Oct 21
HLJ : Luke

Gunpla TV hits the floor of the 51st All Japan Plamo Show to show you all the newest and up and coming Plamo! While there weren’t many surprises at this year’s show we still saw a lot of great stuff and even included a surprise for you viewers at the end of the episode.




  1. Great video!!. The Full Armor Unicorn Gundam doesn’t have internal LEDs, glow with the external blacklight LEDs they put on the display

  2. Thank for the show and it make me want to buy different model other than Gunpla but Gunpla still is the best . So PLEASE make more tutorial and other information about Japan.

  3. does this count as episode 57?

  4. Jaw dropping.

    I am so “I want that, and that, and that.”

    Shame UK don’t do them BB guns. I hear someplaces here, you require a licence for a BB gun or that you joined a BB Gunning game club? I don’t wanna get shot in the streets while with it lol

  5. I’m looking forward to the MG Gundam Sandrock and SUPER looking forward to the MG Gundam Heavyarms. I am dissapointed you didn’t show more of the LEO suits in the Wing diorama, and wish you had said something about the Tallgeese III next to the Heavyarms. I’d like to know if thats a future release, or it was just the old kit there on display.

  6. he called the heavy arms sandrock…

  7. Yup, I called the heavy arms sandrock (but then corrected myself). Unfortunately, with all the people milling around we only had one chance to take the shot so we did the best we could.


    The Tallgeese was just the old kit. If it was a Future release we would have definitely let everyone know.

  8. Msg for ryan, zone of enders hd remake due for latest gen console in jan(us) 😉

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