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Gunpla TV – Episode 124 – Gundam MG RX-78-2 3.0!

No, you didn’t read that title incorrectly. Ryan and Syd were in the studio just starting filming for episode 124 when in walked HobbyLink Japan’s big cheese, Scott, carrying some plastic bags stuffed with something very special; a sample kit of the upcoming 1/100 MG Gundam RX-78-2 Ver.3.0! Syd and Ryan decided in that instant to make episode 124 be a preview of the August release kit and our camera decided in the very next instant to stop working. That’s right, the camera that saw us through more than 124 episode of Gunpla TV wasn’t up to the task and so we had to resort to our own personal cameras but we still managed to put together some early footage of this early access kit.

Kit featured in this video:

1/100 MG Gundam RX-78-2 Ver.3.0


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Gunpla TV host from the beginning, until 2017. You can keep up with his current gunpla projects at gaijin-gunpla.com.


  1. Hi Syd and Ryan! Nice surprise episode! What were your initial reactions when your boss gave you the runners for the Ver. 3.0? The kit looks like it really incorporated both the RG and the Ver. 2.0. Can’t wait to see the completed model and the next episode. Ryan, try doing the Nutcracker and make a diorama with it.

  2. Sold!

  3. Gundam 3.0 looking very good can’t wait for mine. Syd have you checked out the Frame Arms kits by Kotobukiya? They look like a crossover between Armored Core and Gundam. Can you maybe show one on the show?

    I live in South Africa and unfortunately we have no shops that sell Bandai or Kotobukiya products, so have very little exposure to this kind of stuff. I order all my stuff from HLJ. Just want to thank you guys for your great service.

  4. Nut cracker!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. HypeTrain: next stop RX78-2 3.0

    The 3.0 looks real snazzy with all the sliding and hinged armor parts, i’m a total sucker for those. Wanted to go with a One Year War version until i saw the 3.0, just the right amount of exterior detail and a nice frame.

    Syd? Please, please don’t bend those flexible frame plates, it hurts my feelings somehow.

  6. I’m liking what I see from this 3.0

  7. Hi Syd! Love the Gundam 3.0! I have a crazy question for you if you can answer on the next episode or not, I am just curious about one thing. I know in Japan some of the pro modelers or modelers at times gets gundam kits for preview on making it and lastly they write up a review upon the kit before release. Are you guys able to do that to some of your fans or regular customers?

  8. Hi Syd and Ryan,

    I started watching episode 1 a couple of weeks ago, and now I’m up to episode 120! The videos are great, keep up the good work.

    I recently ordered a couple of kits from HLJ, and my HG RX78-2 is staring at me as I type, complete with panel lines thanks to your videos. 😀

    However I am having trouble with my second build, an RG RX78-2 and was hoping I could get some advice. Some of the armor pieces are popping off when I move some of the joints. Specifically the left knee-cap armor and the armor on the back of the right upper-arm. This doesn’t happen on the other limbs, and no matter how many times I disassemble and reassemble the kit, I keep having the same problem.

    I was thinking of super-gluing the knee-cap armor as it is a stationary piece, and trimming the upper-arm armor as it is a sliding piece. What are your thoughts on this? Are there any alternative options?Is there anything I should be cautious of when super-gluing Gunpla?

    Please help! This is my first RG and I don’t want to ruin it.

    Thanks in advanced!


  9. Well if they did a mastergrade kshatriya it wouldnt be too bad, since the kyshatriya is about the same height as the dreisson. I will concide that the wing binders would be huge though. Man im still holding out for a HG kit of a Galbaldy beta.

  10. Hey syd and ryan! I havent watched this video yet becouse i connot get access to youtube in china. I would love it if you guys start uploading these vids onto youku. Thx!


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