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Boss Builds – Episode 22 – Paint Detailing the Hulk

In this episode, Brian finally gets around to doing some detail painting. Hair! Teeth! Eyebrows! Eyes! FUN!

Kits featured in this video:

1/9 Avengers: Hulk (Unpainted Kit) by Dragon
1/9 Avengers: Hulk Action Hero Vignette (Pre-Painted Kit) by Dragon

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  1. Nice Work. I’m building the Iron Man and Hulk model too. So this is a great tutorial. Thanks a lot. Can’t wait too see the next steps.

  2. Thanks, Marco! Glad you’re finding it useful. We’d like to see your models when you’re done, too!

  3. Coming along nicely, Brian. Good tips for painting the eyes and teeth. Interesting that the figure included moulded irises, which ended up causing a bit of grief. Looking forward to the rest of the build.


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