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Pokemon Cards Are Now Postal Stamps

It’s no secret by now that a whole new wave of the Pokemon card craze has hit worldwide! With tons of internet influencers now opening card packs for content, a whole new community of passionate card lovers has surfaced and that’s driving the demand for these pretty pieces of cardboard to skyrocket. Of course, Japan has its own obsession with the awesome TCG – and now they’re bringing the cards to your door in a different way!

Introducing the Pokemon Card Game stamp set, an official set of postal stamps from Japan Post! Pokemon Cards both old and new have been recreated in stamp form, so you can slap these on an envelope here in Japan and give your pen pal a taste of the card game for themselves!

These stamps will only be available in a special set sold by Japan Post. In the set you’ll get a sheet of stamps, a starter game deck, three transformation cards, and, best of all, two exclusive Pokemon TCG promos that feature exclusive art to the set! It’ll cost folks 4,000 yen to purchase and is all wrapped up in a fun Poke Ball-themed box.

The set will be for sale in physical locations this upcoming August 25th, but you can snatch the box on Japan Post’s official Net Shop a bit earlier in late July. Might snatch one for myself, as well!

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