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Clockwork Planet: RyuZU by Kotobukiya (Review)

From HobbyLink Japan

Clockwork Planet RyuZU 1/7 scale figure by Kotobukiya comes in one of the loveliest boxes I’ve ever seen. Parts of the box are of clear plastic so as to make the figure inside visible, while other are either covered with photos of the item and a beautiful illustration of RyuZU. Although it’s only a box, I do love this one for its colors and design.

The figure comes already assembled, and RyuZU is placed on a clear base which resembles glass. I’m not sure if that’s the actual material, but it is quite stylish and sophisticated and I like it. This simple base mounts on the actual support of this figure: a round piece of plastic made in the form of a clock mechanism. This part of the figure support looks quite stunning as well.

On RyuZU’s head we can find a lovely veil, which can be attached with some adhesive parts Kotobukiya provides the figure with, along with instructions. Please note that in this review I only put the veil on RyuZU’s head without using the adhesive parts (which I will save for later when I’ll put the figure on display). On this note, the veil stays in its place even without the provided adhesive parts supporting it.

This figure is a little gem, in my opinion. I will be honest: I’m not familiar with its origin, but I like RyuZU’s character design quite a lot. The figure is rich in details and has a color combination I find very pleasing. I do love all the grey and purple accented with a little bit of red, and her white hair.

Speaking about the sculpt, this figure is very well done, especially considering the amount of details of RyuZU’s outfit. Everything is very well-shaped and executed, and I particularly like the intricate design of the dress. The skirt is something gorgeous, with all its details — especially the back part.

This figure is a mix of modern and classic style, and I like a lot how Kotobukiya was able to turn such a beautiful and particular character into a litte 3D treasure. My favorite part of this RyuZU figure definitely is her face. She’s expressive and cute, and the expression matches her pose perfectly.

The paintwork is equally beautiful and well executed. We have parts with a pleasing matte finish perfectly mixing with others that are painted with a glossy and shiny black paint, everything adorably combined with almost-clear parts and RyuZU’s fair and smooth skin.

RyuZU doesn’t have any important issues to mention, in regards to both sculpt and paintwork. This is a figure that could have been turned into something mediocre or even bad due to the amount of details and the intricate design of this character, but luckily, Kotobukiya was able to execute this piece perfectly, and I dare deem this figure one of their best works.

For fans of Clockwork Planet or simply lovers of well-done and quite impressive figures, this 1/7 scale Clockwork Planet RyuZU figure by Kotobukiya is an item I would recommend to anyone enjoying well done and quality anime merchandise.

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