Feb 17

A kit like the Phenex (Fenix) doesn’t come along often. It’s definitely been a while since we’ve seen a gold-coating MG and because of that we wanted to get the moment of the Phenex’s release captured on camera for all to see. So, here’s a quick video!

Kits featured in this video:

1/100 MG Unicorn Gundam 03 Fenix



  1. Yeeeeeesss….

  2. now my hypermode g-gundam has a partner in gold … XD

  3. hi gunpla tv people i was just wondering what zoids kit you would recommend as a first zoid kit that would be a fun build?

    • Hi just a suggestion, if you want lite build D-style Blade Liger its ADORABLE!!! Something bigger I would go 1/72 Blade Liger AB Bang ver. Some thing but bigger and meaner with guns and blades, its got everything!!!

    • Im also planning on building a zoid kit. I think the white liger zero looks fun to build

  4. Hi Syd and Ryan started watching gunplatv and can’t stop watched most of them really enjoy it keep up the good work.I have 2 questions. not sure if first one has been covered before but if I want to buy from hobbylink Japan as i live in england how does the payment process work, for example do I just use paypal and they convert my GBP to the corresponding amount of Yen and then thats it or do you charge a set GBP Price. Also what kit would you recommend for a first kit to build, I have a bit of experience with other types of models but not specifically Gunpla, I really like the looks of some of the MG kits like Sinanju and Epyon.

    • When you checkout with HLJ and they sort your order out you’ll receive an notice via e-mail that you have an invoice waiting in PayPal. All you need to do is click the link in the e-mail, PayPal will tell you the price in yen and the conversion in pounds and you just press the pay button to confirm. PayPal will handle the rest.

      When you’re on the site you can check out how much everything is in Pounds by hovering over the price in yen either on each item, or in your basket.

      For a first kit, you really can’t go wrong with any of the newer high grade kits or the starter sets (they come with a lining marker too!). Also the Non-Grade Gundam 00 kits are fantastic for their price, if you prefer larger kits. If you’d prefer to start off with something a bit more complex, or have done some modeling before, grab a basic Master Grade kit. The RX-78-2 Ver.ka is a really simple kit that looks great, as is pretty much any GM kit. Just bare in mind, the Epyon, and Sinanju are fairly large and expensive kits. If you have your heart set on those grab something to practice on first even if you have done a bit of modeling before.

  5. me gusta 😀 haha, well im just waiting for my MG Sengoku Astray, the reviews are good for that 1, make also s review for MG Sengoku next episode please 😀 thanks

  6. So…. I’m pretty happy to take some models off your hands.
    Also just built the HG Sengoku Astray and the bling it comes with. It needs more hands.

  7. Suggestion: flatten the boxes! It would be a shame to throw away those gorgeous artwork!

  8. I’ll gladly add another wing gundam to my collection of other Wing gundams, now need the PG wing zero as well!!!

  9. That is one shiny Unicron.

  10. I am really excited about this contest!

  11. I’ll help take some of those off your hands.

  12. It’s awesome you guys are doing this giveaway.

  13. This is very generous of you to do this contest.
    Keep up the good work.

  14. Sandrock please…

  15. kampfer amazing please

  16. Hi Syd and Ryan,
    I ordered some gundam models which show Feb restock, so I just wondering do they really come in Febuary or maybe earl Mar, cos now it is 25th Feb, still showed Fed restock.
    This is my first time to order not in stock items,
    thank you a lot!

  17. really hard to deal with water slide decal, i think.

  18. Hi Syd and Ryan, I’d like to have a chance at the MG Wing Proto Zero. Started to watch your show some months back and now I can’t stop. I love the RGs, SDs and I’m seriously thinking about my first MG being the Sengoku Astray. The engraved names on the swords are a lovely detail!

  19. Hi Syd and Ryan, Can’t stop watching your show… More power, More Episodes! I hope I’m that lucky one.. 🙂

  20. The no grade proto zero was my first kit. i hope i can win!

  21. hai Ryan and Sid.. im a fan of your show from Surabaya Indonesia.. always watching your show for more than a year. nice show. Ryan and Sid can you show us japan gunpla modeller work that you know, and bring them on the show to explain he or her work. so we can get inspirations on remodelling our gunpla. thanks..

    • i mean bring the modeller as a guest star on the show to explain their work dan give some tutorial.. sorry for my bad english.

      • I too would love to see professional gunpla builders give us tips and lesson in the show. I always wanted to know how they do all that details in the inner frame

  22. Love the show. I watch it every Sunday night. I would love to win the Sandrock.

  23. Watched Gunpla TV for quite some time, but registered specially just to post XD
    Love the Fenix by the way, definitely adding to my collection.

  24. OMG the phenex looks so solidly GOLD!!! this ep has sparked my interest to buying one. And also just wanna say its so kind of HLJ to give away kits!!!

  25. ace said on March 7, 2014

    ey syd ryan…my bdays commin.and i would be so pretty darn happy if u give those unwanted kits to me as a present… 🙂

  26. Absolutely love the gold and blue combo on the phenix! Love the show keep up the good work.

  27. I hope I win. I want some free gunpla!

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