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1/100 MG Gundam Exia Ignition Mode


User Content (UC) : 1/100 MG Gundam Exia Ignition Mode
Submitted By : beamknight87

While I really like the design of the Exia, for once I wanted to do something different, which was precisely what this kit offered and went straight for the Repair version. I’ll be honest, Z’s own Exia inspired me to follow his example to build mine, although I differed from him regarding the weathering all over the model and went much further, staining a lot more mine.

In order to achieve this effect I used the Tamiya Weathering Sets C and D. There really isn’t much to it. You first need to already have applied a layer of topcoat all over the model, as that way, it will serve as base for the powder to add on, otherwise, if you try to apply it directly into the plastic out of the box it just falls off. What I did was to use the little sponge and give a quick lick to all of the armor with the Gunmetal powder, then used the Burnt Blue and Burnt Red on the edges of the pieces to accentuate the shading. Keep in mind that you need to apply another layer of topcoat over the pieces in which you used the makeup, otherwise it will fall off from the model.

I also used some Tamiya Gunmetal acrylic paint in the whole the inner frame and pretty much every other gray plastic color piece, since over these pieces I didn’t use any weathering. I decided to leave one GN Beam Dagger at the back, just to tell myself that my Exia is not so defenseless if it ever loses its main weapon. I just painted the blade with Tamiya Clear Red to improve its look.


I really like the badass battle-veteran look TermiExia has. It is quite unique.

Issues, there are some. The feet are my major gripe, as the Exia actually stands on its heels rather than the whole sole of the feet, which means balance problems if you want to pose him standing on the ground. This is why the model demands you to get a display base for it. Second, the right arm. Without the GN Condenser that connects the shoulder to the arm, the shoulder armor is extremely loose. More importantly, the arm inevitably sags down due to the weight of the GN Sword/Rifle combo. Third, the GN Sword itself. It tends to pop out of its place really easily, making even some fingers on the hand fly with it (specially the thumb). Annoying, but with some patience you can get it just right.

Final comments… this is an awesome model, however, I heavily recommend you to weather it if you plan to build it in its Exia Repair form.

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  1. You know someone’s photography style and model is quite distinguishable when you can recognize it immediately without even reading the title or entering the article :). I just saw the top half of the image before entering and already knew it was your Exia haha.

    Love how much weathering you put into your Exia compared to mine, but I think I “damaged” mine just a bit more though (sawed off the knee pegs and added a few nicks, dings, and scratches here and there)… Poor thing really does need to be repaired xD.

  2. Cara, tu é brasileiro!? Eu sabia que eu conhecia esse Exia, eu vi ele lá pelos idos da competição da HLJ, e teu nome me chamou a atenção! De qualquer jeito, sempre adorei o Exia, e bah, esse teu Exia é show de bola, a pintura, o weathering ta perfeito! If you’re not brazillian, just don’t bother with this message.

  3. No, I’m not Brazilian =p, but I’m glad to know that my photography style is becoming distinguishable out there.
    I think I should have added more scratches here and there (just added a small one in the cockpit) but this served me as good practice for any future model I want to give it some damaged look. Still thinking about what to do with the leftover chromed GN Sword…

  4. Great job on your Exia, i like the weathering you did and the lighting… looks natural 🙂


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