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Anime Figures For Collectors Who Want To Start Building Models

Today we’re taking a look at a line of figures that make it easy for figure collectors with no experience to smoothly transition into model kits! While this isn’t a new line, we’ve never really explored it. That changes today!

A Semi-New Manufacturer

This time we’re introducing Our Treasure. We can’t say that this manufacturer is a new kid on the block, as it was established in April 2017. With a couple of years under its belt, we’re curious to see how it’s been doing!

Right now, its Assemble Heroines line has some amazing offerings from series like Fate/Grand Order, Sword Art Online, and Frame Arms Girl.

Rising Popularity

Actually, the some of these kits have sold so well they’ve gone order stop! These include Hresvelgr (Summer Queens) from Frame Arms Girl and Mash Kyrielight (Summer Queens) — but maybe there will be another chance to snag one in the future. For now, you can use those links above to check out the kits!

The good news is that there are still other figures in this lineup available at HLJ.com!

Semi-Finished Kits

So before we get into the available kits, let’s talk about what semi-finished kits are. Well, for instance, Fate/Grand Order: Assemble Heroines Caster Nero Claudius (Summer Queens) has her head and sword fully assembled and prepainted while the rest of her body requires some assembly. 

So, the head will look perfect while you get the fun of putting the other parts of her body together. And while there’s be great color separation, the more adventurous collectors can paint the lower body to get an even better finish!

As for Sword Art Online: Alicization: Assemble Heroines Asuna (Summer Queens), she has a fully-assembled and prepainted head, while the rest of her body requires some assembly that comes molded in flat colors. What’s more, this figure kit has a neck ball joint so the angle of her head can be changed slightly for display.

So if you’re looking for a kit that has the quality of a figure, or a figure to get you started in model kits, the Assemble Heroines line is for you! They remind me of the quality of Figure-rise LABO kits but with a bit less effort!

Have you built one of the Assemble Heroines figures already? Let us know in the comments how it was!

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