Jan 26

It’s been a busy week here in the office and when Syd and Ryan sat down to discuss what to show in this week’s episode Syd mentioned the MK-III. Then he showed Ryan the box. Then he had a suggestion.

Kits featured in this video:

1/100 RE/100 Gundam Mk-III


  1. Outstanding build Syd. I very much appreciate you taking time to build this kit for us. I already bought mine and now I’m much more excited in building it than before. And one of the reasons is because is taller than I thought.

    On a side note, this guy has a full armor variant. I suppose we can expect a FA set from bandai in the moths to come. I really hope the MK-IV and MK-V get the RE treatment. I want more of this obscure mobile suits for the RE line.

    • i know its got nothing to do with the gundam models etc but could any of the hobbylink members can a 1/12 Yamaha YZF-R1 Taira Racing or any type of 1/12 bike model pleaseee

  2. MK-III For the win can’t wait get mine \(–,)/

  3. great build.
    looks like it’ll be fun to paint and detail up.

  4. Damn, that model looks pretty sweet! Really curious to see what other RE/100 models will be coming out this year.

  5. I love the build I am not really a fan of that gundam model but if it was repainted and customized a little I could like it looks to be based off of the lighting gundam.

  6. nicely done, mkIII is pretty amazing.

  7. sweet RE line is pretty awesome hope the next kit will be just as awesome

  8. This Mk-III looks great. I’m really looking forward to the next RE! But gonna wait for the MG DM Exia first!

  9. good job syd…

  10. That is pretty cool. I’m gonna get myself one of those sooner or later. Nice job Syd.

  11. To be perfectly honest, I don’t see why to make a RE/100 out of this suit. I doesn’t look that big to me. When I’m thinking of RE/100, I think of Kshatriya and the Nightingale as they’ve done already.
    Feels to me that if Bandai went an extra half mile (yes, not even a mile), they would have given us an excellent new MG….

    But that’s just my opinion 😉

    • Less an issue of size and more an issue of potential profits. The MK-III as far as Bandai is concerned lacks the popularity to warrant a full MG release; which in part is why the RE /100 exists to give lesser known suits a chance to make it your display case.

    • So far all the suits announced for the RE/100 line have been from obscure side stories (except the MSK-008 Dhijeh) that were all released as Resin Kits from B-Club and were unbelievably expensive; ¥68,000 for a 1/100 Nightingale, ¥24,800 for a 1/100 Mk-III compared to the Re/100 ¥8,000 and ¥3,500 recommended retail price.

  12. Nice kit.. slick and different design from other MS that we’ve seen until now

  13. i like the model but i really don’t care for the colors that it has. had the colors on it have been different (maybe add some black it there) i think i would have like it a whole lot better.

  14. I want to grab one of these at a later date and give it a full white color make over.

    Someday MK-III, someday.

  15. Awesome build

  16. a really nice build syd!and please tell me what you think because next week i’m going to buy a gunpla, but i’m confuse is it better to choose MG aile strike gundam ver. RM or MG star build strike gundam. and thank you for answering my question

  17. I think the point of having this kit as an RE/100 than to be a MG treatment is that they(bandai) realize that this kit will not sell as much as common kits which appear in anime series and movies which if they made it into MG and the price is high will not sell/demand as the Hi Nu gundam or Nu gundam (which both kits are more massive and a handful of parts than the MK III). To think that I’m not familiar with this kit just the “real” gunpla fans will appreciate this and “maybe” this will also open new gunpla builders (like myself) to indulge farther to the gunpla world.

  18. nicely done syd…
    I like

  19. gundam MK III

  20. let’s!

  21. im not a fan of RE:boren gunpla to be honest, this one got some of my respect

  22. Pretty Sweet!

  23. I really like the build vids. They let me plan ahead and note which parts I’ll need to remove seam lines etc.

    The ZII and the MKIII were some of my favorite mecha designs from Gundam. Ever since the early 90’s when all I had were an MS Encyclopedia, the translated novels and The Dogs of War by Kondo.

  24. Great Vedic as always!! Hope the make a rg exia dark matter. Is the mg exia dark matter out yet?

  25. Never seen an RE kit before and i’m wondering is it just me or using 6 hours to build a HG is considered slow?

  26. awesome build video!!!


    this was so fun to watch. thanks! can’t wait to get mine!

  27. great vid, I might get one to repaint (not a fan of the colors or stickers)

  28. Awesome video,
    Interesting (new)RE kit,
    Can’t wait to have one,
    I will add panel lines and it’s perfect for me.

  29. I’m just curious, what nippers are those that Syd’s using? He’s just blazing through the runners.

  30. It looks great, and you finished it really fast!

  31. Wow that was a fast build! I can’t even finish HG’s in an hour, lol. Anyway, great kit, can’t wait to get mine!

  32. Looking at the list of discontinued 1/100 B-Club Resin Kits on HLJ there is about forty or so kits waiting to be “reborn” as a RE/100. I wouldn’t usually expect most of them to get chosen, but as they revealed that the Dijeh would be the fourth model in the line, anything is possible.

    I would be pleasantly surprised if any of the following mobile suits make there way into the RE/100 line:

    Desert GM
    Full Armor Gundam MkII
    Gelgoog Land Type
    GM Cannon
    Gouf Flight Type
    Gundam Pixy
    Hyakushiki Kai
    Kowloon Gundam
    OZ-06 Mobile Suit Leo
    OZ-07AMS Aries Full Kit
    Re-GZ Custom
    Rick-Dias GK Version
    RX78-6 Gundam Mudrock
    Zaku Desert Type
    Zaku Recon Type

  33. Looks awesome. I really think the RE line is a god send for all those less known MS. Maybe we will finally see the RX-105 XI Gundam in this grade, haha.

  34. I cant wait to get this kit!

  35. Oh Well… lets hope i win…. PICK ME PICK ME~!

  36. Tryin my luck this week for a HG! n_n

  37. WOW. Love the design of the new kits. Definitely getting a mk ii when i get the chance. I’d love to do some customisations 🙂

  38. entering my comment here, now waiting …

  39. “why don’t i ever win?!” (This may be good luck) But seriously why does the high mobility zaku have ammo on his fuel tanks?

  40. it’s so bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuue


  42. my friends another awesome episode of kits haha the docking was great

  43. The mega shiki looks great, even though its based off the hyaku shiki, i really love the sleek design!

  44. Bad luck again, didn’t win the justice…to the anime store!

  45. its time now.

  46. MKIII has always been one of my all-time favorite, was going to purchase and paint a resin kit, lucky this announced before that, hence I bought 2 in order to paint them in different color scheme and adding some pla-plates to one of them. I also received the 2 GNX and red frame that I ordered from HLJ today, thx for the speedy service as always. Kit bash time!

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