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A No-Nonsense Frame For Custom Mecha!

Kotobukiya’s Frame Architects are back with 3 new awesome additions. But these new posable frame has been updated to RE2 specifications! 

Some may remember in 2012, 2011, and even as early as 2009 the
Frame Architect Type-001 was released to a really positive reaction from Kotobukiya fans. These model kits build Frame Arms-style mecha frames — and nothing else.

What was great about this series, and Frame Arms Kotobukiya products in general, was that mecha kits in the same series could be attached to the highly-articulated body frame. You could even make your own custom parts for use on the frame as well.

These no-nonsense bare-bones frames mean that you can customize your own mechas completely without having to start from a kit that has armor parts you aren’t really interested in. That makes these similar to Bandai’s Core Gundam and 30 Minutes Missions concepts — except these guys contain nothing but a frame. This isn’t something you see often.

Like before, interchangeable hands are included with parts molded on plastic sprues.

For the rest, you can take parts from your favorite model kit, whether or not it’s Kotobukiya, and go to town building your own.

Of course, the Frame Architects arrive unassembled, and are made of PS plastic that’s easy to modify or paint.

We repeat this a lot on our Kotobukiya reviews, but the 3mm joints make it possible to rearrange its limbs as you like, even with other Frame Arm kits and accessories.

Frame Architect maintains the same integrated upper arm part configuration and hip joint structure as before. Two types of eye sensors are included, too.

The hand parts are newly equipped with a swing axis, and the FA Hand 2 holding a gun grip is included. Its waist jointing has also been changed for increased posability. Three colors are available during the current preorder period and will be released in April 2021!

Since this is just an inner frame model kit, the articulation is expected to be nice and simple, and relatively unobstructed. Of course, as you build on the frame, be sure to pay attention to how your armor choices impact articulation. At least you’ve got a lot of holes to choose from when equipping your own armor, so the configuration possibilities are endless!

On top of being a great base for a custom model build, it may also be a good pose reference for robot or mecha artists. The articulation is just so fluid, it’s impressive!

And if you’re a figure photographer, scale is important — these guys have no scale themselves, but seem to go well with 1/144 or 1/100 model kits, meaning that HG, RG, and MG Gunpla are all good companions. Of course, Kotobukiya’s own Frame Arms & Frame Arms Girl models work, too!

Be sure to check out the lineup here!:
Frame Architect Type-001

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