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Boss Builds – Episode 24 – How To Clear Flat-Coat The Hulk

In this episode, Brian preps the Dragon 1/9 Hulk for some weathering with a couple coats of rattle-can flat clear!

Kits featured in this video:

1/9 Avengers: Hulk (Unpainted Kit) by Dragon

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  1. wow! over 7.5 minutes before you finally started spraying that figure.
    Probably some good info in there that I could use if I were patient enough to wade through it all.
    I’m not an expert on painting techniques (though I’m getting much better) but I can tell you that if you are planning on speaking in public you should have a better idea of what you want to say. Winging it can lead to excessive talking without really saying much.

  2. Some great tips in there Brian. Always learning a couple of new tricks from Boss Builds. Hulk looks ‘smashing’!

  3. HI Sorry,
    Sorry you didn’t like the flow, but I think if you took the time to actually listen to what I was saying, you’d appreciate the layout of the video better. I knew exactly what I wanted to say, and said it. Just had a lot that I wanted to say!

    Tank Grey,
    Thanks! Glad you appreciate it!

  4. Great advice! I always learn something super important that i never even noticed to do. You are the funniest person to watch on here for sure and the movie refrences are great!

  5. Hi Exatire,
    Glad to hear you are finding useful things in the videos, and also happy you are finding it entertaining!

  6. Yup, the only problem with painting outdoors is the risk factor for something unexpected landing on the thing you’re trying to paint goes up dramatically, almost like our models have an instant attraction to insects and dirt. Appreciated the useful tips on clear coating. One thing I’m curious about is that you mentioned heating the pieces to get them to fit better during assembly. What’s the impact of doing that after the pieces have been painted? Is there a danger of damaging the painted surface during the heating phase? Been really enjoying your videos, Brian.

  7. Hi Al,
    Glad you like the videos! As for heating the vinyl to get a better fit, the heat itself should not have any effect on the paint, but I’ll be careful not to distort the parts too much as i put them together. That is, I won’t be bending them or wiggling them around much…just pushing them together to get the best fit. I’ve never had problems in the past doing that, so I hope this one will go just as well. We’ll see on the video!


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