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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 111 – Patlabor kits! Priming the Destroid Phalanx

Plamo fans have been asking for some time now for us to focus on the Bandai MG kits from Patlabor however before now there was a problem. These kits are older and not produced as much and also so popular that they sell out almost right away. When this latest batch came in Syd grabbed a few and now we are happy to talk about them on Gunpla TV. Ryan shows the final battle damage on his Macross kit and then moves on to the painting part. And we show off some ‘rare’ bling. All in this episode.

Kits featured in this video:

1/72 SDR-04-Mk.XII Destroid Phalanx
1/35 MG AV-98 Ingram 3rd (TV Version)
1/35 MG AV-98 Ingram 2nd
1/35 MG AV-98 Ingram 1st
1/35 MG Griffin Labor Flight Type
1/100 MG Hyper Mode God Gundam
1/100 MG Hyper Mode Master Gundam


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Gunpla TV host from the beginning, until 2017. You can keep up with his current gunpla projects at gaijin-gunpla.com.


  1. if possible, wish to see more tutorial on how to create those “painted build” gunpla, it will be more interesting for a newbie like me, just my opinion anyway.

  2. i really like this show and now it becomes one of my weekly “must watch” video, those previous episode about what is MG/ PG and SD actually drives me to get some of those kits. My first gunpla kit was RG RX-78-2 bought 2 years ago and just build it recently. As i browse through internet and look for more info about gunpla and I found this cool site, although there are many other gunpla video posted on web everywhere, but this is the first site which is real show that specially recorded for gunpla fans, that is why i expected more from here. thank you for creating those cool episodes, look forward to see more new tutorial in the future ya 🙂

  3. one more comment, sorry, just want to know whether Syd from Hobbylink Tv is the same person who manage this blog http://www.gaijin-gunpla.com/ ? those comment and writing in the blog are so familiar~

    cool blog, of course.

  4. Hey guys thanks for answering my last question!

    Ryan, Ghost in the Shell and Sword Art Online are amongst my favourite, you’re awesome 😀

    But now to the question

    What kind of gundam would you like to see as a Master Grade?
    I personally would love to see Wing Zero Gundam TV version, since it’s a great suit brings me back memories from when I was s kid.

  5. Hey Syd and Ryan, which perfect grade gundam do you like the most?

  6. Hi Sid & Ryan ! Nice episode, like Patlabor too ! Could you show how to work properly with the gold pieces ? my experience is that it gets bad when you remove parts from the sheet, there are always grey parts without the finishing remaining. Is there a way to do it good or only painting will help ?

  7. Hi Syd and Ryan, first I’d like to thank you for the brilliant show. I’ve been watching since before Ryan has been around and I’ve seen the show has improved at a steady pace. I don’t miss an episode now. You guys have become one of the highlights of my week!

    I’m was really surprised this week that you focused on something that isn’t Gundam. It just made me remember how much I loved the designs from Patlabor. In lieu of this, I thought I’d offer a suggestion for the future… A couple of episodes dedicated to the more “rare” mecha releases would be very interesting. For example… Some Five Star Stories kits are (I find) quite difficult to hunt down and are very limited in their releases. I find these to have a unique beauty that I have not seen replicated, very much like the Patlabor kits. They’re just so very different. Armored Core kits and Maschinen Krieger also have designs that I feel are uniquely appealing. Often times when I’ve been on a Gundam building “binge” I like to step away from Gundam for awhile and do something from another series for a break. A show about these “non Gundam” kits would be great! I understand that its “Gunpla TV” and that you focus mostly on Gundam kits, but anytime you have a lull in releases would be a great time to fit one of these shows in, just like this week. I think it would expose people to alternatives in case they (like me,) are looking for something different in between Gundam kits.

    The different materials used for these kits is another thing to mention. Perhaps a feature on ABS, Polyurethane Resin and Polystyrene… The differences between the three to work with? Just suggestions, please feel free to ignore me if you think they’re too crazy.

    Thank you again for the brilliant show. I hope to still be watching you guys when I’m 50!

    P. S. Ryan the Destroid is looking awesome I can’t wait to see it finished.

  8. Hey Guys, loving the show. Just got my loot last week and started my kitbash project:


    When are you guys going to fix your user content page? I know that facebook is another avenue to show off our HLJ bought creations but i think hobbylink.tv should be the main showcase for anything HLJ by the users. Ryan replied to the PG strike gundam i sent him a few weeks ago and i would love to show off some more of my future creations. Its a great way to advertise HLJ. Anyway, love everything you guys do for the community, especially sponsoring rrobbert184 which was where i got to know you guys from in the first place.

  9. @NL
    Yeah, he’s the same guy. They call him “HLJ Gunpla geek” for no apparent reason. 😀
    I do have a question for you though, dear NL. How on earth could you wait two years to make that RX78?! 😀 I’ve bought quite a lot Gunpla from HLJ in the past year or so, with the longest “wait in line until it’s your turn” build delay (usually I get 3-6 kits per shipment which is aprox one per month) was for about a month. I just can’t look at the box, all ready for painting and not do anything about it.
    Anyway, a good show, made me google for Patlabor but that’s ok. 🙂 I’m actually interested in watching it now, I’ll just let it “come to me” if it does.
    Regards from Serbia!

  10. Hey syd and ryan!

    What do you guys think about those non-bandai custom kits from neo-grade and b-club? It seems very enticing to buy one since they give us the kits that bandai wont produce like the 1/100 Kshatriya. But these mostly are resin kits and quite a bit pricey. Can you help us out with the pros and cons of custom resin kits?

  11. Hi Syd and Ryan,
    It was awesome to see you introducing model kits from other series. Hope you will cover other kits in the future, like those from Votoms, Yamato and perhaps more from Macross. Especially with Bandai releasing the VF-1A/S Valkyrie soon. It will be great to get the first hand view from you.
    As for the questions:
    1. Since you mostly do your spray paint outdoor, do you worry about dust getting onto the surface of your newer painted model?
    2. Do you clean the nozzle of your spray can after each use, to prevent it from blocking?
    3. A lot of people say GSI Creos paints are very good. But I am very confused with the way they name their products. Names like Mr Color and Mr Hobby don’t really tell me whether they are acrylic or enamel paint. Can you help explain it a bit please?
    Thanks and looking forwards to your next show.

  12. Will bandi create a Sinanju OVA titanium version?

  13. Hey Syd and Ryan,
    A Big hello from South Africa, enjoying the show.
    Got me hooked now, ordered my first Gundam, a hguc ams-129 geara Zulu through you guys. hopefully more orders to come.
    Cheers Bru”
    regards Mark.

  14. Hey Syd

    Fellow Canadian here (Ontario),

    I Reciently purchased an RG RX-78-2 as well as an RG MS-06S-Zaku II from HLJ. I am impressed with the range of motion and detail in these RG kits, especially considering the only other kit I’ve built is an HG Wing Gundam Zero (Circa 1995?).

    I am thinking about using Gundam Decals instead of the stickers provided, and am wondering what the best way to go about spraying Clear coats and Top coats would be. Should I strip the kit of its panels and spray indivdually? Or, can I achieve a good result by just spraying each assembled limb.

    Loving the show, Go Leafs.

    Dave S.

  15. Hi Woodfish, just saw your comment. I never buy anything from Hlj, i am getting all my gunpla kits from local reseller here. It is not about shipping delay or anything, I bought my first RG gunpla and build it 2 years later because there was an exhibition for bandai gunpla 30th anniversary in town. I am not a what so called “geek” for gunpla or anything, but that exhibition actually make me get into gunpla world. I am not really a big fan for gunpla (as compared to you), but this gunpla tv really sparks my interest on gunpla kits. Anyway, I still think that Patlabor episode is not my cup of tea, I should have keep quite if someone else really like it, is just about sharing opinion.

  16. The maker of the Canary of Death (aka Syd’s Sinanju) isn’t fond of yellow? Are your contacts tinted Syd?

  17. The maker of the Canary of Death (aka Syd’s MG Sinanju) doesn’t really like yellow? Give that man a Facepalm Gundam!

  18. Having the short vi-doc of the Tallgeese was pretty awesome. And the enamel panel wash thing is true! It will crack plastic. The guy that runs the local hobby shop, Modeler’s Core, here in Okinawa will not sell it to me unless I promise to paint my kit first. We argued about it for about 20 mins. I tried to explain that I would take the risk but he wouldn’t have it. He’s an awesome Gunplar so I don’t argue much after that. It’s sooo Japanese like for them to be helpful to the point they won’t let you make a mistake with a purchase. You guys have similar experiences with Japanese customer service?

  19. Syd – you don’t like yellow on a model kit?? didn’t you paint your entire Sinanju yellow!!?? 🙂

    • Haha. What I meant was I don’t like how the yellow looks on Gundam kits. Looks to plasticky.

  20. Hey Sid & Ryan,

    I live in the USA and own an original release PS3 and do not own a XBox360. Yea, original release. No RRODs for the PS3.
    I watched the Pre-E3 reveals of both the PS4 and XBone, and both Sony’s and Microsoft’s press conference at E3.
    XBoxOne is a complete failure.
    Sony has totally trumped MS with the PS4.
    XBone – TV TV TV SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS, Kinect always has to be connected, has to connect to the internet every 24 hrs, DRM, you will pay to use someone’s shared games, and $499… FAIL.
    PS4 – GAMES GAMES GAMES, NO DRM, share games as much as you want, PS camera does not have to be connected, GAMES GAMES GAMES, AND $399… WIN!

    I think Sony has won this coming generation already. You can see it all over the internet. Forums are flaming at MS. Only the true MS fanboys are defending the XBone.


  21. I love how you guys have two entirely different takes on the Tallgeese. Of course yours would be based on the Sinanju, Syd :). I’m excited to hear the both of you have PG kits in the works for next episode. Really can’t wait to see how Ryan does with his GPO1. Thank you for the heads up on the new website as well, I immediately made my way over and signed up….as is evident by this comment.

    Coming up very soon, my family and I are planning on having a Gunpla building party. My wife suggested the idea and who could say no to that. We roped in another couple we are friends with to try and introduce them to the hobby. Of course the kits we will be building are coming from HLJ. You guys are more than welcome to come, we have enough chili for everyone ;). When its all said an done I’ll be sure to post some pictures on Hobbylink.tv. Have you guys ever heard of people doing this sort of thing before?

    Keep up with the good work and I can’t wait for the next episode.


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