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20th Episode preview! Gunpla Giveaway

Thanks to all you Gunpla TV viewers out there, Gunpla TV has reached 19 episodes and is still going strong.  To show our gratitude for your support it was decided that we would give away some FREE GUNPLA!  Just watch our 20th episode (scheduled to air Friday, November 26th) and be prepared to answer a question we will ask at the end of the episode.  Give your answer as a comment and your name will be entered to win a 1/100 MG 00 QAN[T].  There will be two awarded by random draw.  Good luck everyone!

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  1. Nice! Thanks Syd and all staff.

  2. Sweet gotta love free stuff and in time for christmas cant wait
    Thanks HLJ

  3. Make it a Zaku and you have a deal! XD

    • @ George wow you don’t want free Gundam? Guess we can’t please everyone!
      If you dont want a Zaku heres a good link to check out click here!

      For everyone else asking questions, all of them will be answered in episode 20 so make sure you’re watching.

  4. do we comment here or youtube or are both accepted?

  5. *as in commenting for answering of the mystery question

  6. Horay!

  7. Nice! Love these things where skill doesn’t matter, all up to luck now eh?

  8. sounds good 🙂

  9. Wow! Can’t wait for the broadcast of the show!

  10. cool i love MG 00 Quanta

  11. i love quanta very much its looks amazing and nice

  12. It’s a subject I have no passion for. Building it would just take time away from other projects.

    Like you say, can’t please everyone. Maybe next contest…

  13. i’ll pass this one..
    never like 00 that much 🙂

    if it’s a MG Unicorn Banshee, i’ll go for it !!!

  14. MAN I LOVE HLJ and their staff great job!!!!


  16. Well, let’s give it a try ;-).

  17. THANK YOU! Been watching since episode one and these have helped improve my building skills so much, I get all of my Gunpla at HLJ now.

  18. Can we answer the question on YouTube as well, or do we have to answer it here?

    • Questions like this will be answer in Gunpla – Episode 20 so watch it to find out.

  19. woooaw nice (^¬^)

  20. I LOVE IT! hlj is awesome! if only it didn’t ship from so far =(

  21. Sounds awesome.

    I’m wondering if HLJ sell gunpla parts (LED units for Exia, GN-X, 00 Qan[T])? or help order them?

  22. Sounds great!

  23. Nice!!! looking forward to episode 20

  24. awesome… Christmas gift.
    And I can’t wait.

    Thanks HLJ
    Thanks Syd

    • Make sure to check out episode 20 guys, let the competition begin!

  25. K I got it~
    Answer: It’s the Master Grad Deathscythe Gundam~
    Comment: I would like to see more reviews on Perfect Grade as no users on YouTube could afford to get their hands on allnof them…this does t apply for u guys for obvious reasons…
    OR u guys can do like a history of RX-78-2 gunpura kits, as shown on gunpla30th.net, it’s pretty cool seeing how it evolved~

  26. O O O! Another comment lol, u guys should wear cosplay in ur videos~ Akai Suisei FTW! (aka Char~) o.<

  27. And umm…isn’t it kinda unfair how everyone who posts after me can read my answer? Jus pointing out…

    • @ Aaron no one can see your previous post, only you and us. No answers will be posted until the competition finishes.

  28. K thanks, soz for posting another comment on some random page….Another comment though…the navigation of this blog is a bit weird…and when u said ‘post ur answer on our hobbylink.tv blog’…u could hv been more specific as to where exactly…so I don’t hv to spam…soz again…

  29. The Kit in every shot is: Master Grade Gundam Deathscythe Ver. Ka

    I think Gunpla TV’s really good for model makers and fans of Gunpla, and I think the thing I’d like to see on the show is the inclusion of kits outside Gunpla, as well as comparisons between the two. It’s a really good show and I hope it continues for many episodes more!

  30. the model kit is master grade gundam wing dethsythe endless waltz ver. ka

  31. i would also like to suggest that you go more in depth on modification that people can do and also maybe do a tutorial or somthing i like that you show painting ideas and i liked learning about the extra finish maybe do some more of those thank you

  32. can anyone see my answer and when does the compatition end thanks

  33. does the kits u see in the intro and the ending count?

    • @ Brian nope they dont count

  34. Do we post the asnwer here?

    • @ Tse yes post your answer here

  35. 00 Gundam

  36. Bandai Gundam MG Master Grade 1/100 XXXG-01D Gundam Deathscythe EW and I want to see the close up on the gundam you are reviewing or showing.

  37. congratulations Syd……and thanks

  38. MG Gundam Deathscythe EW Version

  39. i think the mg deathscythe is shown on every seen.

    for the next one, i think u guys should do a tutorial on how to change the colour of LED lights for custom jobs. 🙂

  40. master grade deathscythe gundam

  41. mg deathscythe gundam

  42. 1/100 master grade deathscythe gundam endless waltz version

  43. please review high grade after war 1/144 scale gundam x and the answer is master grade deathscythe gundam endless waltz version!!!!!!!

  44. Answer: Deathscythe Gundam master grade.
    what I want see on Gunpla TV in the future: more give away like this one? maybe guess gunpla builder/modeler to show off their collections

  45. Answer: MG Gundam Deathsycthe EW Version

    What i would like to see next: PG RX-78 Gundam GP-01/FB

  46. If I win, I think it’ll be my first Gunpla! Good luck everybody :D!!

  47. The Gundam that appear in all the scenes is the MG Death Scythe and i would like to see
    Gundam Exia Ignition mode build 😮

  48. master grade deathscythe gundam endless waltz version i want to see next master grade 1/100 gundam ground type

  49. The Gundam i saw was Master Grade Death Scythe in all the scenes and i would like to see the HG 1/144 Gadessa thank you ^^

  50. its deathsyth
    idea{ why not combine alot of gundams to make a big one

  51. Um did my answer get deleted??? i don’t see my answer like i use too..

    • You will only see your answer until your web browsers history refreshes.

  52. wanna ask.. post the answer here or the Gunpla – Episode 20

    • @ muzhafar izamuddin, please post the answer in the Episode 20 post.

  53. erm i think is a MG gundam VER.ka

  54. Gundam Deathscythe

  55. 1/100 EW MG Deathscythe. I would really like it if you could go more in depth tutorials? Longer videos? Walkthroughs.

  56. Comment section will be locked at 6pm, get your entries in before the competition ends!

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