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1/72 RZ-046 Firefox by Kotobukiya (Part 1: Unbox)

1/72 RZ-046 Firefox by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert184-firefox (1)

The Firefox is a fox-type Zoid stolen by the Neo-Zenebas Empire and in a familiar twist, repainted in red.  Now released as a limited model from Kotobukiya. Let’s see what’s inside the sharp looking box!

rrobbert184-firefox (2)
Familiar Bandai High Grade size box, with a little more depth.

rrobbert184-firefox (3)
4800 the regular retail price as you can see in the corner. Even cheaper at HLJ.com!

rrobbert184-firefox (5)
Great cover art that catches the eye even for those completely unfamiliar with zoids and Ligers.

rrobbert184-firefox (6)
Number #34, and limited to boot. All part of Kotobukiya’s 30th anniversary it seems.

rrobbert184-firefox (4)
Looks nothing like the web browser, but maybe there’s addons?

rrobbert184-firefox (7)
Not text heavy, but you can see the cockpit opening and the pilot inside.

rrobbert184-firefox (8)

rrobbert184-firefox (9)
Extendo-gun looks like fun off the back.

rrobbert184-firefox (10)
More bright colors than you might imagine once you crack open the box.

rrobbert184-firefox (37)

rrobbert184-firefox (11)

rrobbert184-firefox (12)
And your eyes will be rightfully drawn to the very nice gold and silver plates.

rrobbert184-firefox (13)
The plates and pieces are well carved.

rrobbert184-firefox (14)

rrobbert184-firefox (15)

rrobbert184-firefox (16)

rrobbert184-firefox (17)

rrobbert184-firefox (18)

rrobbert184-firefox (19)
Really impressive silver, it looks like it’s been painted on by a semi-pro, which is great for out of the box.

rrobbert184-firefox (20)

rrobbert184-firefox (21)
The gold also looks impressive. Not overly shiny, just a solid quality feel to it.

rrobbert184-firefox (22)

rrobbert184-firefox (23)

rrobbert184-firefox (24)
Clear green for even more color pop.

rrobbert184-firefox (25)
Three of these light yellow plates, with the name bar stating ‘Command Wolf’. Does he have an all white Zoid?

rrobbert184-firefox (26)

rrobbert184-firefox (27)

rrobbert184-firefox (28)
I’ll try not to lose my pilot and magic red basketball, which come well bagged from Kotobukiya.

rrobbert184-firefox (29)
On to the manual.

rrobbert184-firefox (30)
Lots of background in text form to kick things off.

rrobbert184-firefox (31)
Kotobukiya seems to like adding lineart everywhere, not that that’s a bad thing as it looks good.

rrobbert184-firefox (32)

rrobbert184-firefox (33)
Typical instruction page, lots of white in the background, with everything coming across as clear and crisp.

rrobbert184-firefox (34)

rrobbert184-firefox (35)
Get your red paint out for most of the kit.

rrobbert184-firefox (36)
Water slides and instructions how to put them on are included but…

rrobbert184-firefox (38)
Despite lots of cool letters and more that you can add…

rrobbert184-firefox (39)

rrobbert184-firefox (40)
They don’t tell you where to put them! Apparently you just put whatever you want wherever you want in terms of the slides.

rrobbert184-firefox (41)
Overall, it’s a great unbox. The colors pop, the pieces looks good, and there looks to be a lot of variety when you start putting it all together. The water slides may be a bit unnecessary as the model looks good in all the photos without any on, so it seems they can be easily omitted. I’m excited to start putting this together!

rrobbert184-firefox (42)
As this fox looks like it will be ready to hunt! Thanks for checking this out.

rrobbert184-firefox (43)
“Stolen and painted red? I’m shocked, shocked I tells you.”


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1 Comment

  1. The “HMM34 Limited” notation basically just means that this kit is a alternate version of an existing kit, in this case the HMM34 shadow fox, it doesn’t mean your particular kit is different to other firefox’s.

    Afaik there is always something about the kit that makes it more then a simple recolor, pilot figure or special weapon(gun sniper leena special anyone) for instance, in this case its the shiny gold and silver.

    Really though “limited” is just one of those funny, slightly off uses of an english word in a Japanese setting, they even rerelease “limited” kits so they arent even limited in that sense haha, perhaps special or alternate would have been a better choice, but ah well


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