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Toy Tengoku – Episode 3 – Dress-Up Day!

It’s Dress-Up Day at Toy Tengoku! In this episode, Robin attempts to fit Yamato’s shapely vmf50 Original Concept Girl Ami into the Girl Holic Maid Dress Set, while Ardith demonstrates the hazards of trying to attach the cloth on Bandai’s Saint Cloth Crown Sagittarius Seiya without your glasses on. Guest-starring Albert Einstein!

In this episode:
– Bandai Saint Cloth Crown Sagittarius Seiya
– Yamato vmf50 Original Concept Image Girl #5 Ami 50cm
– Yamato vmf50 girl holic Wig Semi Long Straight Light Brown
– Yamato vmf50 girl holic BVT Inner Set White
– Yamato vmf50 girl holic Maid Dress Set A
– Cuties 60cm Doll Stand Black
– How2Work 1/6 Albert Einstein

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  1. Another enjoyable episode. Go Einstein! (So that’s why his grey cells were always so active!) Looking forward to seeing Seiya and Ami all dressed up. Also looking forward to seeing what new wonderful figures will be revealed in upcoming episodes.

  2. I’d treat Saint Seiya Fig as more of a posable statue, and similar figures or Chogokin figs. They look so fragile!


    My brother brought a Dollfie Dream concept character, very very expensive and the VMF50 dolls are too … I don’t think I would adopt a daughter very soon. (Well, not that I thought about it hahaha.)

    Besides removing the arms, “beheading” also works well to put on the girls/guys clothes. The maid skirt is… really really short :O Is that normal?


    Great show, so fun to watch, I think this may just be on par with Gunpla TV.
    Syd better watch out! Cute dolls and statues trumps Gundams nowadays!


    (Einstein has a great view there!)


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