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Pokemon Card Game Sun & Moon Gummi Candy Tag Bolt Review

Pokemon Card Game Sun & Moon Gummi Candy Tag Bolt from HobbyLink Japan

By Cori from Pokemon TCG News

If you are a Pokemon fan and Trading Card Game collector like me, you will find this little unusual product by Takara Tomy interesting.

The company proposes a surely good combination: Pokemon cards, and specifically from the recent expansion set Tag Bolt (SM9). We have one card per pack, along with a couple of Pokeball-shaped candies.

The box contains a total of 20 cards from the 22 types available, which include 2 GX cards, 4 uncommon and 16 common cards. So, if you are lucky you might find something rare.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t lucky enough and I didn’t pull any GX, but opening this box was fun and surely something different from the usual booster box openings I’m used to do.

In my opinion, and as a card collector and not a TCG player, I think that this product by Tomy is something interesting and surely original. I wouldn’t recommend this product to collectors because I’m positive you already opened at least a couple of Tag Bolt booster boxes.

On the contrary, I find it very fitting for casual players as chances are you will find cards useful to expand your deck; plus each pack is just funny to open!

Get your own box here:
Pokemon Card Game Sun & Moon Gummi Candy Tag Volt 1Box 20pcs

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