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Topless Megami Device Tops (And Bare Bottoms!)

We do a lot of Kotobukiya reviews here on hobbylink.tv, including Megami Device, and love how customizable they all are. With all models equipped with 3mm connection points, you can already use many of the lines together, including M.S.G, Frame Arms, and more.

Now, we have even more ways to customize your Megami Device kits! Coming in December, we have 3 Megami Device M.S.G 01 Tops Sets. They come in 3 different skin tones: peach, light peach, and white. They just went up for preorder this week.

As you can see it, allows you to have a blank “canvas” to work with. You can paint your own skin-tight clothes or use plastic parts or fabric to craft custom wear. Or, you can just keep them in the nude, if that’s your preference. These parts don’t feature any explicit anatomy, so they’re a bit robotic looking and fit well with the Megami Device designs, without being too risque to display.

Both small and large shoulder widths are included with these. And, shoulder joints made of both ABS and POM are included as well!

These sets are compatible with the WISM Assault series, Shura series, Chaos & Pretty series, and SOL Raptor, so you’re well covered with the kits you own.

Best of all, Kotobukiya’s got your back — these option kits are only 765 JPY each at HLJ.com.

But that’s not all. Kotobukiya has also announced the second Modeling Support Goods release: Megami MSG 02 Bottoms Set for your mecha waifu customization needs. This line hits our shelves in February.

This time, as you may have guessed from the name, you can give your kits bare bottoms (with a few other bare parts, too). So let’s take a look at each of these, one by one.

First up is the Megami Device M.S.G 02 Bottoms Set Skin Color A, which is the light peach color. This set allows you to change the bottom to a plain color but also allow you to update your Megami Device figure with larger upper thighs to make her legs more stable. There’s also a new gimmick expanding the hip joint to the side, which allows for a wider range of action poses. The waist parts have also been streamlined, and realistic bare feet with more slender ankles are also included.

Like before, this set is compatible with the WISM Assault series, Shura series, Chaos & Pretty series, and SOL Raptor.

Next up is Megami M.S.G 02 Bottoms Set Skin Color A. This one is the pinker peach tone. The only difference with this set is that it is only compatible with the Bullet Knights series (excluding Hell Blaze).

Finally we have Megami M.S.G 02 Bottoms Set White. This one is compatible with everything; sets A and B are for matching your kit’s skin tone. This one is totally different since it’s white, and will allow you to make any cool looking design.

These are a touch more expensive than the torso parts at 855 JPY each at our website, but they’re still a great value!

So if you’re the type who likes to get creative and wants to make a custom Megami Device girl for your shelf, what are you waiting for? You can preorder these today!

Check out all Megami Device M.S.G option parts here.

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  1. Thanks for the info! This parts will come handy for kitbash and modding!

    Btw, when exactly are they going to be released? I know it says in December, but by this time there hasn’t been any more 8info about it :/


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