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Toy Tengoku – Episode 15 – All Go-Busters, All the Time!

Super Sentai super-fan Scott busts out DX Go-Buster Ace and shows off the first wave of Bandai’s Go-Busters goodies in this episode of Toy Tengoku.

Items featured in this video:

– Bandai Sentai Hero #01 Red Buster
– Bandai Sentai Hero #02 Blue Buster
– Bandai Sentai Hero #03 Yellow Buster
– Bandai Buddyloid #01 Cheeda Nick
– Bandai Buddyloid #03 Usada Lettuce
– Bandai Buster Machine CB01 DX Go-Buster Ace
– Bandai Buster Gear #01 Morphin Brace
– Bandai Buster Gear #02 Ichigan Buster
– Bandai Buster Gear #03 Sougan Blade
– Bandai Charatchi! Go-Busters Digital Wrist Watch
– Bandai Punch Fighter Go-Busters
– Bandai Ranger Spinner Go-Busters

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  1. Thought the Go-Buster Ace was pretty cool! Would love to see it joined up with its two counterparts once they’ve been released. Mega robots are nifty! Great episode, as always. Looking forward to the next one.

    Question for Scott: Were you able to finish the 1/24 Lexus LFA? Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂

  2. Hello girls!
    I have a question – will you show us the 1/48 Metal Gear REX? Which I saw on your site just recently.

  3. I wouldn’t mind seeing the 1/48 Metal Gear REX being presented on the show myself. It looks pretty neat!

  4. Yay! Scott @ Toy Tengoku!^^
    The Boss himself!

    He likes Super Sentai!^^

  5. Why has DX Go-Buster Ace been ‘Discontinued’? He was just released? Will HLJ receive any future re-stock of DX Go-Buster Ace?


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