Jul 8

Episode 152 follows up on our live-stream of the monster that is the 1/144 HGUC NZ-999 Neo Zeong. If you weren’t able to participate in the live-stream you can check it out here. With that big bad boy all built, we take a look at what it can do, and then offer to give away some Neo Zeong-related goodies.

If you want to win the Neo Zeong Carry Bag, you need to have a Neo Zeong. Yes, that’s right, we want to reward those folks out there who took the plunge and picked up this monster.

To enter, post a picture of you with your Neo Zeong on the HobbyLink TV facebook page. We will draw winners randomly and announce them on the show in a few weeks. Good luck, Neo Zeongeers!

HGUC NZ-999 Neo ZeongFrom Bandai-7

Kits featured in this video:

1/144 HGUC NZ-999 Neo Zeong
1/48 Type 98 AV Ingram
1/144 HGBF Gundam Fenice Rinascita
1/144 HGUC Z II
BB Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex


Gunpla TV


  1. The Neo Zeong in all its glory… One of the craziest kit in a while

  2. I want to get one of these, but I feel like if I get one I need to go all out with, priming, painting, etc. Need to up my game before I get this badboy, someday he will be MINE!

    PS: Loved the live stream, you should do more of them!

  3. I would love to win that zoid saber tiger

    Awesome that Ryan also built the HGUC neo zeong

  4. I would love to win something. I love this show and have been watching for a while! Great hobby and great show.

  5. Ben said on July 8, 2014

    Would like to win 🙂

  6. I’d like to see you guys do some speculation on upcoming kits, like the november rg or the big december release.

  7. Made me laugh that Ryan was comparing his build times to movies and television shows. I do that all the time I would say that I finished a model in about 4 King of the Hill episodes. I’m about to start a big build here soon with a bunch of friends, bought a good amount of stuff from HLJ so I can’t wait to build here soon.

  8. neo zeong! neo zeong! neo zeong!

  9. Damn, that neo zeong is crazy! It’d be a great asset to a gundam themed room. Great work guys! Love your shows.

  10. That zoids looks so good, I haven’t been able to afford one with all the crazy gunpla being released. I would love it!

  11. Cody said on July 8, 2014

    Really good in depth look at the Neo-Zeong, guys! Absolutely loved the live stream too. I’m in love with that Jehuty, ZOE is one of my favorite games! Also, thanks Syd and Ryan for making so many great episodes of Gunpla TV. Hope many more come!

  12. Hey Syd and Ryan! I’ve never built a zoid before but I’ve seen and loved the show on TV. That live stream was really epic. Love to catch more streams of Gunpla builds in the future!

  13. Thanks for the Preview of neo zeong..Punching it!!

  14. Hey Syd and Ryan.

    2 seconds.

    For the next livestream you do, why build that sweet Ingram. While I do like the look of the RG Z’gok, that Ingram is way to sweet to ignore.

  15. Keep up the great mood Ryan an Sid every time I feel down this is the best way to make me feel better

  16. epic video as always

  17. The neo zeong is certainly a landmark kit but not my cup of tea. The new ingram looks awsome though , adding to my get list. Keep up the great work guys .

  18. Compared to the other shinaju’s how does the the Neo Zneong version compare. Started building my own custom MS

  19. Hmmmmmm…. always checking youtube for new gunpla TV eps… you guys should have more eps…. Great gunpla advise and review of every kit.
    Thanks. Always feel good to see new eps… always feel sad when new eps is not out yet..

  20. Hi guys, i saw your guys’ livestream and loved it. Since you guys are talking about future livestreams maybe you could do one on the RE Nightingale when it comes out. It would be interesting since its a new line. Also hoping to win one of those prizes 😀

  21. I’m a little disappointed I missed the live stream! Really hope to catch the next one. I also really hope to catch one of those kits you’re giving away hahah

  22. Epic vid guys! Neo Zeong punch!!! XD

  23. Hey syd and Ryan, what do you think the next rg will be after the z gok?
    Keep up the good work.
    I hopr I win the zoid.

  24. LOVE THAT KIT! I thought it was huge at the beginning of the episode, but I forgot it also has fuel tanks, what a monster. Hope I win.

  25. hoping to win the saber tiger !!! love its design .

  26. Great episode! really good review of the that giant neo beast! keep it up!

  27. Hena said on July 8, 2014

    Really liked the livestream. Hope you will stream again.

  28. where do you guys plan on putting your neo zeongs?

  29. would be great if i have that zoid !

  30. I love that the Neo Zeong exists and that Bandai is willing to release a kit of this size if they believe that it will sell. The only thing bigger than the kit itself is the cost to ship one outside of Japan. :X

  31. Awesome episode guys! That Neo Zeong looks big and awesome. I wish i had one… but anyways, I would love to win that Saber Tiger Zoid it brings me memories.

  32. Like the previews of upcoming kits, I know not Gundam related but Red Blade Liger with CP-012 Attack Booster. Anyways, love the show, given me great tips on custom painting, and effects. Plus I get to see the models that some days I don’t have space or time for. Keep up the great work, Syd and Ryan

  33. Theres no way in hell i would be able to afford that Neo Zeong xD Buying it woud mean not eating for 1-2 months xD
    Any way, pretty good episode and i woud love to snag that Jehuty since i already have the Kotobukiya Anubis 😉 Keep up the good work

  34. Great episode guys, ive been itching to see it since I saw the livestream which I sadly missed. I give syd props for finishing the Neo Zeong in 2 and a 1/2 hours or so. I wonder what time the Bandai test builders do it in?? And I cannot wait for the RG Z’Gok.

  35. Would love one of those Kotobukiya kits.

  36. Entering to win. Sieg Zeon.

  37. Love the design of that neo zeong bag but unfortunately can’t afford the the neo zeong to enter. So I’ll settle with the zoid kit. lol

  38. LOve the neo zeong ! Good Job syd !

  39. New member here, anyways. I always wondered Why the PG strike never had the other forms come with it. Such as the sword and the launcher other than the Aile; It shows them in the PG manual. Did Bandai not make them or did I miss something?

  40. Oh man that neo zeong looks awesome ! i’m definitely going to buy it someday !

  41. hail zeong

  42. Well done guys and thank you for the livestream ! i enjoy it every bit !

  43. I could never watch a show while building my kits. I almost always get distracted by the show!

  44. God… The Neo Zeong… Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge. A master grade of that… Would be like the size of a person.

  45. That Neo Zeong is MASSIVE. I’d really love to build one sometime.

  46. Where do you want to store this huge plastic monster? Is there a place in the HLJ base to display the NZ? Great that Ryan build one too, but not surprising, after all he wouldn’t leave such a big kit alone. You should organize a Paint-Battle between your both NZs.
    PS: the ML kit for me! ….in a NZ bag!

  47. god lord the zeong is damn big ! hope to win that muv luv !

  48. do you think that they will make any unicorn gundam series rg kits?

  49. YES LIVESTREAMS!!! Definitely loving your livestream guys. Crossing my fingers on that saber tiger because zoids made me watch gundam. Good job as always guys!


  51. Thanks you guys for another great episode, keep up the good work. If Bandai can do the Neo Zeong, I would love to see them make other massive Mobile Suit like the Alpha Azieru in the future.

  52. dude nice gundam

  53. got gundam?

  54. Nice episode and what a lovly Jehuty.
    Didnt know a model existed but i got to have it!

  55. Random number generator always seems to be in the 300s also I was wondering which specific type of martial arts Syd does,much love and support for the episodes to come.

  56. Mark said on July 8, 2014

    hope to win that zoid to give to my friend…:D more power guys

  57. Good job building the Neo Zeong. That thing is so massive, nice to see it compare in size next to you Sid! Now if only I can muster the $$ for it to add to my collection also T_T

  58. wxg said on July 8, 2014

    hope to win one of the kits. i love zoids 😀

  59. I love that Neo Zeong kit!! And I love that Saber Tiger kit too!! GunplaTV 152!!!!!

  60. Please do more Live Builds XD make one for HMM Gojulas while at it XD
    I want to Win that Saber Tiger~! Oh Lord XD

  61. Whoo! Episode 152!

  62. The neo zeon is one of the mega MA’s that could have done so much more in episode 7. But the hg kit is certainly something else. Compared to the Denbrobium this hg far surpasses any others ever built. Great job making this kit Sid and Ryan!

  63. Aiming to win the Muv Luv or Zoids kit. I will wait for more live stream builds!!

  64. I’m in it to win it….

  65. I need another Koto kit to keep my Eva Unit 01 company

  66. Another great episode, guys! I was actually building the Banshee Ver. KA during your live stream… which makes me wish Build Fighters were real. I think the Banshee would put up a pretty good fight against that Neo Zeong (or get obliterated quickly).

    Anyway, thank you again for doing this! You always rekindle the Gunpla spirit in me!

  67. Im all for the livestreams of the builds (just this time don’t spoil the giveaway results. Keep the rest (news, new and upcoming kits…) for the regular hobbylink tv episodes. You could even add some footage from the live stream during the production.

    Also for the “Make Syd do…?” segment i recommend a speed race between Ryan and Syd on who builds a SD Phenex first (with all decals – if the kit has them).

    And most important. A LIVE Nightingale build is a must.

  68. That Tiger…. Shadow~!!!! XD

  69. Syd/Ryan,

    Do you guys plan to have anymore live-stream builds in the future for big kits. Not strictly Neo-Zeong size, but big in terms of popularity. Keep up the great works guys, it’s always good to see a new episode of Gunpla TV.

  70. Oh wow. These kits look awesome! Would like to win one! 😀

  71. Wow, NeoZeong is huge! Bigger than I thought.
    Kinda dwarfs you guys 😛

  72. i wanna win the zoid tiger 😮 he looks neato!

  73. That’s a big kit alright, smart idea of bandai to have it travel friendly

  74. Great EP Guys !!! neo zeong is so BIG !!! THAT ZOID TIGER I WANT IT !!!

  75. There was a lot of small gimmicks on the neo zeong that makes it pretty tricky to create.
    Was it me or was the quality unclear when it panned to out?
    Also I know it’s quite late but is it possible to have a exopi tutorial to craft addition parts?

  76. Merc said on July 8, 2014

    I feel like i should wait until the comments get over 200 to better my chances of winning. but I’m impatient so no

  77. Jehuty, zone of enders , ps2 oh the nostalgic
    grats for building neo zeong, i was a little late at stream but hey, i in Latvia i woke up late ;3 any way good job guys!

  78. Nice Episode, The Neo Zeong is massive. I wonder will this pave the way for more large MS and MA Kits.

  79. neo zeong is awesome. will definitely get one. thanks guys for yet another great episode.

  80. next live stream candidate: RE 1/100 nightingale.
    hopefully RG z’gok can make it on next episode.

  81. Syd & Ryan, after building the Neo Zeong, would you agree with the high price of the kit or liked to have seen more gimmicks incorporated into a kit of that size? Also glad to see that you have included other kits in the giveaway other than just gunpla…sure would like to win the zoid.

  82. Mic said on July 8, 2014

    Great show guys! hope I can win this time!

  83. Love the Neo Zeong ! Hope you do more Live Build THX!

  84. Zoidddddd! this massive kit look cool! wanna win the zoid so bad!

  85. Wow wow wow! Now I want to have the neo zeong on my collection.problem is i dont have the space to display it.

  86. The shows just keeps getting better and better. Still loving the earlier episodes on the tutorial on how to build gunpla :p . Hope to win this time. Please!

  87. Wow that Noe zeong kit will never fit in my room with the other kits but i still think that i will get it. It is awsome 🙂

  88. John said on July 8, 2014

    Great ep. Guys zoids are the best.

  89. I Guys awesome episode, i really hope i can win something this time!

  90. The Neo Zeong is a beast!
    It would be too big to fit in my room, but it’s a joy to see it just in video and pictures~
    I’ve got to say Ryan, I’m impressed you were able to build it so far already!
    Love to see what you build next.

  91. I’m going to a remote island and I’m bringing;

    Syd:”My carry bag with the Neo Zeon”

    Ryan:”My Millennium Falcon so I finally get it finished” LOL

    Ps, as always great show, and if Mr Random picks me, please let him do another turn, would like to see someone else made happy with a price…

  92. Wow i cant believe that they r gonna be doing a BB phenex unicorn… Shocked that its is actually that famous =)

  93. June said on July 8, 2014

    Awesome episode guys. Hope i win something this time. The zoids look very cool. keep up the good work!

  94. i did saw the streaming~ its nice
    oh yea~ i didnt hav any muv-luv model be4 ~ so i hope to have that,haha! ~

  95. Damn. I wish i had known about the live stream. Any chance of more promotion on HLJ TV in advance of the next one so I won’t miss it?

    Man that Neo Zeon is hugh. Awesome work.

  96. I would really like to win, not like i have a chance though lol

  97. do you guys think if bandai will release a RG version of impulse gundam?
    unlike strike gundam, impulse gundam do change colour depend on what silhouette packs he is using.

  98. hmmm..the Neo Zeong would be good as a room guard … XD

  99. Hey,
    Wish I could win one of those kits. I have a question. Should I top coat or not if I have applied stickers?

  100. Ray said on July 8, 2014

    Finally a review of Neo Zeong…
    I’ve been waiting for a decent review of this monstrous kit…
    Thanks Syd…
    By the way Syd, when will you give me your yellow Sinanju (^o^)…???

  101. Was all ways curious how the jehuty or the muv-luv model were.

    They are all fine models and winning any of them would be awsome

  102. Pick me! Mr.Random Generator

  103. It would be pretty cool to win.

  104. Lots and lots of ideas on how to customize that MASSIVE Neo Zeong!
    What about building Zoids during livestream? 😀

  105. Loved the livestream, can’t wait for more!
    The Neo Zeong is a beast, I may have to settle with an SD version to calm my wallet. 😛

  106. awesome video guys as always..
    pick me Mr. random generator

  107. wow, ryan got and built his own neo-zeong! you guys are awesome as always. was glad to have been part of your epic live stream. didn’t realize it was the first time you guys have tried to do something epic to go with the epic release of the epic neo-zeong 🙂

  108. Great Episode as always guys. Hope I win 🙂 Loved the Live stream, youse should do more. Hope the random generator picks me (fingers crossed)

  109. as usual GJ guys.nice episode as always.
    Imagine the amount of coating for this monster.LOL

  110. Question. Not related to the episode.
    The decals on the 1/100 Metal Gear Ray from Kotobukiya. Are those waterslides?

  111. Great work as always guys! A live stream? Where do you guys post that at? Do you make announcements of when you’ll start? Have a good week fellas.

  112. Neo Zeong wanted to buy this guy some day but too expensive for me i am just a student 🙁

  113. Great episode!!! I keep wondering about what will it looks like with the yellow psycho ring or halo…still a very big amazing kit and I’m looking forward for your next episode. 🙂

  114. Would’ve watched the live stream but woke up two hours too late. You guys should advertise it more in advance.

  115. I’d love to win one of the kits and I dare Syd to eat Natto!

  116. ryan and syd how about mg banshee norn can you do some reviews

  117. for you to build this monster in 2:35 hours
    maaan Syd you are the 4`th meijin XD “gundam build fighters refrance”

  118. Oh My God look at the of that thing if only they had a gundam unicorn full armor at that size

  119. 1/144 scale is nice and all, but I think I will wait for something along the lines of mega size…Or maybe the 1/12 Hyper Hybrid Model. :p

    How many markers do you think it will take to panel line the Neo Zeong?

  120. Zero said on July 8, 2014

    Your video has convinced me that I made the right choice ordering one of these monsters. Thank you.

  121. been waiting for the sd neo zeon when is it become available? another great episode guys please keep up the good work. I wonder how much red does it require to paint the whole 1/144 neo zeon lol?

  122. Amazing Kit! Great job as always guys. I actually watched the live stream while I was at work lol. Would love to win one of those kits!

  123. I still think that the Turn X is a better kit than this one. 🙂

  124. Great ep guys really tossing up on whether to buy a neo zeong due the price tag, but I should start my unicorn collection soon so hope its not too late by then. Also do you think that the 1/400 gundam collection scale will ever come bck? btw that saber tiger look awesome

  125. Tim said on July 8, 2014

    Can’t say no to a Kotobukiya kit. Keep up the great work, guys. Easily the show I look the most forward to each week… or two weeks. 🙂

  126. I want the zoid

  127. I couldnt’ watch the stream, so i couldnt realize how big that kit really is…. i wouldn’t even have the space to keep something like that in my room LoL

  128. I would love to have a Neo Zeong, but unfortunately is quite expensive to buy one 🙁 but instead I’ll try to win the giveaway 🙂

  129. Wow! Awesome episode guys and off course awesome price! Help you guys do better and better for Sid&Ryan

  130. whens the titanium finish neo zeong coming out? lol

  131. why not ‘zoid’berg hahaha lol, didnt think that the neo zeong can be completed in less than 3 hours…well good job cid!

  132. Damn that thing is huge

  133. Nice to see you covering some Kotobukiya next episode. I really like their Anime & Videogames related kits.

  134. Great episode again, guys 🙂

  135. I think you need to do a live stream on the RG Z’GOK

  136. Dang that thing is big. Pretty sad about the bags, would love one but don’t plan on buying the neo zeong nor do i use facebook. =(

  137. Oh man that Neo Zeong is a beauty, but what be more of a beauty would be a hg shamblo which still hasn’t got a kit even with a 3 episode head start vs the neo zeong

  138. Mmmmmm, Dat Jehuty. One of my favorite mechs ever. Haven’t built a Kotobukiya kit and I’m really curious about how it compares to a bandai kit.

  139. That huge Neo zeong makes me wonder if Bandai is going to make any more of 1/48 mega size mobile suits.

  140. The Live Stream was fantastic. I’ve watched it a couple of times as its nice to have on while building. I’d like to see a live stream build-off with Syd, Ryan, Brian and Scott.

  141. The Neo Zeong never fails to amaze. I wonder, how much other stuff could fit in that bag? Great episode, by the way.
    I can’t wait to order the new Patlabor! Kudos on giving Kotobukiya some love, guys!

  142. Cool to see the review of Neo Zeong after watching the live stream. Ryan good job getting yours done too. You guys have stand ins now for the show if one of you can’t make it. I would like to see the Nightengale build on live stream when it hits in Sept. New line and bigger kit but looks to be a pretty straight forward build. It would be cool to see live. Can you give us a heads up on the FB or something for the next. I will stay up to watch live if I know. I missed the last live but caught the Youtube vid after. Just a request from fan on the wrong side of the world.
    Thanks again guys for all your efforts in the show.

  143. Kur0 said on July 8, 2014

    ingrammm…i like it, i want it..

    btw..love the live stream..i hope you guys do it it again..

  144. wow…. again a great ep of hobbylink tv hope to see more ep &gunpla on the show.

  145. hmmmm would really like to get a Neo Zeon kit but I am already running out of storage room , if I buy something this big I am gonna have to sleep on them boxes. will definately be getting this kit one day but at the moment cant see it happening.

  146. I would really love to get one of those kits. Nice videos. Am a big fan!

  147. I actually fell asleep midway through the livestream lol..
    Anyway, I’d really like to win the jehuty kit, I’m a big fan of Zone of the enders almost as much as Gundam. Anyway, I hope you do more livestreams, Syd and Ryan.

  148. its been a year now since i built my first kit and since then i think i made over 22 kits all gundams both HGs and MGs , so thank a lot for your videos u guys were the reason i started this hobby

  149. I need to get the neo zeong like now, but great work guys keep it coming and I would love to win Jehuty.

  150. would be great if you guys did more streams, it was oddly interesting watching you build the neo zeong

  151. IPod said on July 8, 2014

    gunpla tv on a tuesday evening with typhoon neoguri blowing through. its a good life! thanks syd and ryan! you guys make every day awesome, no matter what the weather’s like

  152. Aww. I was hoping we’d be able to win the Grab bag, but I guess it is only fair that the people who bought the Neo-Zeong get the chance.

    I’d still love to get my hands on one of those Kotobukiya kits though!

  153. Yes please, make more of those livestream

  154. Neil said on July 8, 2014

    I wonder if Bandai gonna make even bigger gundams now.

  155. That Zoid looks awesome, I would really love to win that <3

  156. wow! I wonder if you guys could paint your Neo-zeong kits to have more flatter colors! 😀 Can’t wait for the ZGok as well 🙂

  157. it still have that heart shaped smiley in the bottom like the first one..

    its also open for some random and wacky ideas like the Dendrobium is.

  158. You guys rock! ‘Nuff said…


  160. The neo zeong is so awesome but i’d still prefer to buy multiple mg’s instead if i had the money in the first place to.

  161. this episode is so cool…thats a huge gundam i hope ican get that one soon…gudluk to your show…

  162. hey guys love the show just finished building the MG F91 and it was a amazing build but looking at that Neo Zeon im thinking im going to have to pick one up soon! anyways keep up the good work guys and lets win some models!

  163. another nice ep good job guys! hope u guys can do another live stream

  164. neo zeong reminds me of seamus, the dude with pegs for arms and legs from family guy

  165. nice review there syd!and ryan congrats on building your own neo zeong!

  166. Neo zeong awesomeness. Gotta get it. Hope I win this time Syd and Ryan.

  167. The Neo Zeong is huge! I knew it was big but seeing it right next to Syd makes you realize just how big it is. Would like to try some Kotobukiya kits, here’s hoping.

  168. Now I can’t wait for Bandai to make a kit that dwarfs the Neo Zeong.

  169. Nice episode guys ! Would it be possible for some tutorial on battle damage on Neo Zeong ? Would be interesting to see what we can go with those giant plastic ! Oh ya , btw IS IT MY TURN TO WIN !?!?!? COME ON !!!

  170. hey syd and ryan
    wouldnt might grabbing a neo but wonder where the hell would i put that beast hmmmm..

  171. That zeong looks awesome. would be cool to see battle damage.

  172. I dare Syd to bling out his Neo Zeong

  173. Great episode as always guys! The Neo Zeong looks monstrous! Are either of you going to pose it with the boosters or not bother due to the size?

  174. Comment for the raffle.
    I was one number away last time, so hopefully I get something today!

  175. imagine a mg of the neo zeong or even a pg, wearable armor perhaps?

  176. Yay! I won! Thanks guys. Only one problem I forgot my e-mail password. I’ve sent @Syd a PM hope you guys can read it. Thanks again

  177. It would be awesome if we can see Live on some detail touch up. Like how to make a normal kit transfer into a awesome custom kit. Just a suggestion. And good job again in ep 152.

  178. Hi guys ,great episode as always. I hear there`s a hurricane over Japan ,hope it does cause you too much trouble or better yet hope it misses you altogether.

  179. Holy cow! that is one massive kit. There is no doubt in my mind that if I ever get my hands on the neo zeong, it will definetly be the center piece of my gunpla shrine!

    I can’t wait for the Hi-nu Ver. ka either, It’s great to see bandai coming in with quality kits for this year and as always thanks Sid and Ryan for these episodes!

  180. Another great episode guys, love the demo of the Neo Zeong. Also Jehuty from ZOE wooooooot. Would love any of those great kotobukiya kits, though ZOE and Zoids have a more special place in my heart ^_-

  181. Great show as always guys, keep up the good work! I’m always looking forward to each episode!

  182. Hi guys, nice episode as usual. Still can’t believe Sid finished the Neo Zeong in 2 1/2 hours. It is really a massive kit. I’m assuming Ryan is happy with this kit because it is bigger than Mega Size. Are there any chance in future where you guys will be giving it away as one of the giveaway prizes? Anyways, I love to win a Zoid. Keep up the excellent work guys.

  183. I’m so excited for the MG Hi-nu Ver.Ka. Kind of mad at myself for not ordering it when I had the chance. Great episode like always.

  184. Woah that neo zeong could be a statue or something, it’s massive. Anyways, good episode as always guys. Looking forward every week and kudos for Ryan for building the kit.

  185. I have been watch your show on live stream that it make me excited enough to buy a new gundam kit, I want to order the neo zeong kit but it way too expensive so I bought unicorn gundam instead……anyways thank you Syd and Ryan for a good show keep up a good work!!!!! Nice ^^

  186. Hey guys, just recently got into gunpla building and I just finished my 7th master grade (MG Sandrock EW). I’ve been following the show ever since! The live stream was an awesome idea and Im definitely looking forward to more in the future. Keep up the good work.

  187. Syd, try painting your Neo Zeong yellow. To pair it with your yellow Sinanju 😛 just joking though. Keep up the good work.

  188. That Jehuty is looking pretty sexy!

    Great job on the live stream and do keep up the good work!

  189. Great work as usual guys! That Neo Zeong looks fantastic, but I doubt it would fit in my apartment. Maybe mount it on the roof of my car? I’d love to win, I’m a huge Zone of the Enders fan and I’ve been looking at that Jehuty for a while.

  190. awesome!

  191. Poor Sinanju, it is pain in the ass in positioning himself in that Giant Neo Zeong 😀

  192. I really enjoyed this show, great kits. Keep up the work and I can’t wait to see the rg zgok

  193. Keep up the great work guys! Didn’t know building gundams(gunpla) existed until I stumbled across your youtube videos. Now I’m in love with model kits, specifically the RG line. I hope bandai keeps pumping them out. Excited for chars Z’Gok as well!!

  194. ZOIDS aw man i remember watching the show as a kid and loving the different liger forms, the red liger, the blue and orange liger…. good times good times

  195. woooo yeea another great episode guys!!!

  196. I’ve been wanting a koto kit for a while now. Any one of those would be awesomesauce.

  197. I wonder where you can get those posters behind you !
    Also, thanks for your hard work !

  198. Awesome as always!!! I so want to get one of those monstrosities! hope you enjoyed it.

  199. hey guys another great episode. i cant believe that u guys are giving away a zoid. i just started getting into them and i have ordered my first one (the shadow fox). i realllly hope i can win that saber tiger, i really like the way it looks.

  200. the neo zeong is kind of ridiculous. i would need to clear out a ton of space to get it…

  201. Free stuff? SIGN ME UP! 😀

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  203. I wasn’t expecting a live stream of the Neo Zeong build, although it tied in nicely with the last giveaway, are you going to do a live stream of the Nightingale or Hi-Nu Gundam Ver Ka kit when that arrives?

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