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Pocket Monster Plamo Xerneas Unboxing

Xerneas is the game mascot of Pokemon X, making it a great kit to follow one of its companion legendaries, Yveltal. The Xerneas plamo kit came out in October 2013, around the same time as Yveltal. 

The Box

We get a preview of the articulation we can expect from the finished kit. The legs move, and the front legs bend at the knees. (Why the back legs don’t as well is beyond me…) Bandai also shows off its foil stickers for Xerneas’ antlers, which is not usually a good thing unless you’re a kid (and to be honest, the sticker application on these kits is probably too hard for youngsters to handle if they’re after a nice-looking finish.)

More articulation! The head moves forward and back, and you can see the different sorts of poses you can get with this kit and the stand.

Finally, Bandai lays out all the contents. There are three runners, foil stickers, and a full-color assembly guide.

The Runners

A1 & A2 are molded together and all the antlers, all the blue body parts, and some of the leg parts. The antlers are all made of a slightly flexible, softer plastic, which also seems to make them more lightweight. This is absolutely vital when you’re building a deer with massive antlers, so kudos to Bandai for getting it balanced.

The stand is also included here, which I absolutely love — we’ll get to that in the review, though!

The B runners are both molded in grey. These are all the rest of the body parts like the torso and legs.

And here are the dreaded foil stickers, and the delightful instruction manual!

We’ll move on to the build and review soon — in the meantime, if you want to pick this kit up for yourself, you can get it here:
Pocket Monster Plamo Xerneas

And here’s a word to the wise: most of our Pokemon plamo kits show the dreaded “backordered” status, but there’s good news! Like Gunpla, these guys restock from time to time, so if you really want one and can’t find it somewhere else, chances are HLJ will be able to get it for you!

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