fun episode. Glad to see Sid feeling better.

  196. That Freedom Revive looks amazing! And with the October issue of Hobby Japan it’s the perfect time to pick it up! Thanks guys (and gals) for another quality episode of Gunpla tv!

  197. Thanks for the poster! Keep up the great work!

  198. I’m really excited for the revive line and hope they release more kits, I also want to know what the next RG is going to be.

  199. Thanks for the poster! looks like the hg revive freedom looks better than i expected and i am going to get it

  200. MG Red Warrior looks much better that I thought it would be. Thx for the review. Great episode.

  201. More posters = more better

  202. I hope to win!! Keep up the awesome videos 🙂

  203. The Revive kit is a great update to an old HG. I’d like to see a Revive Hyaku Shiki.

  204. Can’t wait for the next episode

  205. I love to collect CATALOGUES!!!

  206. Nice catalog, I wish I will be able to get one since it has been a long time since I had one. Thanks for the awesome video ?

  207. Glad to see you`re better Syd. So last Sat/Sun here in Bulgaria we had an anime festival with a gunpla workshop(woo-hoo) which I was supervising i.e. giving advice to newbies ( which most were 😀 ) helping with build problems and giving advice/info about the hobby…have you done this type of thing before and got some tips for me ? Since it seems I`ll be doing this more and more often 🙂

  208. i got a hand on a HG Amazing Red Warrior! I’m so happy that they made a MG version of it.

  209. Those old HG’s look horrible compared to the current standards.

  210. I want one!

  211. You can definately see the vast improvements from the Older Hg to the new revive kits and just as easy for the younger builders too. Awesome.

    Love the new Bandai STAR WARS Kits but, IF BANDAI CAN PUT WATERSLIDE DECALS IN EVERY STAR WARS KIT THEN WHY CAN’T THEY PUT THEM IM RG KITS!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no problem paying a little more to have the option in the kit and I don’t have to worry about them selling out before I get around to buying the kit. So Frustrating.

    OK finished ranting now. Great show as always. Good to see SYD back among the living.

    • yeah..agreed with you..even the expensive ver ka also dont always have the waterslides..they should atleast give it with all MG kits since MG kits is more expensive and most of the buyer would be more than willing to pay more just as to get the waterslides.

      • It’s a pretty good business decision on Bandai’s part, actually. Most people won’t bother to apply those pesky waterslide decals anyway; producing them in limited amounts at premium prices that are sure to sell out ensures max profit.

        • while that is a very true and correct statement the fact that there are so many aftermarket knockoff waterslide decal sheets out there on fleabay ( which I am myself purchasing even if they are 10% different to the originals )leads one to believe that there is much higher demand than they are supplying to and therefore a much greater profit that they are missing out on.

  212. sadly didnt win for the poster…how this time i will win…… MG altron why are you premium bandai. why.. why… why…

  213. I mean maybe I will win this week. I just want them to have read this comment and watch their reaction to it.

  214. That Red Warrior looks rather neat. Silly, but neat all the same.

  215. Thank you for making all the videos!

  216. You guys want the S.A.Figuarts First Order Stormtrooper? Jonesing for that thing!

  217. I would love to get my hands on one of those gundam revive booklets.

  218. Great to see you guys back again, and Syd, I know how you are feeling, been fighting the flu myself.
    Sad to hear that Bandai is restricting their Star Wars kits to be sold only in Japan. I was looking forward to some of the new Epi VII kits. Also see some of the current SW kits have been taken down from your site … hope thats not a sign of things to come.

  219. Revive!

  220. This is really how the HG Freedom should have been!! I remember even as a kid, being disappointed in the articulations of Freedom, especially since it was/is one of my favorite Gundam.

    I actually didn’t notice difference in proportion until the two Freedoms were side by side. That’s a hugeee change.

  221. I want more HG revive coming from Bandai!

  222. Hi Syd and Ryan awesome show as always. I have some ideas for future model kits for example a real grade sword impulse Gundam that has the core fighter transformation feature and a high grade revive zeong

  223. What do you guys think will be this year’s big December kit? Or what would you want Bandai to release? With Origins Ep 2 coming out, I am predicting we will see a Zaku II 3.0 or ver Ka, although I’m not too sure that would qualify as a “big” kit.

  224. Hi guys,
    Thanks for the show again. Any RG predictions (any new RG coming after the Red Astray?)
    Love the revive RX-78-2.
    A copy of the catalog would be nice to have if it is not to late.
    Thanks again.

  225. I heard there’s a mg meteor unit coming out soon that’s comes with its own water slide decal! Is this true?

  226. Man, I swear I’ll get all the star wars kits I can now.
    I love you guys.

  227. Sad to hear the news about the Star Wars Kits. I’ll still continue buying from HLJ. Nice show again guys. I really, really, really want that… catalogue!

    Kudos and continued support!

  228. just saw news about the hg meteor and rg infinite justice, pretty excited,
    and damn the hg barbatos box art is awesome, now I am consider to getting one. I was gonna wait for the anime then decide lol

  229. so sad about the star wars kit annoucment but cant do nothing about its buisness

  230. I’d like one of those pamphlets it would give me an idea of what to build next

  231. yay! free stuff!

  232. the Amazing Red Warrior looks totally different from RX-78. 🙂 I Like it.

  233. may the force be with you 🙂

  234. Just watched all of episodes, always enjoy watching them. Keep it up, you guys are brilliant. 🙂

  235. cant wait to the new perfect grade kit coming out at the end of the month but im wondering if the led kit is going to be different for the banshee norn or if the led for the pg unicorn could be used for the banshee

  236. Cool episode, thank you.

  237. hi syd n ryan ! good to see u guys back in action !

  238. excited about the up-coming origin kits~

  239. That list of HGs looks really useful. I hope I win one.

  240. That red warrior looks amazing. (Badum ptsss) anyways, great episode and hope to see more of the mg build fighters line! By the way, i built a jibanyan (youkai watch) that was featured in a past hobby link episode, and i must admit its pretty cute. Hahahaha

  241. Great episode as always guys.
    The weapons is what makes that Amazing kit amazing. I also think that the Revive HG book would be a great reference for me. So, Go Random-San!!

  242. revive Mark II nowwzzz!!! Can’t wait for the next revive kit.

  243. Amazing. Truly amazing.

  244. thanks for the box guys and i will try to post want is in it went it comes

  245. i really want that book

  246. Hey guys great show!! Am I the only one who thinks GP02 needs a real grade???

  247. you guys looking forward to any star wars sets for the future movies and hello

  248. Great Channel. I’m half way through my first Gundam. HGBF Sengoku Astray. I’m 51, imagine that – lol. The red warrior looks awesome. I have the RG Wing Gundam Zero EW cued up next. Not sure what’s after that. I like the small size of the HG/RG but he detail of the MG is tempting.

  249. No more Bandai Star Wars Kits for the U.S.! AHHH, I feel a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of modelers cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced! Well, some of the new Revell kits released in Oct and Nov are not that bad, and they will re-release the 1/48 Fine Molds kits.

  250. The star wars kits look pretty good but to sad they’re not gonna be available any more in :(.

    Syd, glad to see that you’re much better.

  251. Just wow..

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