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Diaclone: Dia Battles V2 by Takara Tomy (Part 2: Review)

Diaclone: Dia Battles V2 by Takara Tomy – Available From HobbyLink Japan

By Cacophanus from Mecha Damashii


Following the unboxing, here is the review for the absolutely incredible Dia Battles V2. This is Takara Tomy’s reboot of the classic Diaclone toyline from the ’80s. If this new entry is anything to go by, then Diaclone is clearly on the road to being very much part of our lives again.

For those unaware, Diaclone was one of two toylines that became Transformers in the West, with the other one being Microman. Diaclone made up the bulk of all the transforming cars and planes from Transformers, though, and as such is a much bigger deal.

This new toy is actually an update of the original Dia Battles (shown below) and is set at 1/60 scale. That means it’s a fair bit bigger than the original toy and that in turn is quite interesting as further toys could be a lot bigger as well.


This is because one of the main features to Diaclone is its small pilot figures that go into the cockpits of the various mecha. In the original Diaclone line in the ’80s, these little figures could be used across the whole range of toys.

If that remains the case with these newer larger cockpit figures, then that could mean an updated Robot Base could be positively immense.

Anyway, on with the review and be prepared for a lot of gushing, as this new Dia Battles V2 is utterly brilliant.
























Dia Battles V2 is made up of three vehicles and it’s these three vehicles that can combine into various configurations, the main one being the mecha mode.

Each of the cockpit figures also has small magnets in its feet and you are supplied with metal stickers that allow you to affix them on the mecha. These little figures are also impressively articulated and quite durable. In addition to the variety of cockpits for the various vehicles that the figures sit within, you also get a small motorbike that is stored in the rear of one of the vehicles.

The number of configurations you can get is also very impressive but I have focused on the main mecha mode here.

The real party piece for me is the main head and cockpit block. You extend the cockpit and push the head down. All this is spring loaded though and on pressing a button at the rear, the head slowly pops up and the cockpit retracts. At this point I was already giggling like a happy 5 year old.

Following that the overall combination and transformation of the three vehicles is very nicely handled as well as being easy to do.

The guns next to the head can be swapped out with other barrels and you get a nice pair of swords, too.

However, compared to the original toy, there is almost no diecast to speak of here and you lack the other spring loaded gimmicks as well, as the various guns and fists on the original could be fired all over the place.

That said, the lack of diecast is not an issue as the design of the toy and the materials used are very durable. The articulation is also far better than the original toy and you can pose it to your hearts content.

The lack of spring loaded guns and fists is also made up for with the amazing head setup as well as the general multitude of configurations this toy can perform, which is something the original could not do.

The main reason I am still sitting here with a massive grin on my face is because of the little figures used in the cockpits. These hit me right in the ’80s feels and makes me just want to own everything this new Diaclone range will put out.

This is because Dia Battles V2 is a pure unfettered toy. It’s not based on any anime or other license; it’s been made to be played with and in that regard it excels magnificently.

As a starting toy to reboot Diaclone then, Dia Battles V2 is completely amazing and I cannot wait to see what Takara Tomy will do next.

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