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Toy Tengoku – Episode 40 – Got a broken figure? Robin and Ardith can help!

This installment of Toy Tengoku demonstrates a dependable way to restore a damaged figure to displayable condition.

Items featured in this video:

1/8 Momohime PVC by Alter


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  1. I need some advice. My Megahouse RuLiLuRa figure’s costume(which can be cast off )broke. It’s the hook like part that latches it to its other half. It is a transparent plastic. Same with the skirt of my Megahouse Vante. the hook part of her transparent skirt broke. what adhesive do you recommend?

  2. Some excellent repair tips. And yup, you’d need a fair amount of glue to cover the surface area of a joint the size this figure had. It’s when the fiddly little bits break that things tend to get a little tricky. Especially when not all cements or glues will dry absolutely clear. One reason why I try to handle figures as little as possible until I can get them in their display case. A lot of the figures manufactured these days look positively stunning, but sometimes with some fairly delicate pieces.

  3. @Steve Veloso: My guess would be that you might find it extremely difficult to glue those pieces back into place. Super glue *might* do the trick–I’d use the gel type as opposed to the more runny type–but then again, it might not.

    If it was a case of the pin breaking off on an arm or other such part, I would recommend drilling a very small hole where the pin was, then inserting a small piece of doweling (wood or plastic) of the same diameter, and cutting it off so it’s the right length, and then possibly running some sandpaper over the end if it needs to be rounded off somewhat.

    However, that approach probably would not work for hooks on castoffable clothing. You may have to just glue the clothing pieces together and call it good–there’s some things that are unfortunately almost impossible to fix. Hope that might help… !

  4. I just repaired a couple of figures that had fallen off the shelf. CA(super glue) gel or epoxy works for repairs. you just have to use your judgment as to what will work for the joint. Generally the more gap in the joint the less likely that CA is going to work very well. For resin figures you are much better off using the epoxy as the models are mad from a rigid material. the problem is that if epoxy is not mixed correctly it will not set unless you heat it. Also I have found that brass or steel works better for pinning figures.


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