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Fate/Grand Order Assassin/Mysterious Heroine X by Kotobukiya (Part 2: Review)

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Here we are with the second part of my review dedicated to Assassin/Mysterious Heroine X figure by Kotobukiya or, if you prefer, the actual review for this figure.

Heroine X wears a mostly blue outfit, partly covering her body and leaving just the right parts of her body bare. She is surely sexy, although not flaunting her beauty at all.

Heroine X’s petite frame is gently hugged by clothes that are reminiscent of both a futuristic and a more casual, almost sporty style. A very nice contrast is given by the shorts, cap, and jersey with the boots and her top, and the piece of cloth hanging from one of Heroine X’s hands, which adds a touch of elegance to the whole outfit.


This stylish and eye-catching combination is perfectly accompanied with Heroine X’s golden-blond hair, gathered in a simple ponytail and thus not too overwhelming but still quite stand out. Completing the gorgeous appearance of this figure is Heroine X’s mysterious (and quite cute) expression.


This figure is absolutely magnificent in terms of overall appearance and display presence, but it also is quite stunning speaking of quality of both paintwork and sculpt. For starters, Heroine X is easy to assemble thus less prone to breaking, and the figure looks quite sturdy once placed on its base.


The sculpt is neat and quite good basically everywhere, but particularly on Heroine X’s outfit which has many small details that are all very well done.


The same applies to the paintwork, which doesn’t have visible smears or excessive paint anywhere and, overall, seems pretty neat as well, with only some minor errors – mostly where dark parts encounter lighter ones.

I particularly like how the two swords have been sculpted and painted, with small details and contrasting colors highlighting Heroine X’s appearance even more.

heroinexms-review-5 heroinexms-review-37

The paintwork is done with different finishes on this figure, and I’m always very happy when companies pay particular attention to these little details that, in the end, are a good part of what makes a figure something worth purchasing and owning.



Sexy and very cute, Heroine X by Kotobukiya makes a worth having piece for any collector loving the “Fate” franchise or for anyone who is just looking for something well made and pleasing to look at.

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  1. One has to wonder what the Chinese ladies who sit at their workstations all day painting these “sexy girls” must think…

  2. Saber is probably one of my all time favourite characters. This figure looks very cool. Haven’t tried or played Grand Order. Mostly because my phone’s firmware can’t be updated to the latest to try it out.

    Netflix account expired so I have yet to finish Fate/Apocrypha too. ;_;


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