Jul 15

Both the big guns come out in this episode of Gunpla TV as Ryan shows off his nearly completed PG GP01, while Syd does likewise with his PG Astray Red Frame. We show the hands, LED assemblies and even go into (too much) detail talking about Red’s Gerbera Straight.

Kits featured in this video:

1/60 Perfect Grade RX-78 Gundam GP01/Fb
1/60 Perfect Grade Gundam Astray Red Frame



  1. great episode! kind of reminds me of the older episodes where syd actually built kits on the show :p

  2. Hey guys, awesome show as usual!
    The amount of detail on the Red Frame’s sword is Insane! >.<
    And, I must say Ryan, your GPO1 is looking awesome.
    But, I have a question concerning Real Grades. I'm a total n00b to Gunpla, and I've only built a few Gundam00 HGs. However, I really want to put together an RG kit, so, my question is, out of all of the Real Grades, which one is the easiest to build?
    Can't wait for the next show! 😀

  3. Hello Syd – Ryan,
    Like the PG’s … I’m planning to build one … is there any new PG’s that bandai has in mind ? I like the red astray just build an MG one & just wondering if you could give me suggestions on how to paint it in a matte finish. Is there a tutorial on how to do it ?

  4. Hey Syd hey Ry, You guys have probably have answered this, but i will ask anyway, because that’s how I roll. If you could see a kit in pg which one would it be? I would like to see either the Heavy arms custom or the G-bouncer. What do you guys think?

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