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Toy Tengoku – Episode 31 – Play Arts Kai Mass Effect 3

This week “Toy Tengoku” welcomes special guest Ryan, who unboxes “Mass Effect 3” main man Shepard from Enix’s Play Arts Kai lineup for a closer look. Also, Robin shows off three large-and-in-charge new arrivals from Mega House!

Kits featured in this video:

1/8 P.O.P Sailing Again Brook
1/8 P.O.P. DX Arlong
1/8 High Priestess Akane Senri PVC
Play Arts Kai: Shepard, Play Arts Kai: Garrus Vakarian and Play Arts Kai: Ashley Williams


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  1. Again I’m amazed at the flowing sculpts they can achieve these days, as demonstrated with the Priestess Akane Senri figure. Very well done.

    Liked the Mass Effects figures Ryan highlighted. As usual, Enix has done a great job, and they are a nice addition to their Play Arts line. Suitably detailed and poseable, they’d fit in well to any Mass Effect collection. I’ve never played the games, nor do I know much about the stories, but I will be picking up Mass Effect: Paragon when it’s released later this year.

    As always, enjoyed the show and I’m looking forward to seeing what figures are showcased in your next episode. Cheers.

  2. I have all 3 of these:

    Garrus is *hard* to make stand on his own.
    Sheperd’s Face looks like a zombie.
    Ashley is the one with the least issues — and no, she doesn’t have Cyborg arms — but she is noticeably smaller than Garrus and Sheperd.

    I use a http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN963155 to display all 3 figures. I suspect that any of other Tamashii stages will work.

    Between the Play Arts Kai series and the Kotobukiya Bishoujo series, I think the Kotobukiya toys are a better deal for the money. Kotobukiya is supposed to launch a FemShep in Q4, but I haven’t yet seen a pre-order from HLJ, so I don’t know if that is delayred.

    I will admit to looking forward to the Tali vas Normandy figure that is being released in December along with FemShep. Given that she wears a mask, it will probably won’t have the same face issues that Ashley and MShep had. Tali might suffer a balance problem similar to Garrus given her non-human feet.

    The one Mass Effect character that would probably work very well in the Play Arts Kai series is Legion, but SE hasn’t yet released which figures they are doing next.

    Last thing is that none of the Play Arts Kai include any sort of code for bonus in-game content. The Kotobukiya Statue did, as well as the lower quality BigFish Toy versions.

  3. Are the soulder pads articulated??? I mean can you move them like with the garrus figure or the Ash figure??? I dont like too much how looks the shoulder joints in the video, both arms are too far apart from the body, can you hide the shoulder joints with the shoulder pads in a normal position???


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