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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 47 – Ryan Rries Decals & Panel Line Scribing Tutorial!

Gunpla TV goes back to its roots a little bit in this episode with Syd showing a little tutorial on how to scribe panel lines while Ryan, progressing nicely on his Hasegawa Raptor, shows his work on the cockpit followed by an impromptu decal session.

In this episode:
1/20 Neppuu 5000 Kilo from Truck Yaro
Sci-Fi Revoltech T-Rex
1/144 HGUC RGM-79D GM Cold District Type

For panel line scribing all you really need is a Plastic Scriber and Dymo Tape!

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  1. Modelling tutorials! This is the Gunpla TV that I got hooked on in the beginning. I have to admit that I usually skip through the episodes during the step-by-step builds. But I did watch this ep. all the way through. Keep it up!

  2. Lacquer top coat works on Acrylics fine, you just need to make sure that you’re not too heavy with the initial coats, which could lead to the thinners eating into the paint. Just start with a misting coat before you lay down anything heavier.

  3. This episode had me on the edge of my seat! Just watching Ryan attempting his first decal transfer on camera made me go “uwwwoooorh! Will he do it?!” ( o,o)=3 “whew, he did it!”

    Another MG kit I own that is pretty flat is the GATX-105 Strike. He doesn’t really have any panel lining. Very close to the anime counterpart. I think one day, I may try adding some panel lining when I build it. 🙂

    Another thing about scribing lines, is that if you’re painting a kit (hand painting especially), say a HG or RG kit, two~three coats of paint can really hide those faint panel lines. Scribing those lines abit more would really help it stay showing after painting. 🙂 (I learnt of this problem after my RG RX-78 Char build…)

  4. Ryan looks like a Mouse!!!

  5. g’day Syd, g’day Bryan ..
    i really enjoy watching your episodes and i learn alot from what you guys offer…
    Bryan, dude ur killing it with the whole building kits and painting, rock on 😉

    ive been thinking of costuming some gundams i have, but i dont know what types of paints should i use, sprays or brush paints ?! … and will i need primer first or just a top clear coat will help preventing the scratches ?! …
    i’d really like to get into it with some details Syd, please

    thanks heaps guys

    • @ Ben his name is actually “Ryan” not “Bryan” haha.
      A top coat will help prevent scratching so you can apply it after painting.

  6. Protip: I like to use a soft brush to apply decals. It’s less likely to rip them, and you can also use it to absorb the water from underneath.

  7. Hi Ben,

    For paints you should use what’s available to you and what your comfortable with. The top modelers almost always are using airbrushes, but many people get good results from using spray cans providing they are careful. Other people use brush paints because spray cans are expensive or unavailable. It definitely takes some skill to get a great result with brush painting but I’ve seen it done.

    Some people will tell you you must use primer every time, but I find that just washing or lightly sanding a part before painting is enough, though, if you are going to spray a light color over top of a dark color priming is usually a good idea.

    Top coat to protect your paint and before using waterslides decals. Then a final topcoat to protect everything.

    Good luck!

  8. thanks Syd… i’ll give both a go and how they turn out … 🙂

    and sorry Ryan, didnt mean to get ur name wrong, honest mistake

  9. I have an question that’s unrelated to this kit. On the Reborns Gundam Trans-AM mode I don’t see anything that shows me where to put the stickers. I put this here cuz I don’t know where else to put it.


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