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Pokemon Is Coming To Universal Studios Japan!

In 2014, Universal Studios Japan (USJ) and the Pokemon Company made a promise and deal to one another to work together to bring the world of Pokemon into the Osaka theme park. It may have taken more than seven years, but we’re finally seeing that promise come to fruition!

USJ announced earlier this week that they’re bringing the world of Pokemon to their park in 2022! While the details don’t seem to be very extensive so far, it seems like it’s confirmed there’s a possibility of this partnership being long-term if things go well in 2022!

We’re not exactly expecting the ‘PokePark’ of yesteryear to come back anytime soon, but starting off with a few interactive elements within the park for guests of the Pokemon-loving variety may lead to bigger and better things. We all know that Super Nintendo World has been a hot hit, especially with the incoming Donkey Kong expansion, so who knows what kind of fun is awaiting all of us Pokemon fans in Osaka in the coming years?

Bring back the PokePark from 2005! Do it! We dare you!

Ah, well. Looks like it’ll take more than a dare. In the meantime, let’s just buy some new Pokemon merch and enjoy that!

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