Sep 11

Syd and Ryan get serious to talk about what’s been happening in regards to the Star Wars plastic model kits from Bandai.

Check out the link for other details regarding the Star Wars kits from Bandai.


  1. No, i can’t believe this, I loved the Star Wars kits from Bandai. They combined two of my favorite things: Gunpla and Star Wars. Is there any chance that they will come back in the future?

  2. It’s a sad news πŸ™

    So we are supposed to only build Star Wars Revell kits?
    It’s not the same models and Revell doesn’t make figures!

    I don’t understand Bandai’s decision…

    • I doesnt look like Bandai decision. Still the kits should still be avaliable by ebay just with a mark-up by the seller who would have to pay the full price of the kit and also earn some cash from the sell.

  3. Hi! Will the Boba Fett come out in time for us abroad to order it, before Sept 20 that is?

    Kind regards
    Kim W.

  4. Sad news. Those kits were super detailed compared to Revel.

  5. It does suck it really does, but lets look on the bright side, for all we know bandai has gone into talks to distribute the kits internationally so maybe we will still be able to get our model building paws on them. It does suck that Hlj wont be able to sell em but that deal that HLJ is running is awesome so lets snap up those kits.

    • I personally hope this is the actual case.

    • That would be the only thing that makes sense. They aren’t going to sell more Revell kits by doing this. They are painfully dated in comparison to the stuff Bandai has done with the line.

    • I too hope this is the case, and not more akin to Revell tossing their rattle from the pram.

      I cannot see even Disney being that hide-bound, so I’ll cross my fingers and hope these gorgeous figures are not locked out of the World Market for long.

      • To be fair Disney’s licensing team for Star Wars is currently 0 for 2. They totally misunderstood what fans wanted to buy on Force Friday by short-stocking the action figures and now they are preventing fans from buying stuff they want with these kits. I’m hoping they realize the error of their ways but I am not holding my breath yet.

  6. It sucks, but I understand. I choose to blame George Lucas and the evil empire (AKA Disney).

    • Actually I don’t blame George at all. Say what you will about the Prequels films George knew how to sell the Star Wars merchandise fans wanted to them. He knew that when doing the midnight toys sales people are really ONLY there for the action figures so he made sure the toy stores had a surplus of figures to sell. He could sell a thousand or more figures per store on these midnight madness events. Since Disney took over they had MAYBE 100, if that, figures to sell TOPS. They didn’t want to buy the other crap Disney had wasting shelf space.

      We all know how Bandai tried to sell Gunpla in America and failed because nobody knew what they were. This would have been a HUGE win/win for Lucasfilm and Bandai.

      Oh well. At least HLJ can still sell me Gunpla…

  7. Oh, for the real reason why, here is my guess. Revell bought the exclusive rights to sell Star Wars model kits in certain countries (like the USA). This means that model Star Wars kits made by other companies can not be sold directly in the USA without Revell giving their permission.

  8. I hope that you’ll explain the reason why this happened. I’m a huge fan of bandai’s star wars kit and this is such a dreadful news!! T-T

  9. Is it all Bandai Star Wars products or just the model kits? is HLJ still gonna be selling for example the s.h. figuarts star wars figures from bandai internationally?

  10. Now all we can hope for is that Revell will buy the kits from Bandai and repackage them for Europe and America!

  11. is this limited to model kits? is it going to affect complete figures? i’d hate for this to affect the marvel figuarts line… T_T

  12. WWHHAATTT????!!!!! THIS IS INSANE!!!!

  13. This is so unfair for us overseas

  14. I would love to buy them from hlj rather from my local distributor as they mark the price double if I bought them from hlj even with shipping. Hate bandai for the star wars and the ‘P Bandai’ stuff.

  15. By the way @Ryan I dont if this is only my pc prob or my web browser problem. I’ve been inconveniently seeing alots of ads from hlj site. mainly ads like malware. the problem is Its only on hlj site. other site is ok. I’ve been cleaning up my browser and updating my antivirus but the problem persist.

  16. LAME MOVE Disney. There is a reason that fans don’t buy the American model kit releases and its called THEY SUCK!!!

    You aren’t going to generate any sales in America by doing this. You are only going to cost yourself additional sales of people who want to buy these kits and now can’t buy them. It’s like you are purposefully trying to lose money or something.

    Between this and the Force Friday debacle, where you had almost no figures which were THE ONLY THING PEOPLE COME TO THOSE MIDNIGHT SALES EVENTS TO BUY, your licensing marketing team needs to fired.

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