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1/12 KOS-MOS Ver.1 by Kotobukiya (Part 2: review)

1/12 KOS-MOS Ver.1 by Kotobukiya (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)
rrobbert184-kosmos-review (1)
The very first Kos-mos is now all put together. How will she stack up?

rrobbert184-kosmos-review (2)
As usual, it’s a straightforward build.

rrobbert184-kosmos-review (3)
Front, side and back shots.

rrobbert184-kosmos-review (4)

rrobbert184-kosmos-review (5)
Her hair parts are able to move, revealing the back line.

rrobbert184-kosmos-review (6)
Her arms can bend around 90°.

rrobbert184-kosmos-review (7)
Though her hips can bend a lot less.  Wowever, if you try hard enough, you don’t need a stand to get a kicking pose.

rrobbert184-kosmos-review (8)
Her upper body can turn in a very wide range. Much more than what you see in the picture, but it does look weird if you do try to move her much.

rrobbert184-kosmos-review (9)
Loads and loads of weapons and accessories!

rrobbert184-kosmos-review (10)
Hilbert Effect and X-buster! The X-buster part doesn’t seem too bloody if you leave it unpainted.

rrobbert184-kosmos-review (11)
The Impact Cannon is well molded, but could use some color details.

rrobbert184-kosmos-review (12)
The handgun looks cool.

rrobbert184-kosmos-review (13)
But it’s the Dragon Skull long saber that really looks insane!

rrobbert184-kosmos-review (14)
Hand Vulcans with 100,000 magazine. A shot right out of The Matrix!  Or Gundam UC?

rrobbert184-kosmos-review (15)
It’s even taller than the High Grade Turn-A Gundam which is already well above average for an HG.

rrobbert184-kosmos-review (16)
Now it’s time for some final thoughts. You may have a lot of figures, posable and unposable.  But when it comes to plastic models of ‘people’, it’s another story. Before this kit, Kotobukiya had Kos-Mos 4, which is the first plastic kit of the Xenosaga Series. This newer one is definitely good for Kos-Mos fans who may not have been happy with the quality of previous posable figures, or the static poses of the unposable ones. I’ve got to say that Kotobukiya has done a good job finding the right balance between looks and mobility. The mobility is not as good as figma, but still more than enough for a plastic kit, especially when it has all the weapons and the possibility of painting her to make things even more sharp. One other important thing to note is that if you don’t try any extreme poses, she stays together quite well. It seems that Kotobukiya has done a lot to improve this problem compared with previous kits. Regarding the paint job, it might be kind of hard because a lot of curving surfaces are involved, and it’s quite different from most mecha as you can plainly see. Overall, it’s still quite a good kit to build, to show off and to play with. Thanks for reading!

rrobbert184-kosmos-review (17)
“We’ve both got a twin sister!”

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