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Metamor Force Dino Getter 1 by Sentinel (Part 2: Review)

By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii

Metamor Force Dino Getter 1 by Sentinel (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)


Following on from the unboxing, here is our review of Sentinel’s Dino Getter 1 toy. One of the biggest aspects of this toy is the transformation into a pterodactyl-esque flight mode. Despite looking like a somewhat straightforward transformation, there’s a lot more going on here. As a whole though, this is a really great toy.

As with most Sentinel toys, the sculpt and detailing are suitably high fidelity. There’s also a lot of die-cast involved too, though in a more judicious and strategical sense (though more of this later). Despite the transformation setup, the toy is very well articulated and can hold poses very well. One slight oddity is that there is only once set of hands.

In terms of weapons, the scythe blades are stored on the wings and the tomahawks are attached at the rear in flight mode. The transformation is fairly simple in terms of the upper body but things get complication when it comes to the legs.

Anyway, onto the toy itself…














The lower legs basically split apart and re-attach on either side of their respective wing. Part of this setup is very sturdy diecast and the outer parts are plastic, with a bendy joint linking them. The feet also flip around to reveal smaller toes (likewise on the arms). From above the flight mode looks pretty great but when you flip it over you can see how much craziness is going on. Despite all this intricacy the toy has no issues to speak of and you can transform and pose it confidently. There’s no need to worry that it might break basically.

The overall sculpt and finish of the toy is also super nice. Especially with the whit parts, as these are done in such a way to look like bone, which is pretty great really. Due to the amount of diecast, the toy is also quite weighty and is also of a decent size. The price tag is a bit more than the other Sentinel toys but this is likely down to the increased engineering for the transformation and the amount of diecast involved.

Of all the Getter Robos over the years, this is definitely one of the most menacing designs and the toy does it more than justice. So if you like your super robots big and nasty with some pretty out there transformation shenanigans thrown in, then this is very much for you.

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