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Whimsical Scenes in a Pokeball – The Pokemon Terrarium Collection!

Popular Japanese trinket maker Re-Ment’s Pokemon Terrarium Collection brings the world of Pokemon to life! The series features clear Pokeballs measuring 6.5 cm in diameter, each perfectly encapsulating a little scene of fan-favorite Pocket Monsters in their natural habitats.

In this article:

  1. How to Get a Full Set
  2. Protips for Display
  3. More Charming Pokemon from Re-Ment

How to Get a Full Set

Like most of Re-Ment’s collectible toys, the Pokemon Terrariums are sold in blind boxes, leaving which particular Pokemon you get to chance. BUT —

At HobbyLink Japan, we sell boxes of complete sets, so there is no risk of missing out. Out in the wild here in Japan, you will see these boxes open and on the shelves in supermarkets. It’s a thrill to pull at random, but also can be frustrating if you keep getting the same one.

I often buy these myself, but never more than 2 at a time. Here’s one I picked up over the weekend:

Protips for Display

You can collect the whole set and put them on your desk or shelf, or just get the odd one to decorate your room. I display mine on the stands of my figures to save space.

Here’s a tip for these terrariums: out of box, you get the little figures and the soil or water base that you place the Pokemon as you can see below:

Personally, I have quite a number of small figures. Of course, here in Japan we also have the occasional earthquake, so in my home having one of these fall to the floor is a real possibility. I recommend gluing down the parts and even the base to the clear Pokeball, to prevent accidents caused by earthquakes, clumsiness, or pets!

More Charming Pokemon from Re-Ment

So far there have been 9 traditional terrarium series with 6 different designs each; the latest is number 9. However, Re-Ment also has other charming collectible Pokemon lines such as Pile Up! Pokemon Forest or the Gemstone Collection (coming out in June).

The most recent terrarium release is the “In The Seasons” collection. It will show off the aesthetics of the various seasons, each with a different Pokemon combination! From summery waters, spring breezes & blossoms, hallowing autumns, and glacial winters, there’s something for everyone’s favorite season.

In this lineup we have Whimsicott, Pikachu & Mantyke, Pumpkaboo & Mimikyu, Glaceon, Emolga and Fennekin.

So if you’re interested of grabbing a set of these seasonally-themed Pokemon terrarium or similarly-sized gemstone mini-dioramas head over to HLJ now! And be sure to bookmark the links below so you don’t miss future releases in these lines!

Pokemon Terrarium Collection
Clear Pokeballs with outdoor scenes
Pile Up! Pokemon Forest
Stackable tree trunk parts with Pokemon on them
Pokemon Line Up and Connect
Horizontal connecting scenes of Pokemon together
– Or, see all of Re-Ment’s Pokemon sets!

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